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Published by Nikola

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Published by: Nikola on Nov 17, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Today we live in the age of Interdependence as we are reliant upon oneanother for the satisfaction of our social, economic, political & religious need. Wedo not come across individuals, groups, corporations, governments and nationswho are able to achieve or do any activity without the help of others.Thus, the mutual dependence of individuals, groups, corporations etc. hasmagnified the importance of human relationship in contemporary life. There isemployer-employee relationship society and business relationship, buyer and seller relationship, investor and corporate relationship subordinate and superiorelationship and also the dynamics of small group relationship.The opinions of individuals or that of group of the public cannot be ignoredfor the success of any business. Human relationship and its interrelationship incontemporary life is natural as well as essential.The order of present century and the forthcoming century exits in totalinterdependence or reliance on each other. This has created the need for a newdiscipline and philosophy as a function of management which is termed as PublicRelations.Public relation as a concept was critical evolved in business and industry andit subsequently spread to other areas of human activity. This profession isimmensely applicable in government and public institutions like Corporations,Municipalities, Universities, Hospitals, Professionals and social serviceorganizations. Public relations was in practice in people’s daily life even before theemergence of industry, business and government. Public relations is the result of the action inherent in an individual, an institution or an organization.
Public is group of similar individuals, an assortment of person havingsimilar interest, problems, goals and circumstances. It generally from such sourcesthat OPINIONS emerge. Public comes in many forms and sizes. They have amultitude of desires and wants.Public has its own likes and dislikes which sometimes can even be strong.Employees are one form of public and employers another form. Other members of the public are dealers, wholesalers, brokers and investors. Each of these groupstries to attract a distinct audience with its varied tools and techniques.
Relations are the outcome of mutual understanding which is derived fromthe process of sharing of the common interest. The need of establish relation withone another is created because of human wants. The respective wants of twoindividuals will affect their relationship. To understand any relationship, one mustunderstand wants of those involved.
Public Relations:
By the integration of the above two human element viz. public and relationswe get public relations. It is a profession that is a part and parcel of managementfunction.
Public for public relations can be classified into categories:(A) Internal Public.(B)External Public.
(A)Internal public : 
The internal staffs who work within
the organization constitute the internal public. An organization is complex consisting of group of individuals. There isinteraction between individuals & groups within an organization & relationship isestablished. It is the responsibility of the public relation manager to provideeffective public relations.The employees expect higher pay, company’s stability & opportunity for advancement. The employers expect increase production & employees’ loyalty.As far as internal relations are concerned the PR officer tries to establishgood relations with the employees 7 the management. Within the organization theexecutives constitute a special public category who are also under obligation toshare some common interest with the other executives.There are certain requirements for effective internal public relations:a) Good internal relations must be recognized as it is a basic requirement to build ateam and to achieve the corporate objectives. b)Internal public must be well informed of the board objectives and policies of thetop management and also about their mutual interest in the organization.

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