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BO and OM - I BBM

BO and OM - I BBM

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Business organization - Management
Business organization - Management

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Published by: Chandrashekar Prabhaker on Nov 17, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Structure1.0 Learning Outcomes1.1 Introduction1.2 Meaning of Business and Organization1.2.1 Characteristic of Business1.2.2 Nature and Scope of Business Organization1.2.3 Objectives of Business Organization1.2.4 Requisites of a Successful Business1.2.5 Qualities of a good businessman1.3 Forms of Business Organization1.3.1 Meaning and definition of Soleproprietorship1.3.2 Characteristics of sole proprietorship1.3.3 Merits and demerits1.4 Meaning and Definition of PartnershipOrganization1.4.1 Characteristics of Partnership1.4.2 Partnership Deed Agreement1.4.3 Rights and Obligation of partners1.4.4 Registration of Partnership Firm
1.4.5 Kinds of Partners1.4.6 Power of Partners to bind the firm1.4.7 Liability to third parties1.4.8 Dissolution of Partnership1.4.9 Requisites of Ideal Partnership firm1.4.10 Merits and Demerits of Partnership firm1.5 Meaning and Definition of Joint Stock Company1.5.1 Characteristics of Joint Stock Company1.5.2 Classification of Joint Stock Company1.5.3 Formation of Company1.5.4 Certificate of Incorporation1.5.5 Merits and Demerits1.6 Let Us Sum Up1.7. Glossary1.8 Further readings1.9 Answers to check your progress1.10 References1.11 Model Questions
1.0 Learning Outcomes
After studying this unit you should be able to
Explain the meaning of business and organization.
Describe the nature and scope of business organization.
State the objectives of a business.
Explain the requisites of a successful business.
Enumerate the qualities of it good business man
Explain the forms of business organization
Know the meaning of sole trading and its characteristic features.
Discuss the advantages and disadvantage of sole trading.
Define the partnership firm and explain its characteristics.
Understand the registration of partnership firm and Kinds of Partners.
Explain the Partnership deed or agreement
Describe the Rights and obligation of Partner.
Define a Joint Stock Company
Explain the characteristic of the Joint Stock Company
Describe the Classification of Companies
Explain Advantages and Disadvantages of Joint Stock Companies
1.1 Introduction
Every human being has to survive in this world. Without doing any work, itis very difficult to survive in this competitive world work is an essential part of life.Man has to work more in one way or the other in order to fulfill thenumerous wants and to achieve maximum satisfaction For example, some people areengaged in agriculture. Some in mining, fishing, forestry while others onmanufacturing and constructive occupations.Some others are engaged in activities relating to trade, transport andinsurance, warehousing and banking. Similarly, they are people who are engaged in

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