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Published by campsolaul

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Published by: campsolaul on Nov 17, 2010
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Defending Life 2010
rAnKing: 19
Alabaa aiais s laws pcig w ad h ub, suchas ifd cs ad paal cs quis. Hwv, ilags bhid h sas i laws lad  bihics ad d-f-lifissus. Ad ulik h ajiy f sas, Alabaa ds  pch fd f cscic f ay halhca pvids, failig v  pc physicias wh d  wish  pf  paicipa abis.
Alabama requires that a woman be given a 24-hour reection period before a physician
ay pf a abi ad quis sh b ifd f h isks f ad alaivs abi, h pbabl gsaial ag f h ub child, ad h pbabl aaicalad physilgical chaacisics f h child a h i f h abi.
Alabaa als quis a abi pvid  pf a ulasud pi  a ab-i ad pvid h wa wih a ppuiy  viw h ulasud, alg wih asa-spsd vidap ad wi aial dailig sucs f public ad pivasupp, adpi agcis, fal dvlp, abi hds, ad h fah’s lgalspsibiliis.th sa quis abi pvids  sa i hi pid aials ha i is illgal f 
s  cc a wa i havig a abi.
o pa us cs bf a physicia ay pf a abi  a i ud h ag f 18. A i ay bai a judicial bypass f his qui by dsa-ig sh is “au ad wll ifd ugh  ak h w dcisi  ha abiis i h bs iss.”Alabaa phibis public fuds f big usd f abis ulss h pcdu is
cssay  psv h lif f h wa  h pgacy is h sul f ap  i-cs.th sa phibis gaizais ha civ sa fuds f usig hs fuds 
 provide abortion counseling or to make referrals for abortion. The Alabama Ofce of 
W’s Halh ay  advca, p,  hwis advac abi  abi-facis.
   A   L   A   b   A   m   A
Americans United for Life
Alabama denes “abortion and reproductive health centers” as hospitals and requires
ha hy  licsig quis ad iiu halh ad safy sadads i such
areas as personnel qualications, records maintenance, admission requirements, abor 
-i pcdus, ps-paiv ca, ad ifci cl. Abi pvids usaiai adiig pivilgs.oly a physicia licsd by h sa  pacic dici  spahy ay pf
a abi.
Alabama offers “Choose Life” license plates, the proceeds of which benet pregnancy
ca cs ad/ h gaizais pvidig abi alaivs.th sa aiais a fcabl abi pig law, bu ds  qui h -
 pig f ifai  h Cs f Disas Cl ad Pvi (CDC). thasu quis abi pvids  p sh- cplicais.
LegAL reCOgniTiOn Of UnBOrn AnD newLY BOrn:
Alabama denes a “person” under the homicide and assault laws to include the unborn
in utero
a ay sag f dvlp.
Alabama also denes a nonfatal assault on an unborn child as a criminal offense.
th sa allws wgful dah (civil) acis wh a viabl ub child is killd
hugh glig  ciial ac f ah.
Alabama has created a specic afrmative duty of physicians to provide medical care
ad a  b-aliv ifas a ay sag f dvlp.
Alabaa has acd a “Baby mss” law ud which a h  lgal guadia whis uabl  ca f a wb ifa ay ayusly ad safly lav h ifa i h
care of a responsible person at a hospital, police station, re station, or other prescribed
Alabaa aiais  laws gadig hua clig  dsuciv by sach.th sa pvids s guidac gadig paag f child cad hugh as-
sisd pduciv chlgis.
Defending Life 2010
enD Of Life LAwS:
Alabama does not have a specic statute criminalizing assisted suicide. However, under 
h sa’s c law, assisd suicid ais a ci.
Participation in Abortion:
Alabaa culy pvids  pci f h ighs f cscic f halhca p-vids.
Participation in Researc harmful to human Life:
Alabaa culy pvids  pci f h ighs f halhca pvids whcsciiusly bjc  paicipai i hua clig, dsuciv by sach, h fs f ial dical sach.
wHAT HAPPeneD in 2009:
Alabaa csidd asus baig abi ad adig h sa csiui 
dene “human being.” The state also considered measures clarifying its denition of 
“dical gcy,” adig a xisig law quiig a ulasud bf abi,ad ppsig h fdal “Fd f Chic Ac.” Cvsly, Alabaa csidd a bill which wuld hav xpd cacpi f abi-lad gulais.
The state also considered a measure dening “child” to include an unborn child for 
 pupss f h sa’s wgful dah laws, as wll as a asu caig a buabl psupi f guil f xpsig a child
in utero
 a clld subsac if bh hh ad h child s psiiv f h sa clld subsac.o h bihics f, Alabaa csidd asus baig dsuciv by -
sach ad hua clig f all pupss.Alabaa iducd a bill pvidig cphsiv igh f cscic pci f 
halhca pvids, isiuis, ad pays.
   A   L   A   b   A   m   A

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