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Je Ne Sais Quoi

Je Ne Sais Quoi



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Published by aatgss
Slash Fan Fiction. WWE RAW Wrestling. Chris Jericho, Jeff Hardy.
Slash Fan Fiction. WWE RAW Wrestling. Chris Jericho, Jeff Hardy.

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Published by: aatgss on Jul 30, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Je Ne Sais QuoiBy Levin Colter
 Chris Jericho was glad to be back, but things weren’t the way they had once been. The friendships he remembered had changed. Nobody seemed to be the same anymore. Busy schedules, fame, fortune and injuries had taken the toll on thesuperstars nowadays. It was disheartening when professional wrestling was one of the most dog-eat-dog vocations the world had to offer.Christmas was just a few short days away. Like the entire company, Jericho waslooking forward to the vacation time. He had only been back with the company for afew weeks, but he was tired. Just a few more days until the big pay-per-view show inPittsburgh.  Jeff Hardy stretched before stacking his luggage on the dolly. Since WWE superstarswere not allowed to leave separately any more, he had to wait until several othershad gathered, and then security herded them out to their respective rides. Patiently, Jeff sat on the stack of crates in the hallway to wait, giving Chris Jericho a politesmile when he sat down next to him. “I rode in with Randy Orton,” Jericho told him confidentially. “But the staff hasinformed me that he and I are to keep our distance for a while, since we’re goingagainst each other at Armageddon.”  Jeff nodded thoughtfully. “So, that means you don’t have a ride?” “Yeah,” Chris shrugged. “You think I could ride along with you?” “Yeah, of course,” Jeff answered. “Any time. I’m driving straight through to thehouse.” “That’s cool. I can get a plane from there to my house in Florida. I can help with thedriving if you like. We can take turns sleeping.” “Thanks. That’s a good idea.” The hazel eyes were deadly serious. One thing Jeff Hardy did well was eye contact. In fact, his gaze was so intense that it was damnnear erotic. And he was a toucher. Touching seemed unconscious for him, but itmeant worlds to the people he inflicted it upon.As the other man’s fingers rose and sifted down his arm, Chris was deeply affected.He smiled, his breath catching in his chest. Gulping it down and trying again, he feltfoolish for standing there staring at him. Say something, damn it, and try not tosound like a complete idiot! “Um, have you eaten?”“Not for a while. They had the catering, but I wasn’t very hungry. What about you?” “I had a couple of beers. No food.” “We can stop and grab a bite if you want. What sounds good to you?” 
He bit his lower lip. “Whatever. I’m good with just about anything.” “There’s a truck stop on the way. Probably sixty miles or so down the road,” Jeff said. “They make some mean biscuits and gravy.” “That sounds great,” Jericho said, patting his hand. “I love biscuits and gravy if theythrow a couple of fried eggs and a couple of strips of bacon on the plate, too.” “You’re making me hungry, dude,” Jeff said with a grin. “Well, that’s one way to stayawake. Talking about food.” “We could sing Christmas carols.” “That would probably put me to sleep.”  The security crew made a head count and instructed them to proceed to the parkinglot. All together, the twenty-some-odd wrestlers trooped out, and were soon on theirways. ^^^^^^ It did not matter which station the radio was on, the procession of romantic tuneswas never-ending. The moon was not bright, and before they reached the truckstop, the cloud cover had made it a very dark night, but still, every time Jeff glancedover at him, his eyes shone. It began to rain as they rode, and the temperatureplummeted. The radio warned them of icy roads, and even when ice had formed, Jeff handled the vehicle with expertise. Sleet and snow were predicted beforedaylight. The roads became hazardous within the hour. When they parked in front of the red brick building, a flashing neon sign alertedthem that Budweiser was sold at the establishment. When he turned off the engine, Jeff did not immediately get out of the car. Facing his passenger, he took his hand.“So, before you head on down to Florida, do you think you could spend a little whileat my place? I’ll take you for a tour around some mighty spooky woods.” Chris laughed. “Spooky woods? It’s Christmas, not Halloween.”“It’s always Halloween at my place,” Jeff told him, grinning. “And there are always acouple of big old monsters hanging out waiting to
you!” He lurched forward onthe word eat, which made the blonde jump.Rolling in his seat, Chris opened his door. “You’re hilarious, Hardy. I can’t wait to seeyour monsters. I’ll be sure to have on my running shoes so I don’t get eaten.”  Jeff detained him, pulling him across the seat. “Come here,” he murmured, givinghim a tight hug. “Don’t worry about them mean old monsters, okay? I won’t letanything get you. I’ll take my wrist rocket along just in case.” Very few people had the kind of power to rock Chris Jericho’s confidence like this,but Jeff had it. In fact, there was something there that surpassed anything else in his
life. Nobody else he had ever met could compare, and he had been close to quite afew people in his career. The tough part was in defining it. There were no words thatcould describe the way Jeff’s presence created an enormous bubble in his chest thatseemed to expand as he got closer – sometimes almost to the point of pain. Nopossible way could he justify the zings to his groin area that sprinkled out throughhis entire body like jolts of electricity shooting out from his fingertips. His kneeswent numb, his calves cramped, his balls drew up painfully and the near-explosionin his chest sometimes made him short of breath to the point of severe dizziness. Itwas daunting and exciting. It was fucking embarrassing. But there was no way inhell he could look away or move out of his reach. Whatever power Jeff held overhim, it was not only welcomed – it was craved. Jericho would have climbed into his lap if there had been room, but the sports carhad limited access for romance, or whatever the hell this was. Maybe it had nothingto do with romance. Maybe it was something more primal. Maybe it had somethingto do with chemistry – pheromones or whatever. Whatever it was, Chris wanted thisman with every fiber of his being, and he did not mind letting him know it. “I wouldlove to see your spooky woods,” he murmured, and began to nuzzle Jeff’s throat.  Jeff’s fingers gently combed through the blonde hair as he held him. “Yeah,” he said,and pushed him back a few inches. Now those shining eyes were unreadable.Almost foreboding.  Just as Jericho was about to die of embarrassment from having made seeminglyunwanted advances, Jeff yanked him close again and kissed him long andpassionately. Wrapping one arm around his neck and the other around hisshoulders, Chris tried his best to climb over the console between them. Immersinghimself completely in his companion, he attempted to dissolve against him.  The kiss was the most sensational physical, mental, emotional, sexual and spiritualthing he had ever experienced, and he would never – not in his lifetime or anylifetime thereafter – be able to explain why.An eon later, but much too soon for Jericho, the kiss ended and Hardy was talking tohim. Why did he have to talk? Shit like that was purely unnecessary. Chris stared athim blankly. “What?” “Let’s go eat. I’m starving,” Jeff repeated with a chuckle. “We’ve got plenty of timefor this stuff when our bellies are full.” Rattled beyond words, Chris tried to fix his hair before he got out of the car. Hefollowed the taller man on stiff legs, and when Jeff eased gracefully into a booth, theblonde sat down across from him, a nervous smile plastered on his handsome face. “You want coffee?” a waitress asked from the counter.  The question didn’t register, so Jeff answered for him. “Yeah, that sounds good.We’re also looking into the whole biscuits and gravy idea.” She grinned at him. “Eggs and sausage?”

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