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"The Seer" Prologue By S.C. Lang

"The Seer" Prologue By S.C. Lang

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Published by Scott Lang

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Published by: Scott Lang on Nov 17, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PROLOGUE1997The pain was excruciating.The delivery room was cold and sterile. A strong stench ofcleaning chemicals hung in the room like an invisible cloud.The stirrups hurt her bared ankles, and tears ran down hercheeks. She was uncomfortable, weak, all alone and shivering.Nobody ever told her that having a baby would hurt thismuch. She was stunned that any woman would willingly putherself through this absolute torture, some more than once. Forthe first time since she'd runaway six months ago, DonatellaBright wished her mother were here. She would certainly bedisgusted with her, getting knocked-up at fifteen definitely wasnot in momma's carefully constructed plans for her, but at leastshe could've warned her about the damn pain. She knew that thedelivery would hurt, of course, but she'd been in pain duringher whole pregnancy and she was worn down by it. Overhead, ahuge circular light blazed like a fluorescent sun. Donnafocused her attention on that light and tried to wish the painaway.All around her, nurses in surgical garb and masks busiedthemselves. One of the older nurses constantly dabbed a coldwashcloth against her forehead and whispered "Don't be scared,"and "Everything's all right, child," into her ear. Donna likedher. The others however, they could go to the devil for all shecared. She could tell they were judging her; it was in theireyes. She may be young, but she had a decade and a half ofseeing disapproval in her momma's eyes. She knew perfectly wellwhat it looked like.Doctor Joseph W. Eddington, the ancient white-haired man,poked his head over the sheet strung between her legs and lookedat her with a very serious expression. "Okay, Donna," he saidin a gravelly voice, "I want you to push again. Just a smallone this time, okay?" He then barked at one of the judgingnurses for a set of fresh towels.
Donna didn't want to push ever again, even just a little.It hurt beyond comprehension for her to push. The kind nursewith the washcloth took Donna's hand and encouraged her withsoft words.Donna summoned up the courage to face the pain one moretime, gritted her teeth, squeezed the nurse's hand as hard asshe could and pushed.She felt something inside of her tear and immediatelyeverything around her started to fade. One of the nurses gaspedand Dr. Eddington muttered a curse, and she knew that somethingwas seriously wrong.*****Isabella, the guardian angel, was a vision of pure beautywith her long flowing golden hair and inquisitive brown eyes.She tucked her purplish-blue wings tightly against her back asshe landed in the delivery room. As per her instructions fromher Father, she had come to witness the birth of the new seer.Her fingers fluttered with excitement as she laid her hands uponthe stomach of the seer's doomed mother. The child would arrivewithin a matter of moments, though she would be born blind, asall seers were. It was understood that one could not see theTruth if they were blinded the by illusion of humankind's harshreality.Isabella stole a quick glance to Ezekiel, the Archangel ofDeath, and offered him a knowing smile. He had arrived with herto escort the mother's soul to her reward. He looked so elegantwith his mighty black wings spread out to their full width, andhis arms open wide in a welcoming embrace. The human worldwould cry and morn for the passing of the seer's mother, forthey didn't understand the true ways of Father, and thereforedidn't understand that Donatella Bright's death wasn't atragedy, but rather the ultimate blessing.Ezekiel winked at her and flapped his wings sending anunexplainable breeze across the windowless room. Isabella sawthat the humans were too enraptured in their tasks to takenotice of Ezekiel's actions. This caused him to wink again. Hehad always been the mischievous one, thought Isabella behind anamused smile. He loved to bend Father's sacred rules withoutactually breaking them.
Isabella heard the doctor instruct the mother to pushagain, and she knew the seeker would now be born. The mothercried out in anguish until Ezekiel rested his palms along hersweat-covered cheeks. The mother calmed instantly with acontented sigh, and a moment later, the seer was among theliving. The human doctor quickly snipped the Umbilical Cord,wrapped the seer in a clean white towel and handed her off to anurse wearing a mask.Isabella wrapped her large wings protectively around thehuman female and the seer, and greeted the new arrival byplacing her finger across the seer's lips. "Shhh," Isabellawhispered in a voice only the seer could hear. Even though thechild had been on this plane for only a few moments, Isabellaknew the seer would understand her words. "Don't tell what youknow, for our secret is not yet ready to be revealed. Welcome tothis plane of existence, my beautiful girl. As you know, I musttake away your humanly sight, so that you will not be blind toFather's Truth. You will need this gift of "True Sight" laterin your life. Be at peace, for I shall always be with you. Iam yours, precious one. Now through all eternity."Isabella looked to Ezekiel. He held the mother safelywithin his arms as a sheet was placed over her empty humanshell's face. Humans, Isabella had learned long ago, were oddlyafraid to look upon death, instead they chose to cover it upwith cloth, hide it in long wooden boxes and bury it in the sameground they grew their food. Gone was Donatella Bright's painand misery caused by this plane's existence. Instead, themother was smiling at her newborn babe with eyes full of loveand total understanding of Father's ways. Since she was thevessel that carried the seer to her earthly destination, shewould become a saint. That was the blessed reward for all suchvessels.Isabella greeted Father's newest saint with the customarytouching of the right cheek. The mother returned the greetingalong with a smile."Your new daughter, our precious seer, needs a human name,"Ezekiel whispered into her ear. "It wouldn't be fitting for theworld to call Father's Chosen One 'Hey You,' now would it?"Saint Donatella laughed and kissed Ezekiel on the cheek."I choose the name Megan for the new seer. Let the world knowher as Megan Bright.""Then so shall she be known. Now come, Father will be verypleased to meet you again." Ezekiel looked upward, and with the

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