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Published by Kimmi1835

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Published by: Kimmi1835 on Nov 17, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Kimberly Farley Advanced Fiction 11/8/10
Character sketch based on an object left behind
. Heather looked down on the pile that was the contents of her purse, and bit herlip angrily and disappointedly. She did her damnedest not to cry. She had left Sarah’sso suddenly, when she found out that Carl was coming over, that she hadn’t even takenthe time to pick up anything that she had absently set on the coffee table. Of course shesnatched her cell phone and her wallet, but she had been too wearied by the prospectof meeting her ex to pick up her favorite writing pen.It had been given to her by her mother the year before Mom moved half-wayacross the country. It was was very precious to her. Besides being her favorite, it had acertain quality to it that reminded her of why she hadn’t left home when she reallyshould have. Familiarity, peculiarity, contentment when things were really good. Sheneeded to remember to call her mother when she got a minute. Mom wouldn’t be home;she would be off doing something insane and deserved with her girlfriends, but sheknew her mother found comfort at the end of a long day by listening to the sound of aloved one’s voice on the machine. She leaned back in her chair, and crossing her arms,she rehearsed the sound of her message in her head:“Hi, Mom. It’s me. I just thought I would call you and tell you that everything isfine, I’m doing just fine. Work’s good, my apartment is still ok. I finally got themaintenance guy to come and take a look at the sink. I probably don’t need to saythings like this over the machine, but there isn’t a man in my life. Probably won’t be for awhile.”

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