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Madame Koiteh Article

Madame Koiteh Article

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Published by hru217
HRU Yuya T. Assaan-Anu speaks on Traditional African Religion and his book "Grasping the Root of Divine Power".
HRU Yuya T. Assaan-Anu speaks on Traditional African Religion and his book "Grasping the Root of Divine Power".

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Published by: hru217 on Nov 17, 2010
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Tuesday, November 9, 2010
Warrior, Scholar, Priest: An Interview withAwo HRU Yuya T. Assaan-ANU
This post is a very special treat for me and one I have been anticipatingsharing for a long time. It is an exclusive interview with my very dearfriend and fellow Orisha priest Awo HRU Yuya T. Assaan-ANU. BrotherHRU is, amongst other things, an extraordinary writer who has justpublished his latest title "Grasping the Root of Divine Power"available on Amazon.com. A profound contribution to the literary corpus of AfricanSpirituality, this book promises to become a classic for those seeking todevelop an understanding of how to connect with the enormous power,wisdom, and relevance of the great African religious traditions. Here, in hisown words, is celebrated spiritual advisor, healer, scholar, and author HRUYuya T. Assaan-ANU...
Author, community leader, and spiritual advisor HRU Yuya T. Assaan-ANU 
Congratulations on publishing your new book! I had an opportunity toreview this insightful and fascinating book, and was wondering if youcould tell us a little bit about it?
Give thanks. Well, “Grasping the Root of Divine Power” is a primer and
clarifier for those who desire to work with celestial forces. The coreobjective of the book is to empower the reader to develop their ownpersonal spirit power in order to center and e
levate their consciousness. It’s
not only a step-by-step instructional but also breaks down some complex
metaphysical and cultural notions that I’ve found, through the years,
become stumbling blocks for traditional spirituality practitioners. In anutshel
l, it’s a book of religious demystification.
What inspired you to write this book?
I’d say I was inspired by my personal council of spirit guides. “DivinePower” seems like such an immense expression until the understanding of 
this idea is etched in on
e’s soul and psyche.
In working with clients over
the years I’ve encountered, all too often, people who were swamped with
information but, had no relevant know-how on how to apply this informationor its fundamental meanings.It came to me that the best way I could serve, in this season, would be todevelop convenient hands-
on guides for those coming into the “knowledgeof self” wakefulness. There are plenty of books, videos, and seminars thatone could dive into but, “Grasping the Root of Divine Power”
is my modestattempt to make a bee-line straight to the core message and significance ofvital foundational spiritual calculations.
What do you want readers to gain from your book?
Confidence. We’re in an age where people need to become shamans,
gurus, and high priest/priestesses unto themselves, first, on the individual
level. Waiting for the “blessing” and green
-light from a high priest/priestessor the passage of initiation into a traditional system prior to making contactwith the spirit guardians that help support and provide spiritual navigation
for your life is unwise, in my opinion. To be clear, I’m not advising one to go
out after reading a few kitchen spell books, and incantations to attempt tocounsel others as a conjurer or energy worker. I would say one needs to
learn to be a minister to the “shrine of self” first. People have become too
dependent on messianic blind faith and we tend to super-impose western
religious concepts onto every sacred experience and expedition so;
“Grasping the Root of Divine Power” teaches you how to wield your ownpower…..fearlessly.
The techniques outlined in “Grasping the Root of Divine Power” give the
reader the toolset to embark on that sacred undertaking with self-reliance,proficiency, and competency. Still,
I’d say read other books and observe
other ways of doing things. There is no monopoly on spiritual techniquesand what may work for me, may not work for you; and vice versa. Peopleget crystallized into one way of doing things often because they weretaught that there is only one way but, this is untrue. Everyone puts theirown funk and soul on what they do. My desire for those who read this workis that they learn as many modalities as they can, put them in theirmunitions store and then truthfully look at how their own portion of Asewould like to express itself in ways to achieve the same results of the time
tested sages. Ultimately it’s about results…..at least it should be.
Asides from writing, what other professions are you involved in, andwhat type of services do you offer to the public?
Well, my Ase has chosen to express itself through Martial Arts, SpiritualCounseling, Rites of Passage, Music Production, and Professional
Development for Educators. I also operate a program named “SaduluHouse” w
here I teach African culture/spirituality/philosophy/nation-buildingfor adults and children. I have a program that I designed by the name of
“R.A.S.” which is an acronym for “Reclaiming All Suns”. It’s a one
-on-oneinteractive, Rites of Passage Based, service geared towards singlemothers who are raising young boys without the presence of a cognizantman.
I also design and construct spiritual tools (Opon Ifa’s, OBI, Chakrastaffs, KWK…) that I sell.
Outside of your professional work, what are a few of your majorinterests and hobbies?
I’m a fervent motorcyclist, musician, outdoor survivalist, and I spend a lot of my time studying ancient/natural building techniques. I suppose I don’t
really have any hobbies, although despite living off of my music production,for some time, I still consider it something I do for enjoyment. Walking in my

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