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Two Sides to the Same Story (Follow up to "Night Fights & Near Misses."

Two Sides to the Same Story (Follow up to "Night Fights & Near Misses."

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Published by David1949
This is two accounts of the same story from the 60s. One written by me and the other written by my best friend and "Brother" John E. Washburn. He has his version and I have mine. I give you both.
This is two accounts of the same story from the 60s. One written by me and the other written by my best friend and "Brother" John E. Washburn. He has his version and I have mine. I give you both.

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Published by: David1949 on Nov 18, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“Two Sides to the Same Story”
“Night Fights & Near Misses”
As I wrote before about an incident, which happened on the streets of Trenton, Teasback in the sixties, I am now ready to present the different accounts of the night my bestfriend and “Brother”, John Washburn and I got us into one late night on the streets of Trenton. I have written my version of the night and uploaded it to my web sites for you toread. You have read my version of that night and now it is time to give you John’s versionof that night.Just to help refresh your memory of my version of that night, I will add it first and thengive you John’s version. Here is what I remember happening that night in the sixties.Remember we are older now and it is obvious there will be some difference in our sides of the night. I think my side of the story is more to the fact than John’s but after reading hisside of the night in question, I can see where he has a valid argument for his side of thestory. So now for my side of the story and then I will give you a different view.
“Near Miss”
We were in front of Pappy John Wall’s old store when we first hears the car The car wasan older model Ford about a 53 or 54 dark green. It would not have been a big deal exceptfor one or two little items. The first was the obscene finger gestures and the name-callingthey were shouting out from their windows. I will admit it now but I was a little scaredthat night, although I did not let John know how I felt. As the Ford passed us for thesecond time, I found an old mop, which was about two feet long, and the mop end had allof the string missing except for a very tight ball on the end. I picked up the mop by thebroken handle and held it down by my right knee.We stood there in front of D.T. Phillip’s Shoe Repair Shop watching and waiting forthem to turn around and make another pass by us with more profanity from them yelledin our direction. The car was headed North on Pearl Street when again they pointed theirfingers at us and began calling us names. I did not think about what I was doing next. Allof a sudden, I pulled the mop back as far as I could and then I let it fly right towards thedriver’s side of the slowly moving Ford. It hit with such force it sounded like a shotgunblast. The mop flew back and hit the top of the buildings we were standing in front of atthe time. I took a few steps to my right and picked up the mop handle. This time I didn’thide it, I held it in front of me while they made a u-turn on the square and headed back inour direction. “Do you think we should run?” asked my best friend and “Brother” JohnWashburn. “Run? I asked John. “Hell, there are only six of them!” I said. John stoodbeside me and we waited for the Ford to pass us for the third time. As the car passed therewas not a word spoken to us. We watched as the Ford made a left turn leading them out of town. I slowly looked at John and said “John, (Pause) now we run!” That is what we didtoo, down the tracks and across to my house for some Chili, milk, crackers and sweetpickles.
The last story is my version of that event. John said he has his version as to why we didnot run that night. I have presented my side of the story and now it is up to John toproduce his version. You know I will have the option of printing it or not. I am justkidding about that, I will print anything John writes as long as I approve of what he says.I will now present you with the other side of the story by John E. Washburn. He issomewhat older than I am so; naturally, his memory is not the same as mine. One otherthing to remember is this is my web site and I can do anything I want to within reason. Iwas just kidding about that and I am printing John’s version of the night just the way hesent it to me except for some minor corrections in spelling, etc. I did not change hisversion of the night I only made minor corrections. Here now is “The Other Side of theStory.”
The Night We Mopped Up The Town
It was a dark and stormy night. Well………not stormy but dark. But………..maybe nottoo dark as the streetlights lit the town up pretty well. But it was night.David and I were walking from where I lived at my Grandmother’s home on Pearl Streetto his house on Sanders Street. We were probably going to his house to get a bowl of chiliwith crackers. David’s mom usually had plenty in the cupboard and we partook of thechili fairly often.We had gotten about to the area of Roy Oliver’s mechanics shop, just talking and mindingour own business when a carload of guys from Leonard sailed through town in a green 53or 54 Chevy. I think we could both (David and I) name at least a couple of the guys in thecar but that car was full of guys-I think 6 is a good estimate, but when they yelledsomething obscene (I don’t know what they said but I am assuming it was obscene) to us itlooked more like 10.We didn’t like guys from other towns coming to our town and often would let them know.But since there were 2 of us (David and me) and 12 or so guys in that car I was willing tolet them drive through……….even say something obscene if they so desired. But theycouldn’t let well enough alone, they drove past us, pulled over and turned the car aroundto make another pass toward us. Well, we figured we were going to have to take on all 15of them. I picked up a rock and David found an old cut off piece of a mop handle about 2ft. long. It’s all we could find. I didn’t want to run at that point as I thought I could “saveface” if I didn’t run and they just drove past us again.They didn’t slow down as their car came near to us so I was about to breathe a sigh of relief that they were going to go on by…………..that is until David reared back and threwthe mop handle into the side of their car. This was just as they passed us again. David
threw it hard, it sounded like a shotgun going off. The Chevy went on past us and pulledover and began turning around to come back….again! They just didn’t get it.As they came near us, the Chevy began to slow down and I knew I wasn’t going to belucky enough that they would drive by and I would “save face” again……….not afterDavid slapped the side of their car with that mop handle. So I said something to David tothe effect that it was about time we cut behind the buildings, through the back way, andget on out of there (in short, RUN). But David would have nothing of it. I don’tremember what he said (but I don’t think it was very kind) as he headed out to the side of the road to meet the mad 17 or so guys in that car.While I thought this decision was a little “hasty” to say the least, I was not going to leaveDavid there all alone to take on 18 guys in that car so I started walking toward the curband the chevy with David. David could be a little hasty when he was riled and I knewthat. I knew this was the only way for me to “save face” as I couldn’t desert my bestfriend. I also knew this was going to hurt.The Chevy was coming from the south, the area of the railroad tracks, and as it neared us(Again!!!!), it pulled to the left side of the road toward David and me. We walked towardthe car to meet them. As the Chevy slowed and we drew closer to it, it (the Chevy)suddenly accelerated and headed on out of town.Now this is where David and I differ on how we remember events of that night. Davidnoted in his story that when the Chevy drove away he turned to me and said somethinglike, “now is the time to run”. My memory is vague on that point but I am thinking that isnot what happened. Seems like we just stuck our chests out and walked on to his house.After all, why would we need to run, we had just run 20 guys from Leonard out of town,so no need to hurry. They weren’t going to mess with us again-they knew better, theywere afraid of us.However, as the years have passed and some degree of maturity has set in, I have come tothe conclusion that those 6 or so guys in the Chevy were not really afraid of David and me.Why did they drive on after David had thrown that mop handle into the side of their carand we were on our way to meet them at the curb? I think they probably thought we wereboth “mentally challenged” (that is the politically correct way to say they thought we wereretarded) and it would be immoral to beat up a couple of guys who didn’t have bettersense that to do what we were doing.Of course, from out teenage points of view, that is not what we thought. We figured wewere so tough they were afraid to fight us. We had just run a carload of guys fromLeonard out of town.John E. Washburn

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