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Film Pitch or Movie Trailer

Film Pitch or Movie Trailer

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Published by Danika Barker

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Published by: Danika Barker on Nov 18, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Film Pitch
Before a film is made, ideas, concepts and “Pitches” are floated out to various movie producers,executives etc. A “pitch” is usually made in person to the producers. Before the live “pitch”, oneusually sends in a written “treatment” or “concept”.Here is a model “treatment” or “Pitch”Film Title:
 Edge of Forever 
Film Genre:
 Action Adventure - Ecological Disaster 
Plot Summary: A scientist discovers that big bad corporations have been secretly manipulating thegenetic structure of major cereal crops in order to increase yields. Unknown to this big badcorporation, but known by our hero scientist, another big bad corporation is getting reading to releasea genetically manipulated grass hopper - 3 times the size of normal grasshoppers, which will eat onlyweeds, thus eliminating the need for spraying pesticides. The hero scientist puts two and twotogether and realizes that grasshopper will eat the new varieties of cereal crops and when they are allgone, they will advance into urban areas where there are lots of weeds. Results: widespread famineand very large grasshoppers all over Los Angeles. Hero scientist convinces lady scientist atgrasshopper research lab to help blow the whistle on each of these corporations. They must break into the labs of each corporation, steal the evidence and present it to the Secretary of Agriculture whois meeting other world leaders in Los Angeles for the world summit on eliminating hunger. At thesummit, the new crop of cereal grains are to be given to third world countries to feed their people.Bad guys from both corporations are after the two as they go through X files style, secret agent stuf(most of the time they have no idea what they are doing - lots of comedy potential here) to steal theevidence. They get chased from New York to Los Angeles.Target Market: 14 to 50 male and female - action adventure will appeal to young males, lots of hightech special effects - romance element between two leads will attract female audience, - ecologicalspin will attract yuppie, earnest save the world types, everyone loves to hate big corporations - theyare the new villains, so market is quite wide for this film. Good date flick but not a chick flick.Everyone loves Julia and Pierce can play the earnest almost nerdy science guy who gets to save theworld even though he is not equipped to do it. Real little guy triumphs over all odds kind of film.Male Lead: Pierce BrosnanFemale Lead: Julia RobertsSlogan - Print Ad: “They’re out to save the world - but can they save each other” close up photo of two stars kissing with large grasshoppers and scenes of fire and destruction behind them.Trailer: Rapid cut of action/chase sequence - the two in lab coats - last cut of trailer: close up of Julia’s face frozen in horror as Pierce is led away by big bad corporations - his words to her “Get the bugs!”Look and Feel of Film: the little guy overcomes the big bad corporation - big non-stop action andchase film, inter-cut with spit-fire scenes of two leads loving to “hate” each other until they realizethey love each other - part romantic comedy, part action adventure -giant grasshoppers comprisemost important rescue/action scene - followed by dramatic entrance of leads into Summit on Food inL.A. and big happily-ever-after scene at end, stars in a clinch, fade to black.Settings: Big faceless mammoth corporate headquarters - New York, an isolated test facility in themid west (grasshopper scenes) various airports, highways etc. Final location is Los Angeles some

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