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Lobella Newsletter - November 2010

Lobella Newsletter - November 2010

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Published by lorenslocum

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Published by: lorenslocum on Nov 18, 2010
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Lobella November NewsletterBeing Centered and Grounded as We Enter this New Decade
Dear Friends,I am so glad that our newsletter is back and we can continue connecting with you and providing youvaluable content. We took a break to focus on how we can make the more newsletter valuable toyou, our readers – and boy, have we delivered!This newsletter is our best yet – with inspirational content from women I admire focusing oneverything from self-image to work to fitness to money and more!I am someone who likes to be busy, I travel the country for speaking events, run my Juice Plusbusiness and serves as a National marketing Director for the Company, run Lobella and connect withamazing women across the globe, and also spare some time to be with my family! With all this goingon it can be hard at times to stay grounded and focus on the things that matter most – family, health,and happiness. I feel so appreciative that I have my loving Lobella community to help me keep thingsin check and make sure that I live each day with my feet on the ground, fresh air in my lungs, and myhead held high! I am proud of who I am as a woman and hope that all of you feel proud of theamazing women you are!Stay true,Loren
Relationship Tuneup
Susan Baker, Highlands Ranch, CO
 Staying Grounded By Managing YOU!As I reflected on what it means to me to be grounded from arelationship standpoint I realized that in order to feelgrounded you have to manage your relationship with yourself first.There are three main times when you may feel ‘ungrounded’:1. One time you might feel ‘ungrounded ‘is when you arelooking outside yourself for approval instead of listening towhat you know is right for you. If you struggle with approval addiction then thiscan be a challenge. When you take time to really think about the outcomes thatyou want in the different areas of your life and you make decisions based on thoseoutcomes you will feel grounded. When you tune into the opinions of all of thepeople in your life about what you should do and make decisions based on what willmake them happy and not on what you know will make you happy then this willcause you to feel ‘ungrounded’!2. Another time that you might find yourself feeling ‘ungrounded ‘is when you tuneout your intuition. Have you ever had a gut feeling that something was right foryou? If you have then you were probably right! Learning to listen to your “gut” oryour “inner voice” can be very powerful and can keep you grounded.3. A third time when you might feel ‘ungrounded’ is when you are not managingyour emotions. Every emotion that we feel can be broken down into a triad: A.physiology- which is all about your body, B. language- which is what you say to
Fashion Tuneup
Stephanie Jackson, BainbridgeIsland, WA Facilitator
Wheneverthe monthlyLobella topicis somethingdeep ormeaningful, Ican’t helpbut feel a bitembarrassedtowrite aboutit through my monthly topic of Beauty/Fashion.However, when thinking aboutBeauty and Fashion through theeyes of “Being Centered andGrounded” I realized that I can bereally awful to myself about how Ilook. I mean I can really beatmyself up every time I pass amirror, try on clothes, have a meal.So, to go with this month's theme Ihave decided to challenge myself as well as my fellow Lobella women
 yourself and others, and C. focus- what you focus on you bring about.For example when you feel stressed, you are likely experiencing symptoms withinthis triad framework. Physically your breath becomes more shallow, you tend tolook down, slump your shoulders and hold your body tight. Through language andfocus, you may continually tell yourself “I’m so stressed. I’m so stressed ” or youbeat up on yourself in your mind or you continually tell yourself you don’t haveenough time and your focus tends to be on what isn’t going right or what youhaven’t gotten done. By changing even one part of the triad you can change youremotion. Maybe you relax your body and stand up tall and take five deep cleansingbreaths and that makes you feel better. Maybe you change what you are tellingyourself and when you catch yourself saying “I’m so stressed” which makes you feelittery and ‘ungrounded’ you repeat: “All I need is within me now”. Maybe youfocus on all the things in your life that you are grateful for instead of what isn’tgoing right. Making the choice to manage your emotions instead of letting themmanage you is a great way to ground yourself.As we move into the holiday season remember to take care of yourself FIRST! Taketime to do what it takes to manage yourself and your emotions and you will enjoy acalm, peaceful, grounded holiday season instead of a frantic exhausting experiencethat you are just “hoping to get through”.to appreciate, love and givegratitude for the amazing, healthy,beautiful bodies that have beenbestowed on us, in this upcomingdecade. I have been blessed withtwo legs to walk & run, two arms tohug with, a great mouth to smilewith, amazing eyes to see all thewonderment in my life and a mindthat can dream of wonderful waysto make this world a better place.My wish for you in this next decadeis to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE yourself,and that, my friends is the truestway to give gratitude for all wehave!!!
Honor Yourself Through Gratitude
Stephanie Lobeck"Remember, all theanswers you need areinside of you; you onlyhave to become quietenough to hear them."
---Debbie Ford
Each year as the end of theyear draws near, I look backon the time that has passedto reflect on what hasoccurred, what I have accomplished…and manytimes what I have
accomplished that I set outto do at the beginning of the year. I am alwaysamazed at how easy it is to pick out what I did notdo instead of what I did do, or what I failed atinstead of what I succeeded at. This year isdifferent. This year I have been practicing the artof gratitude and honoring myself in order to becentered and grounded in the truth.Now, many of you may be OK with practicinggratitude for the many amazing things and peoplein your life, big and small. But “honoring myself”?When I first started this practice I have to say I hada hard time. It felt almost egotistical when I couldactually muster up something to honor myself for,and other times I struggled to even find somethingI thought was worthwhile. After the first few times,however, I quickly realized how little time I, andmost women, ever take to truly honor ourselves forthe way we show up in this world each and everyday. Ask yourself…when was the last time
yourecognized yourself 
for the amazing mother, wife,friend, co-worker, business woman, daughter,sister, caregiver, volunteer, etc. etc., person thatyou are? When did you last give yourself a pat onthe back for the beautiful smile you gave to acomplete stranger, the words of comfort you sharedwith a friend, or your own honest connection toyourself when you last had a good cry? Do youremember? If you do remember, can youremember the feeling of joy and pride that you felt
Centered in Our Gifts
Krista Black, MBA
I have spent my career in entrepreneurialventures so I’m well acquainted with risk.Right now and often the news is bad, worseand worst. Economically and in our businessenvironments, where my expertise is, theonly thing for which we can be certain of iscontinued and likely, massive, change.Change is not necessarily bad, it just is whatit is. But, change does require us to be
 flexible and centered. Consider two views of change.
Getting a Good View of What We Don’t Want:
I live close toLas Vegas. Driving into Las Vegas from Utah is a trip I makeseveral times per month. The air in Utah is clean and, honestly, Itake it for granted. Vegas, like all cities, has some air qualitychallenges. The only time I notice it though is when I’m outside thecity looking down on the valley of Las Vegas. When I’m right therein the valley I don’t have the same view and I don’t notice it but it’sharming my body even though I cannot see it. This is anexperience that is much like the boiling frog metaphor, in which afrog is placed in cold water and slowly boiled so it does not perceiveharm and jump out of the pot. When I am in the valley, I do notperceive the air quality problems, yet they are slowly harming me.
Enjoying the Season of Change:
At the opposite end of thespectrum is the view of Autumn. Albert Camus said: “Autumn is asecond spring when every leaf is a flower.” A look out the windowlately in most parts of the US produces a view of vibrant, joyful,color. The change and color of Autumn is often rapid anddramatic. While it’s actually a visible death, for most of us, wewelcome the life-fullness of the change.These are just two simple metaphors but they both apply tomoney. The health and wealth of our businesses are dependentupon our ability to recognize the harmful kind of change as early aspossible. Like a drive into a big city, sometimes it’s much easier tosee the reality of the environment if we get to the high ground andlook back rather than stay “in the trenches” and look up.Conversely, some changes are technically death but the color andthe wonder is spectacular enough that the lessons can be instantand, while possibly cold and painful, a tremendous gift. You’ll
 within yourself?I will share with you that taking time each andevery day to be grateful for everything amazing inyour life…from the people in your life, to your work,to the car that gets you from point A to point Bsafely, to the sun that shines, to the amazing arrayof colors God has created, to the people thatproduce the food you eat, to your healthy body, tothe magic moments you created with your familyover a fun family game last night…closes the doorto fear and opens the door to new possibilities.Then, stack on top of that the practice of honoringyourself for even the smallest of things, such asspending the extra 15 minutes with your youngestto say prayers and tuck him into bed, or helping astranger find something at the store, or for havingthat dreaded conversation you have been puttingoff, or for going to the gym even though you didn’twant to, or for splurging on dessert and enjoyingevery morsel and not feeling guilty, oracknowledging yourself for the beautiful,magnificent woman that you are each day.Can you imagine how centered and grounded youwill feel each day, throughout the year, by takingon these practices? Can you imagine how you willbe able to hear much more clearly the answers thatare inside of you when the noise of doubt, fear andself-judgment have been muted by the clear,beautiful notes of gratitude and self-honoring?Join me for just five or ten minutes each day ingratitude and self-honoring. Get your journal andstart writing! If ever you find yourself in doubt orfear or self-loathing, pick up your journal and flipback to a page to remind yourself and revel in allyou are, all you have created, and all you arebecoming.notice the changes in the metaphors I used cannot be controlled byany one of us. The economy is kind of like that too;
the only thingthat makes a difference is the economy we choose to have forourselves.
Some people really thrive in the Autumn or living in bigcities; others do not. Knowing yourself and your willingness to takerisk is really code for “how much change can I endurecomfortably?”; then setting yourself up to win. The changes of theeconomy are not yours or mine to make but the changes in ourpersonal economy are
ours to make.The ugly truth we are now all coming into awareness about is thatthe economies of the world have been polluted in many ways.Much like the arguments of pollution, climate change and otherworld concerns there will be 1,000s of books written and argumentupon argument about what caused it and how to prevent it. Whilehaving that conversation is an important one, the change thatunderstanding it will make to you in your life right now would beminimal. Really, right now, until we can back away a bit and lookback on the pollution those conversations just amount to the blameand shame game. Unless you have a gift for economic analytics orpublic policy limit your intake of that overwhelming mountain of data, and focus on how, when and whom you want to serve.While change is all around us, and seems more intense right now,the change you can make around
is always meaningful if youknow your gifts, you are centered in your commitment to developthem and you create in yourself an unquenchable desire to sharethose gifts. If you do that, if I do that, then we cannot help buthave an extraordinary flow of the financial resources we need tocreate the abundant life we deserve. We can have that now andinto the coming decade, beautifully designed by us, for the kind of change we want to become and the kind of change we want to see.Krista Black is a Mom, Wife, Serial Entrepreneur & BusinessCoach/Consultant. She earned her MBA with an emphasisin Loss Mitigation and Real Estate, and an undergrad in Accountingwith honors. She loves God, loves to travel, does her best tosometimes sing or take an interesting photograph and has a heartfor philanthropy. She lives in St. George Utah with her amazinghusband and three beautiful children.
Money Saving Tuneup
Renee A. Quinn, Las Vegas, Nevada
Being “grounded” or “centered” is something different toeveryone; for me personally, being “grounded” meansthat I am FULLY present for myself and those around me-friends, family, and co-workers. I have learned that to befully present I must take care of myself emotionally,physically, and financially in order for my energy to flowand to be grounded. When I have taken care of all three,being grounded doesn’t take much work, it’s as easy astaking a deep breath. It is when I fail to remember thebasics, that being grounded becomes a challenge.Without that triad of my foundation firmly in place I canget off track or “lose sight” of my short and long term goals.As we all know getting back on track takes much more work than doing thesmall daily tasks to stay on track. Isn’t it easier to withhold from that impulsepurchase than to try to pay it off for three months? And how much harder is it togo to the gym for an extra run to work off that extra serving of sweets wedecided to take? Making sense? But sometimes we forget that our financialhealth is just as important as our physical health and we fail to plan for waysthat we can save money or be grounded in our financial security.As the Mom of small children I have come to realize that not only is beinggrounded good for me, but it is good for my daughters. Teaching them how tobe build their foundation is just as important as helping them with having goodmanners. One way we work together on being grounded is to have games and
The Gift of Being
Erica Nitti, San Diego, California
 Isn’t it true thatbeing centeredand groundedmeanssomethingdifferent everyminute of everyday, dependingon what’s goingon in thatmoment? I haveto laugh at all the articles out therethat tell us to how to stay centered andhow to achieve balance in our crazy,hectic, and fun filled lives. That inorder to feel ‘Zen’ we have to findbalance first. I don’t disagree or don’tfind zero value in these articles, I’dust like to propose the possibility thatfeeling balanced every moment of yourlife is not an action but a matter of being present (anywhere or anytime).Everything today tells you what to do,

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