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July 2010 TigerTechnoBabble

July 2010 TigerTechnoBabble

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Published by Julie Rorabaugh

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Published by: Julie Rorabaugh on Nov 18, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Welcome to the inaugural edition of 
Tiger TechnoBabble
, a newsletterdedicated to keeping
, the hard-working faculty member, informedabout the latest trends, techniques, and topics in the field of 
instructional technology. It is my hope that each month you’ll find atleast one little “gem” of instructional technology wisdom that you can
adapt and use in your classrooms: face-to-face (f2f), blended, or online.Taking a cue from the economy, most of the software and applicationsthat I feature will be
or available at a low cost for educators.However, hardware and devices (i.e. laptops, eReaders, SmartPhones,and whatever Apple is releasing at the moment) have price tags
attached, and I can’t help you there. Maybe some of 
you will be inspiredto write technology grants, and allow the government to fund yourexperimentation with technology and education. Who knows?
 Again, greetings to all, and 
let’s start babbling
The 11th Annual SIDLIT (
pronounced “
Side Light
) will be held onThursday and Friday, August 5 - 6, 2010 at Johnson County CommunityCollege (JCCC) in Overland Park, KS. The two-day institute includespresentations, topic-oriented special interest discussion groups, hands-onworkshops, and demonstrations.A collaboration between the Colleague to Colleague (C2C) organizationand JCCC, this institute enables faculty and staff who have an interest ininstructional technology to share expertise in an informative and collegialsetting.
Don’t let the lack of conference fees fool you! This is one of the most
engaging and informative conferences in the Midwest, and easily on parwith national gatherings that charge exorbitant registration fees.
Come to SIDLIT
Broadcast Your Text Alerts
New Software Versions
More Cool Tools!
Summer Institute on Distance Learning and Instructional Technology 
Aug 5-6 2010 
Johnson County Community College 
 Overland Park, KS 
Lunches and snacks provided! 
July 2010Volume 1 Issue 1
 Julie Rorabaugh
Director of Instructional Technology 
Come to SIDLIT
Aug 5-6
Please see
on page 3
Cowley Westside Center, 8821 W. 21
St., Wichita, KS, 67205www.cowley.edu rorabaughj@cowley.edu 316.721.7103
Tiger TechnoBabble
Instructional Technology Newsletter / Cowley College
 Page 2Tiger TechnoBabble
Broadcast your text alerts
Broadtexter http://broadtexter.com is a site that allows you to create your own "mobile club." It was designed to support bands that wanted tocommunicate with fans about tour dates, but it has other applications,and savvy educators have jumped on the bandwagon, so to speak. Youcan use Broadtexter to communicate with students "where they are" ontheir mobile devices. The idea is that you can send text messages asannouncements or reminders to your "fans" in real time or at a scheduledtime.Signing up is easy. You just fill out the registration form and you'll get atext with a confirmation code you have to enter on the site. After youhave signed up, you get your own public page. Your alerts will appearhere. Having your students sign up is simple. You can send them to yourpublic page, or embed a widget in your course site. Students will get atext and have to confirm that they signed up. All cell phone numbersremain private; you will not see your students' numbers, and they will notsee yours.Creating alerts is straightforward. You can fill out a form online or send atext with your phone. Remember, your alerts will show up on your page.Students can respond to your alerts. You can choose whether theseresponses appear on your page automatically or whether you have toapprove them first.The recommended settings for classroom use are:
New subscriber notice:
Band page preference:
Must approve;
Inbound message handling:
 Receive on phone.If you want to use Broadtexter for multiple classes, you should assigneach class to a different region (state). Students need to specify thiswhen they sign up. You then send alerts to classes by prefacing yourmessage with the state code, e.g. KS: This goes to the Kansas group; OK:This goes to the Oklahoma group; ALL: This goes to all group members.Other recommendations:It should be opt-in,
required.Provide alternative communication methods for those who don'topt in.
Techno Evolution of a Student 
Text Your Students!
“…communicate with
„where they are‟ 
on their mobile devices.
Please see
on page 4
 Tiger TechnoBabblePage 3
Have you checked out the
Online Instructor Resources
course in ANGELlately? Contained in the course are ne
w versions of some “old friends.”
Respondus Version 4.0
Respondus is a powerful tool for creating and managing exams that can beprinted to paper or published directly to a Learning Management System. Examscan be created offline using a familiar Windows environment, and thenseamlessly integrated into your course in ANGEL. Whether you are a veteran of online testing or relatively new to it, Respondus will save you hours on eachproject.
With SoftChalk you can…
create interactive web pages for your e-learningcourse
…engage your students with lessons that include pop
-up text annotations,self-assessment quizzes, and interactive learning games
…package your lessons to
upload into ANGEL. New activities include: Create-a-Poll, Star Ratings, JigsawPuzzle, Tabbed Info, Did You Know, Charts
The college has purchased campus-wide licenses for both of these. Thatmeans that you can download and install them on your home computersor laptops! To access the installation instructions and the passwords thatyou will need, log on to 
.Click on the
Online Instructor Resources
 course. Click the
Instructor Tools and Resources
To register for
, go to the following URL:
You will need to create an account with a Username and Password. Onceregistered, you can immediately begin planning which sessions you will beattending
. If you see a familiar name on the session list, don’t besurprised. I’ll be presenting a hands
on workshop called “Avatar!
 Presented in 3D
” in which participants will be creating graphical images
of themselves. Should be fun!Other intriguing session titles include:
Pulse Pen PossibilitiesCreate Online Learning Experiences
Easily & Rapidly  Android Productivity TipsIncrease Audience Interactivity with PollEverywhere
Hope to see you there!
Respondus 4.0 & SoftChalk6 
New Software Versions Released
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