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Published by alanbwilliams
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Published by: alanbwilliams on Nov 19, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 © Christopher Everard 2009
 © Christopher Everard 2009
This article is the first part of a booklet I have written as an 'occult primer' for people who view my filmILLUMINATI IV: Brotherhood of the Beast. I shall email through the next part ofthis booklet as soon as it is ready. Partly autobiographical, and partly a commentary on my films about The Illuminati, it is written from the heart, with love - love for all the people outthere who are willing to stand up and be counted - and fight until their last breath for justice.Because it's written with such honesty, without the veil of ambiguity, I expect many legal writs, and yet even more 'gripe sites' on the internet claiming that I own a helicopter, eat babies, and am generally more evil than Hitler!
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& theIlluminati
 A Free Companion PDFBooklet to thefilm
 Illuminati IV:
Brotherhood of the Beast
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page 002
Entering The Jaws of Demons...
Unfortunately, during the many years I have invested in making filmsand interviewing authors, I have discovered that the vast majority of underhanded attacks, and snyde behaviour comes from those who seem tohave been under the impression that the information I reveal in my articlesand films was somehow 
, that it was 'stepping on their toes' to even write about subjects which are mildly similar. There has been - since thepublication of John Robison’s
 Proofs of a Conspiracy
(pub. 1798) -somewhat of a small publishing industry in anti-masonic literature - andmany authors for the last two centuries have entered into futile, enviousand nonsensical ‘flame wars’ with eachother, when in reality, they shouldreally be assisting eachother's research and forming a
united front 
.My role as a filmmaker has been to amalgamate and present onscreen the most verifiable evidence, and give a cinematically captivatingstage for the most well informed authors to have their say about the
New  World Order
. Unfortunately, I was too naive and underestimated that the'Money Bomb' is a more important incentive to some anti-NWOpersonalities than the Nuclear Bomb! Consequently, I have beenundermined and attacked and wrongly accused of arrogance by some of these people - even from people who have made a career by warning youand me about the evil in the banking and judiciary - when the truth comestoo close to home - they all resort to using Barristers (Tony Blair was a barrister) and judges (Tony Blair's wife is a judge) to shut me up. Lol.Just watch and see what happens... All I can say, is that I hope youthoroughly enjoy reading my research. When I first interviewed David Ickeon camera in 2001 and asked "David, are we being ruled by people who worship Baphomets and Demons?" in a whiplash instant, David forwent hisnormally very professional television-savy way of answering questions (sothat each answer can cleanly and concisely be edited into a self contained video capsule which does not require the film editor to include the openingquestion) with a very abrupt "yes we are!". David's answer was the firsttime I had recorded on camera a person willing, like me, to say on camera what we had all suspected for a long time - that members of the royal-political elite were more than just dabbling in Black Magick - they haddeveloped ancient techniques of summoning Demons and it was this quest -to summon demons - which lay at the heart of all Masonic, Templar andhigh ceremonial magick.
THE ILLUMINATI Vol.1(above), released at theCannes Film Festival in2005, this 2 hour film tookmore than five years tocreate. Many of theauthors featured in my film had some kind of ‘gripe’ or axe to grindagainst eachother - one of the most contentiousissues were the claims of shape-shifting reptilianspublished by David Ickefive years previously.DAVID ICKE: The firstauthor to report eye witnesstestimonies of shape-shifting‘reptilians’ in his book THEBIGGEST SECRET, publishedin 1999.THE ILLUMINATI Vol.2, released on 06-06-06, was thefirst film to reveal that Jack Parsons and L. Ron Hubbardhad performed a black magick ritual with Marjorie Parsons- attempting to create a ‘golem’ child. The embryo wasplaced inside an enormous steel & concrete tank andirradiated by the world’s first atomic explosion. The tankis still lying in the desert. www.AntiChristDVD.com
page 003
© FeedYourBrainMagazine.com
ABOVE: The Grand Grimoireis a black magic grimoire thatclaims to date back to 1522.It is possibly written somepoint after the eighteenthcentury, but it’s provenancecomes from The Sworn Bookof Honorius, a 13th century text about black magicattributed to Pope Honorius.Also known as "The RedDragon", this book containsinstructions purported tosummon a human-reptoid-monster called ‘LucifugeRofocale’, for the purpose of forming a pact with theDevil. The book is called "LeVeritable DragonRouge" ("The True RedDragon") in Haiti, where it isrevered among many practitioners of Voodoo.Lucifuge Rofocale is apowerful demonic entity whoacts as the ‘Prime minister’of Hell. It is one of many thousands of suchmanuscripts I have beencollecting since 1981.Neither David Icke, norArizona Wilder mention theexistence of this library of balck magic manuscripts -many of which featuredemonic half-human andhalf-reptilian entities.
By 1999, there had been thousands of books written exposing Freemasonry,the Knights Templar and Black Magicians - but just a tiny few of the 300million web-blog pages on the subject of the New World Order dared tomention the actual
why rituals took place.David's answer showed that on this topic we were both on the samepage as it were - I knew that my hunch to make a motion picturedocumentary film about the black magick rituals performed by the world'srichest people - was a correct hunch - and that the public's consciousness was now elevated to the point where many millions of people were ready forthis information. At that moment, I knew that the previous 17 years' worthof collecting video and film footage, reading and research that I had done, building a library on the Occult with mainly original first and second edition books was all worth while. I was kind of worried at the time that I would belabeled as a 'heretic' film director for making films from the heart about black masses, witch covens, poltergeists and the dark world of Freemasonry - my concerns were unjustified - I have had people buy my films from allover the world - including the lawyers representing the Bush family,Hollywood superstars, sports personalities and, yes, of course, evenRoyalty.So, in a nutshell, I have put into this booklet all the most importantpieces of information about the evil demonic forces summoned to rule overMankind by the royal-political elite - so that when you come to view my series of Illuminati films (especially 
), hopefully, many pieces of the jigsaw puzzle will fall into place - effortlessly - with minimalambiguity. Enjoy.
[author's note; I would suggest just taking a few moments to close youreyes and slow your breathing into nice deep breaths and get really very comfortable before proceeding - this first part of my booklet concernsmagickal information which is so fundamentally vital to understand that itis, in actual fact, the very 
and root of the information used by theIlluminati to influence and control Mankind. It's time to sling the cat outand put the phone off the hook!].
Born Jennifer Ann Greene, akaArizona Wilder: thislady first came to prominence with the publication of David Icke’s book ‘The Biggest Secret’. A book whichdescribes shape-shifting 9 foot tall godzilla-dragontype monsters presiding over rituals having morphedfrom the bodies of various members of the RoyalFamily - including the recently deceased QueenMother. I ask; “Were these the REAL royal family - orwere they actually demonically infused ‘Golems’?” Orwas the event the result of magickally induced Hypno-gogic suggestion? Or perhaps all three? READ ON...
When I first got my copy of 
The BiggestSecret
, I used to hide it so my Mumwouldn’t find it when she visited to tidy up my house! This book claims thatLaurence Gardner - who I have met at aNexus Magazine conference - was ashape-shifting reptilian/human hybrid -the Queen and other Royals too.

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