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ion Culture Sa6

ion Culture Sa6

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Published by Karthik Jeeva

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Published by: Karthik Jeeva on Nov 19, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Organisation Culture - Links &Articles
For a New Paradigm approach to understanding and working withculture, Richard Seel's
Culture and Complexity  
are a good starting place. Culture change is a difficult andsubtle thing to achieve and we have a number of innovativeapproaches which can help organisations who want to change. There is a huge amount of material about organisational cultureavailable on the internet. We've tried to offer a guide to some of itbelow, focusing on breadth of issues and trying to offer a smallsample of what is available under different topic headings. 
Introduction to Culture
Changing Culture
Case Studies
Measuring Culture
Culture & Teams
Culture & Performance
Culture and Mergers & Acquisition
Culture & Equality
Culture Theory
Culture & Marketing
Culture and the Individual
International Culture
Culture & History
Related Topics
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ntroduction to Culture
Organizational Cultureis a pdf version of some instructor's notesbased on a chapter inPrinciples of Organizational BehaviourbyRobin Fincham & Peter Rhodes. What is This Thing Called Organisational Culture?c
an be foundon the Business Open Learning Archive site.
t's a very simpleintroduction to conventional thinking about culture with a few
notes on some of the different models of culture which have beenproposed.
t was designed for viewing at 800x600 and is a bitmessy at higher resolution. Organizational Cultureby Carter McNamara is another simpleintroduction introduction, with a selection of further links.Thereare also some links to discussion groups which may include cultureas a topic. Organizational Culture and Leadershiphas been written by TedNellen and is based on Edgar Schein's book of the same name.Schein is one of the most influential writers on culture. He setsgreat store on the influence of the founder of an organisation onits culture and his ideas are explored in a number of booksand articles. Organizational Culture: A Web Walkwas written by Valda Svedeand Mariella Petriglia as a Masters assignment. Focused aroundeducation it offers a basic approach to some issues of culture. 
Changing Culture
Changing culture is a controversial area. Many consultants andacademics will offer neat prescriptive packages based on simplemodels of culture. My own belief is that these are rarely effective,though they are easy to sell to clients. Some perspectives can befound on the internet. The Culture Change Plannerby Judd Norman offers a four-phaseapproach to culture change: "Anyone working to bring about lasting culture changewill attest to the enormity of the task. Without aframework, culture change appears hopelessly complex.The four-phase Normative Systems Culture ChangeProcess was developed in order to organize such effortsinto meaningful steps. "Changing culture in many ways parallels farming. Thefirst phase, Analysis and Objective Setting, is dedicatedto analyzing and preparing the soil. Phase
, Systems
ntroduction, plants the seed of change. The third phase,Systems
ntegration, is the cultural equivalent of addingfertilizer and water so that the plant takes root andflourishes. And the fourth phase, Evaluation, Renewaland Extension, is similar to harvesting the crop andgathering new seed for the next planting." 
Five Ways to Develop your Corporate Cultureby NaomiMoneypenny offers 'Start Small, Act Big', 'Build Trust', 'EngenderCollaboration', '
nspire Creativity' and '
nspire Action' as five waysto develop culture. Downsizing And Organizational Cultureby Thomas Hickok arguesthat, ultimately, the most prominent effects of downsizing will bein relation to culture change, not in relation to saved costs orshort-term productivity gains. 
Case Studies
Corporate Culture:MRG Adopts Bigger Firms' Synergistic Preceptslooks at the culture of the Metromedia Restaurant Group and how its founder, MichaelKaufman, took ideas from a number of larger organisations andmoulded MRG and came up with nine core values. 
Cultural Change in the Pittsburgh Symphony Organization: ARoundtable Discussiongives an account of the experience of goingthrough a process of cultural change in the orchestra, who used theJapanese Hoshin approach to help with much needed change. 
Defining the Organizational Culture of the Fairborn FireDepartmentby David Harlow asks three questions: What are the strengths and weaknesses within the Fairborn FireDepartment that have the greatest impact on its presentorganizational culture? What are the elements of the organizational culture within theFairborn Fire Department? How can the organizational culture be defined? 'Doing' Organizational Culture in the Saturn Corporationby TerryMills, Craig Boylstein and Sandra Lorean is an extensive account of the organisation's culture, focusing on how story telling is crucialto the creation and maintenance of culture. Systematically Describing An Organization's Culture: A Case StudyOf The Pima County Arizona, Pretrial Services Agencyby NeilVance explores the use of Ed Schein's approach to culture. 
'Measuring' Culture
Anyone who has read my "Describing Culture" will know that

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