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Gateway Bike and Ride Grant Application

Gateway Bike and Ride Grant Application

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Published by Jonathan Maus
This is the grant application by the Portland Bureau of Transportation for a new Bike & Ride facility at the Gateway Transit Center.
This is the grant application by the Portland Bureau of Transportation for a new Bike & Ride facility at the Gateway Transit Center.

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Published by: Jonathan Maus on Nov 19, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Flexible Funds Program Application Page 1 of 4
Please readdirectionsbefore completing this application.
Part 1: Basic Requirements for Project Consideration
Applications will be screened for further consideration based on the requirements below.
1. Project meets FHWA requirements for eligibility and funding requirements for the STP Program.2. Project is sufficiently developed to be ready for construction or for implementation if a program, service, or planning project and can be obligated by 9/30/11. (Construction projects should be “shovel ready.”)3. Applicant is a governmental entity eligible to receive STP funds.4. The funding level requested is within the range identified for this program. Minimum project size is $50,000(federal share excluding match) maximum size is $2.1 million (federal share excluding match).5. Applicant has identified the required minimum 10.27% match for FHWA funding.6. Project demonstrates local political and financial support.7. Project clearly and effectively plans for and/or addresses a critical system need or gap.8. Expected results are achievable and, where appropriate, quantifiable.
Part 2: Applicant Information
City of Portland Bureau of Transportation
Sarah Figliozzi
1120 SW 5th Ave, Suite 800
Portland, Oregon 97204
Part 3: Project Information
The request for funding will be evaluated and scored based on answers in this section; 100 possible points.
Gateway Transit Center Bike & Ride
1. Project descriptiona. Indicate the type of work envisioned (i.e., Transit, TDM, Bicycle and Pedestrian) and
(10 points)
briefly describe the project. Explain how the project is consistent with the ProgramGoals and Project Eligibility described in Part E of the Directions.
Please limit your response to 500 words or less:
The proposed project would complete final design and construction of the Gateway TransitCenter (TC) Bike & Ride (secure bike parking facility) in Portland, providing seamlessintegration of the I-205 multi-use path, local bicycle network, and the regional transit system.Project details:- An 825 square foot new pre-fabricated enclosed shelter will be built adjacent to the busand MAX platforms at the Gateway Transit Center.- 80 to 90 bicycle spaces will be created using a combination of double-decker bicycleparking racks and standard staple racks. Other features include repair stand, air pump andbike map- The facility will feature lighting, key card entry, and closed circuit security cameras toprevent theft and vandalism.- An outreach component will engage adjacent neighborhoods and transit center usersabout the new bicycle parking opportunities.- Safety upgrades will include improvingaccess to the facility, including improvements to therail crossing and the connection to the I-205 multi-use path.
Flexible Funds Program Application Page 2 of 4
The facility will be interoperable with existing TriMet Bike & Ride facilities in the region aswell as those under construction. TriMet will be responsible for maintenance andadministration.b. Amount of request:...........................................................
$450,000.002. Explain how the project meets each of the program criterion categories in Part G of the directions:a. Connectivity, integration and overall benefit to the transportation system.
(20 points)
Please limit your response to 500 words or less:
The Gateway TC Bike & Ride would provide a multi-modal link between regionaltransportation facilities: the I-205 multi-use path and the Gateway/NE 99th Ave transitcenter, maximizing the region's investment in both the multi-use path and transit networks.The transit center is served by three MAX light rail lines and six bus lines: 15-Belmont/NW23rd, 19-Woodstock/Glisan, 22-Parkrose, 23-San Rafael, 24-Fremont, and 25-Glisan/Rockwood bus lines. With the existing Park & Ride facility at capacity, building bikeparking is a more cost-effective way of improving access to the station than expandingstructured parking garages.The introduction of a secure bicycle parking facility enhances the bicycle-transit connectionby giving all Gateway transit center users an opportunity to securely store their bicycle with24 hour a day access. Unlike assigned rentable bicycle lockers, Bike & Ride facilities areavailable to anyone who purchases an access card. Compared to assigned parkingsystems, a Bike & Ride can serve 5 to 7 times more cyclists each year. Security measuresinclude lighting, video surveillance, and key card access.
b. Sustainability.
Please limit your response to 500 words or less:
(20 points)
The Gateway TC Bike & Ride improves sustainability by providing alternatives to drivingusing minimal space and without creating additional impervious surface area. The Bike &Ride will occupy approximately 850 sq ft, about 10% of the area it would take for an equalamount of surface car parking. It will be built on existing hardscape and incorporatestormwater treatment for runoff. Rather than charging a membership fee, dynamic pay-per-hour pricing will fund the operation of the facility at minimal cost to users without impactingoperating cost of the transit system.
c. Mobility, access and health.
Please limit your response to 500 words or less:
(20 points)
The Gateway TC Bike & Ride would extend access to frequent transit service offered atGateway TC to more residents of the region. Bicycle access would provide allow residentsof economically distressed areas of East Portland with healthy, affordable and time-competitive options to driving.According to TriMet on-board rider surveys, bike passengers ride an average of 2 milesfrom transit to their destination. Making bicycling to transit a more convenient optionincreases the travel shed for public transportation dependent users from an average 1/4mile to an average 2 mile radius. According to Metro’s Environmental Justice analysis theneighborhoods around the Gateway TC represent one or more environmentally sensitivepopulations. These include minority and Hispanic, low income, elderly, non-englishspeaking, and disabled populations. See attached RTP's environmental justice analysismap under Other Supporting Materials.Increasing availability of secure bicycle parking also has an impact on bike passengers’ability to arrive at their destination on time. According to TriMet on-board survey data, 40%of bike passengers indicated that the lack of secure parking was one of the reasons thatthey brought their bike on-board. However most bike-on-transit trips pass through or board
Flexible Funds Program Application Page 3 of 4
at peak load points, where trains are simply too crowded to grow bike capacity at peakhours – when most want to travel. Although buses and trains accommodate bicycles,passenger capacity limits the number of bicycles that can be transported onboard. Asshown by European and Asian transportation systems, secure bike parking optionsmaximize the investment in both modes.Bike & Ride access cards can be used at TriMet's other existing and planned Bike & Ridefacilities, including the Sunset Transit Center, Beaverton Transit Center (opening early2011), and Gresham Central Transit Center (opening early 2011). This inter-operablesystem also creates opportunities for users to store a bike at their destination station inorder to travel between station and ultimate destination. This 'station bike' options transitusers an affordable, efficient, and healthy transportation solution to their 'last mile' problem.Currently, 15% of TriMet bike locker renters store a “station bike” – a bike left overnight atthe station and used to ride from transit to work or school. Since passenger loads limitcapacity for transporting bikes on transit, last mile gaps can be bridged by encouragingmore passengers to use a station bike.
3. Identify and quantify project benefits and costs:
(10 points)
The Gateway TC Bike & Ride will leverage existing investments in both the transit and bicyclenetwork. An accessible and visible Bike & Ride provides an attractive parking alternative tobringing bikes on-board, alleviate concerns regarding theft, and increases potential ridership radiusby two miles, or a 10 minute bicycle ride. Gateway is one of the busiest transit centers in the regionwith 7,790 passenger boardings each day (bus + MAX combined).Total project cost: $450,000Potential reduction in VMT each year: 251,000 milesPotential total annual savings from reduced VMT: $339,000See attached Project Benefit Calculations.0
4. Provide a timeline for project construction/implementation; can be in phases:
(5 points)
Advertise and award design build contract: Spring 2011Final design and permitting: Summer 2011Construction: Fall 2011Contract close-out: end of 2011
5. Identify the amount, source of, and availability of the minimum required 10.27% match:
(5 points)
The Portland Bureau of Transportation has the minimum required 10.27% local match, in theamount of $46,250, available for the right-of-way phase of this project. The funding source is theincrease in gas tax and vehicle registration fee revenue generated under House Bill 2001 (passedby the Oregon Legislature in 2009) that will be allocated to the City of Portland.
6. Describe the local support for the project and efforts to enhance that support:
(5 points)
This project application includes letters of support from TriMet and the Bicycle TransportationAlliance (BTA).
7. Identify the Transportation System Plan (TSP) or other planning document
(5 points)
in which the project is included:
Building secure bicycle-transit parking facilities is a goal identified in the Regional TransporationPlan (RTP), the Portland Bicycle Plan for 2030, and the TriMet Transit Investment Plan (TIP). TheGateway Transit Center has been identified as a future regional bike transit facility for both the RTPand the TIP.

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