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26493633 Bastion Press Airships Bas1009

26493633 Bastion Press Airships Bas1009



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Published by bamilo

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Published by: bamilo on Nov 19, 2010
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Distributed worldwide to the hobby, toy, comic, and book trade by Osseum Entertainment (www.osseum.com) and regionaldistributors.
Bastion Press, the Bastion Press logo, and Oathbound are trademarks owned by Bastion Press, Inc. ‘d20 System’ and the ‘d20 System’ logo are Trademarks owned by Wizardsof the Coast and are used according to the terms of the d20 System License version 1.0. Dungeons & Dragons and Wizards of the Coast are registered trademarks of Wizardsof the Coast, Inc. and are used with permission. A copy of this License can be found at www.wizards.com. © 2002 Bastion Press, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Printed in the U.S.A.by Walsworth Publishing of Marceline, MO.
Table of Contents
Lead Designer:
Sam Witt
Greg Dent
Vincent Yanda
Art Director:
Todd Morasch
Creative Director:
 Jim Butler
Cover Artist:
Todd Morasch
Interior Artists:
Alexander Leonard, Adrew Baker,Christopher Pickrell, Jason Walton, MichaelErickson, and Todd Morasch
Adrien Kennedy, Amanda Drone, BillAnderson, Cameron Braxton, Chris, Christopher B. Jackson, Colin Bice, Craig Webb, Daniel Poland, DavidBrown, David Drone, David Shearer, Debbie Brown,Dustin Poland, Dustin Van Horn, Greg Kilberger, HansWatts, Jeff Greiner, Jeff Mates, John Allen Kermon, KevinRank, Kevin Simms, Peter Mancini, Robert Campbell,Robert N. Emerson, Ryan Carroll, Shannon Bennett,Tammy R. Wolfe, Thomas Drone, Tim Campbell, TroyEllis, Vincent Yanda, William H. Hezeltine, William JasonHolder
What is an Airship?............................................................2In This Book.........................................................................2
Flying ships are a popular element in fantasy fiction; theairship brings a fantastic element to the romantic notions ofsea travel. While sailors of the sea enjoy a freedom few settledfolk ever experience, those who sail the air are literally abovethe world, flying high over those who must spend their dayscrawling across the dusty surface.This book allows you to introduce airships into your cam-paign, including everything from rules for constructing air-ships of your own, to systems for handling aerial combat, toinformation useful for aerial traders. Armed with what youfind in these pages, you can open new horizons in your cam-paign, expanding your adventures from the earth to the skyand all points between.
What is an Airship?
An airship is a type of vessel designedto fly on currents of air. Though manytake their basic form and designfrom seagoing ships, airships arepowered by internal enginesthat lift them from the earthand push them across thesky, rather than being slavesto the wind or to oceancurrents. These enginesalso make an airshipincredibly fast, easilyoutstripping virtuallyany other form oftransportation(except, of course,for
and similar magic),making it ideal for tradersand military operations—oradventurers who want toget from place to placequickly.
In This Book 
Each section in this bookprovides a specific type ofinformation about airshipsand their use in thiscampaign. Inside, you willfind:
1.Airship Construction:
This chapter presents therules for building all types of airships, from simplewood-burning scout ships to bone barges poweredby necrotic engines. Including information on hullmaterials, labor costs, weapon types, rigging,engines, and more, this chapter contains all that youneed to build airships in your campaign.
2.Airship Crews:
Once the airship is constructed, itneeds a crew to get it into the air and keep it there.This chapter details the roles and responsibilitiesof the airship’s crew.
3.Aerial Movement:
Flying is not as simple as takingto the air and jetting around without a care in theworld. This chapter provides the rules for flying anairship, including tactical and overland modes andthe benefits and risks of exceeding the limits of anairship.
4.Airship Combat:
Airships operate in threedimensions, flying over, around, and above oneanother as they struggle to survive a combat. In thischapter are new rules for elevated combat betweenairships and their crews.
5.Aerial Overland Movement:
The sky is every bitas dangerous as the ocean, and this chapter informsprospective airship pilots of the dangers involvedin taking to the air. Also, it can be quite easy to getlost when flying above the sky, and the navigationrules in this chapter govern finding your way andwandering off course.
6.Aerial Equipment:
Airship crews need specializedtools to survive on the job. In this chapter areutilitarian devices such as tool tethers and signalflares, as well as more exoticequipment like the airman wingsthat allow sailors to glide fromairship to airship.
7.Aerial Trade:
One of the mostvaluable aspects of theairship is its ability tofacilitate trade. Rules forrunning trade routeswith your airship arefound herein, giving theentrepreneurial characterthe needed information tomake a fortune—or losehis shirt trying.
8.Aerial Characters:
Lifeaboard an airship requiresits own skills and expertise,and this chapter providesthe feats, skills, and prestigeclasses tailored for just thispurpose.
9.Aerial Magic:
Magic isas useful in the air as it is on theground, but your spells mayoperate a bit differently at 500 feetoff the ground than you are usedto when you are 500 feet
theground. This chapter explores theaerial uses for existing spells andpresents new spells and magic itemsfor use in your aerial campaigns.
10.Sample Airships:
Thoughchapter 1 gives you all the tools you need to buildairships of your own, it is often useful to see someexamples of those rules in action. This chapterprovides you with these examples, from the swiftand unarmed Elvish Cloudleaper to the ponderousand devastating Dwarven Waraxe.
A.An Airman’s Lexicon:
Members of any professionor lifestyle develop jargon to describe commonthings in their daily work. This appendix closes outthe book with a short lexicon of terms anddefinitions in common use aboard airships.

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