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Coyote Dreams

Coyote Dreams

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Published by Randy Kemp
This is a novel in draft form.
This is a novel in draft form.

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Published by: Randy Kemp on Nov 20, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 My Writing  
When I ask myself "what am I writing really", the Oracle of Delphi answers "nothing that hasn’t been done already." Is my world radical different from those of Carlos Castaneda, in his best sellingnovels? Are my comic overtures any different from those of Tom Robbins, Christopher Moore, or Douglass Adams? Are my ideas any stranger then Burroughs’
 Naked Lunch
or my hero’s gifts anydifferent from
Paul Atreides?
And if I take five years to write something, and another five to perfect it, isn't that the same amount of time "Gone with the Wind" took? I always thought the manwho said "frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn" (a similar though shared by some readers of mine) wasa cad, until I saw the movie and thought – “Yes, she deserved it." Perhaps I should reminisce, like theGrateful Dead, on
what a long strange trip it’s been
. Then one day I woke up, and in a flash of enlightenment, remarked: "That's it. The creator builds a cosmic cartoon factory, and nobody gets it but me. I either must be crazy, or I discovered the secret of life. I need to share this, but it needs to beaged a bit – like a fine wine, with a distinctive taste, and an expensive price tag."
 Story Background 
Since antiquity, Indian epics like the Mahabharata and Ramayana have concerned themselves withspiritual heroes overcoming the forces of demons and darkness. If such a hero were transported tocontemporary American pop culture, the tale might unfold like a cosmic comic book.Filling such a role, Adrian Albright escapes from a mental institution just in time to witness Dr.William Alter’s murder. The villain, Scorpion, has killed the doctor, and Adrian, as a reluctant witness,is forced to hide in the criminal biker underworld lest he become the next victim. Recovering from acoma, Adrian also regains his sanity and discovers he has acquired the gift of healing and the ability tocommunicate with a mythical coyote figure. Aiding Adrian are his friends and allies: Ann Cutter,former psychologist and current love interest; Rumi Rosenkreuz, mystic philosopher and man of mystery; Danny (Doc) Holliday, black blues pianist and gunslinger accompanied by his antic monkeyBubbles; and Coyote, the Native American totem of mischief.
Adrians mission, should he wish to remain alive, is to unravel the mystery of hismetamorphosis from mental patient to spiritual hero before unsavory criminal elements can do him in,and to live out the Beatles’ tune, I’ll Get By With A Little Help From My Friends.
 REBIRTH  New Beginnings
Tonight, Death, a regular aboard ambulance six, was waiting to welcome another passenger.Enter the patient from Montana Psychiatric Hospital, an institute that developed experimental therapiesto treat the mentally ill.The two attendants, Barney and Harry, had worked this routine for years. They had seeneverything—gunshot wounds, knife wounds, limbs nearly severed in auto accidents and patientsscreaming in pain, begging for quick release from their misery as Sam the driver drowned their cries incountry music. They thought they had seen it all. They hadn’t.As Sam squinted through the blinding rainstorm, he moved the patient to Montana Central,Great Fall’s metropolis for trauma care. He was performing a routine task instead of watching professional wrestling. The drive always failed to generate excitement. Except for tonight.He drove with sirens blaring. Sure it was stormy, but he had driven this route so often he couldhave done it blindfolded. Suddenly a slender shape, dark yet luminous, jolted across his path. Samslammed on the brakes, and the ambulance skidded on slippery pavement. He avoided hitting the sleek shape, but the sudden slamming of brakes played dominoes with the passengers.“Shit!” yelled Barney. “You trying to kill the patient?”“He’s probably dead already”, Sam muttered to himself.“You moron!” exclaimed Harry. “Are you drunk?”The patient convulsed and Harry administered the Valsalva maneuver and an injection. Theconvulsions subsided.Sam picked up the intercom radio. “Quit swearing, you bastard”, he said. “An animal was in

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