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Coyote Fiesta

Coyote Fiesta

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Published by Randy Kemp
This is a novel in draft form. It's the sequel to Coyote Dreams.
This is a novel in draft form. It's the sequel to Coyote Dreams.

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Published by: Randy Kemp on Nov 20, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Let us honor the holy ground of all traditions, be it church, mosque, temple, lodge,synagogue, or ashram. And let us respect all who seek sanctuary on holy ground,whether they be prostitutes, tax collectors, mercenaries, saints, ministers, etc. Butmost of all, remember that the spirit of God lies within you, and you carry holy groundwithin your own soul.There are noble words for my ambition. Let me say that I admire the mystic life, asfound in the Christian tradition. But I became fascinated with stories of Catholic monkstaking up practices of other contemplative traditions. This would entail them practicingthe Indian tradition of Advaita Vedanta, Zen Buddhism, Sufi contemplation, or NativeAmerican practices, while being true to their Catholic faith. It was under this inquirythat Adrian Albright was born. But I was missing some essential elements, such as mylove for comic books and the great slapstick comics of yesteryear: Laura and Hardy,Charlie Chaplin, three Stooges, Marx Brothers, and W. C. Fields. What I need is a superhero, like Spiderman, Superman, or Batman, paying tribute to comic book companies likeDC, Marvel, and Top Cow, while honoring the comic greats, and the spiritual impetus thatultimately we are seeking, either consciously or unconsciously. A hero who’s spirituallybased, like Doctor Fate or Doctor Strange, with the fighting skills of Daredevil orBatman, but with the comic overtures of Yosemite Sam or Elmer Fudd.
My Writing  
When I ask myself "what am I writing really", the Oracle of Delphi answers
"nothing that hasn’t been done already." Is my world radical different from those ofCarlos Castaneda, in his best selling novels? Are my comic overtures any different fromthose of Tom Robbins, Christopher Moore, or Douglass Adams? Are my ideas anystranger then Burroughs’
Naked Lunch 
or my hero’s gifts any different from
And if I take five years to write something, and another five to perfect it,isn't that the same amount of time "Gone with the Wind" took? Perhaps I shouldreminisce, like the Grateful Dead, on
what a long strange trip it’s been 
. Then one day Iwoke up, and in a flash of enlightenment, remarked: "That's it. I need to share this,but it needs to be aged a bit – like a fine wine, with a distinctive taste, and an expensiveprice tag."
Story Background 
 Since antiquity, Indian epics like the Mahabharata and Ramayana have concernedthemselves with spiritual heroes overcoming the forces of demons and darkness. Buthas such a hero sung karaoke at Rosa’s cantina, rescued pets from a brothel, read
Don Quixote 
in a chicken coop, judged a hot pepper eating contest, become a rodeo clown,participated in a bull fight, attended a Stooge convention, or rode a mule named Sparky?If such a hero were transported to contemporary Mexican pop culture, the tale mightunfold like a cosmic comic book.Fulfilling such a role, Adrian Albright – shaman, hack writer, and Aikido master – ismarried to psychologist Ann Cutter, with a year having passed since the events in

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