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Card Cheating

Card Cheating

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Published by David Baymiller

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Published by: David Baymiller on Nov 20, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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How to Cheat at Cards
And Catch Your Friends Doing It
A. D. Livingston
The Cardsharps by Valentin de Boulogne
my book 
Poker Strategy and Winning Play,
I decided toinclude a chapter about cheating. My reasoning was that no amount of strategy,fancy footwork, and oddsmanship will enable a player to win at poker, or anyother card game, if he is up against a stacked deck. A reviewer said, "It's goodreading, but you may never again wholly trust your poker-night companions afterbeing advised of all the foul play that is possible."I fear that the reviewer put his finger on an unfortunate consequence of reading abook like
 Dealing with Cheats.
It tends to rob one of the pleasures of the game. Ittends to muddle one's concentration on the proper way to play a hand with naggingquestions about how it was dealt. It tends to make one overly suspicious of hisfellows. I don't have to look very far to find grounds for my apprehensions in thismatter. Ever since word got out that I was studying the ways of sharpers andlearning a trick or two with the deck, some of my poker buddies have begun tolook at each other with a certain puzzled expression whenever I fill a swing hand inhigh-low split; and the more I learn of all the foul play that is possible, the moreclosely
The thing strikes even closer home. Ever since I startedasking my wife to proofread various chapters of this book, she has begun to take aclose look at my dealing whenever I'm lucky enough to get ahead of her in ourweekly bouts of pinochle or klabberjass. Ever since I started acquiring a drawerfulof marked cards for the illustrations in this book, my five-year-old son has begunto take more than a passing interest in the deck when I connect too often inconcentration or slapjack. It is therefore with some misgiving that I publish thisbook.My doubts lift, however, when I do a little arithmetic. If a sucker is born everyminute, 525,600 are brought into the world annually, plus an additional 1,440 onleap year. I feel that this book can save some of them a lot of money, if they happento read it. Yet I'm not offering any guarantees, and I'm not naive enough to believethat I can save all the suckers and rid the world of sharks. The best I can hope forwith this book is that after reading it the skilled player will be a little betterprepared to assure himself that he is not bluffing a cold deck at the poker table,laying even money the wrong way on first-flop dice, or bucking a Kentucky step-up at blackjack.-A. D. LIVINGSTON
 Never play with a man who looks intently at the pack and shuffles the cardsslowly. If he is not locating the cards for the ensuing deal he is wasting time, and should be hurried a little.
PART ONE: CARDSHARPS AND GAFFS1 Peeking, Spying, and Signaling2 Marked Cards and Belly Strippers3 Slick Dealing4 False Shuffles, Shifty Cuts, and Haymaker Stacks5 Palming, Holding Out, and Ringing In6 Copping and CounterfeitingPART TWO: WHAT’S YOUR GAME7 Poker8 Blackjack 9 Gin Rummy10 Bridge11 High Card And High Spade12 Other Card Games13 Craps14 Roulette And Other Casino Games15 Heads Or Tails16 Another Man’s GamePART THREE: A LICENSE TO STEAL17 The Edge And The Ice18 Welshers, Paperhangers And Bad Losers19 Con Games Played On Gamblers20 The Ultimate Gaff APPENDIX: DON”T CHEAT YOURSELFHow To ShuffleHow To CutHow To Deal

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