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Published by superskippy456

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Published by: superskippy456 on Nov 20, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Jason Cordis #411/17/10Language Arts:Reading Response: Daybook: Making PredictionsSLE: Life Long Learners who:
Demonstrate age-appropriate mastery of basic curriculum, skills and concepts
Use technology responsibly to enhance the learning experience and increase productivityFaith Filled People of God who:
Practice self-discipline skills that result in self-management
Completing a task 
Reading Response to “The Breadwinner” Making Predictions – Daybook 
1.Now that you have read the first few pages of the book, who do you think is “the breadwinner”of the family? Briefly tell why you think so.Already the author has portrayed that men are considered superior to women and are the onlyones capable for doing things like going to school or knowing how to read because of the group thathad taken control of the entire country. The Taliban had already kicked all girls out of the educationsystem, including Parvana and her sister, and fired their mother from her writing career for a radiostation. They wouldn't even be able to go outside of the house, all life was just about being trapped in atiny room and manage to survive. That means that none of them have the capability of earning moneyor working, so the father is definitely the one with the ability, selling at the market place, while Parvanahelped him walk. The father of the family was the one who could read, write, move freely, and walk among the Taliban soldiers without getting punished or whipped. The very society had cast out all thewomen alive, and there was nothing they could do about it. This would definitely stay as the same for all of their lifetimes unless someone stands up to the Talibs.2.What conflicts do you predict will occur in this novel? Why do you think so?In this book 
I predict that the plot will unfold to reveal that Parvana's family will fight againstthe injustice to women by the Talibs. The very title,
The Breadwinner,
makes me think that in the end of the book, there would be more than one breadwinner. While her mother and father would try to win back education for all girls as they said they believed in in the text, but when they make the Talibs tooangry, the parents would be killed by them. Now the obstacle would develop that no one would be ableto bring back money after work, and Parvana would have no help. She would have to earn it herself bydisguising herself to like a man. Then she would learn how to read and write, which she hopefullywished for, and go to a university, but on the way she is discovered. Then people start havingdemonstrations and riots everywhere to end the injustice and a civil war starts in the town she lives inthat Parvana participates in.3.Parvana wants to be invisible when the Taliban are around. What do you think would happen if Parvana became separated from her father and a Taliban soldier found her? Explain your reasons for making this prediction.If Parvana got caught alone with a Taliban soldier next to her, it would definitely have a painful

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