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Published by anon-516746

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Published by: anon-516746 on Oct 28, 2007
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Playing the Executive 9 Golf Course with Discount Golf Clubs
Kevin T. Fairbanks
Summary:I am an avid golfer, but only golf at most once a week. I consider myself a bogey to par golfer.I use discount golf clubs including my golf driver, golf woods, golf irons, and golf putter. Thisarticle describes my golfing exploits on a 9 hole par 30 course recently.Article:I haven’t played a round of golf in about 2 or 3 weeks. I wanted to see how my swing wascompared to how I was playing golf earlier. I used discount golf clubs and am very pleasedwith their performance. I would guess that I am a bogey to par golfer. I have never figured outwhat my handicap is or even how to figure it. I usually try to play by the golf rules that I know,but sometimes I even stray from those.Well, as I mentioned, since I haven’t played for so long, I selected an Executive 9 hole coursethat is a par 30. I like playing from the back tees. That way I get my money’s worth whenplayinggolf. This particular course has a length of 1773 yards from those back tees.As a little background, my golf bag has 4 woods. 1 is a 10 degree driver. I do not know thecc’s, but I usually drive around 250 yards to 300 yards. Not always straight, but I havestraightened out my slice in the last year or so. I have a 3 wood, 5 wood and 7 wood. The 5wood is shorter than the 7 wood. I think that was a mistake when the woods were made. My 3wood goes about 220 yards to 250 yards. The 5 wood goes about 220 yards. The 7 woodgoes about 200 yards.My irons are 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, pitching iron, and sand wedge. The 3 iron goes about 190 to200 yards. My 4 iron goes about 180 yards.The 5 iron goes about 170 yards. The 6 iron goesabout 160 yards. My 7 iron goes about 155 yards. My 8 iron goes about 150 yards. My 9 irongoes about 130 yards. My pitching wedge goes about 120 yards. My sand wedge goes about80 yards. Round this out with the putter. It is a blade type putter.Back to the course, the first hole is a par 3 at 100 yards headed straight east. This hole has a9 handicap, the ninth hardest hole on the course, or the easiest of the nine. The wind wasfrom the south about 20 to 30 miles per hour. I used my pitching wedge and choked down toshorten the distance. I ended up right on the front edge of the green with the wind helping tobring the ball back to the middle of the fairway. The flag was in the front of the green about 15yards on. I putted to about 3 feet and put the next putt in for a par 3.The next hole was 173 yards par 3 headed east again. This hole is the 4th hardest hole. Iused a 4 iron teed up and ended up on the left side of the green on a hill above the green.The wind pushed the ball a little to the left. I used a sand wedge to pop the golf ball up andlanded about 4 feet from the hole. I putted for a par 3.Hole 3 is a par 4 headed straight south into the wind. It is 352 yards long with trees on eachside of the fairway at about 190 yards out. It is rated the hardest hole on the course. I usedmy driver off the tee and hit a little fade skirting the trees on the left side of the fairway. Theball landed on the right side of the fairway about 110 yards out. I used my pitching wedgefrom there and ended up short and on the left of the green. I used my pitching wedge againand ended up about 6 feet from the hole. 2 putts gave me a bogey 5.Hole 4 is a par 3 at 141 yards heading straight west with a line of trees along the south edgeof the fairway. The handicap on this hole makes it the 3rd hardest hole of the 9. I used my 8iron teed up and landed the green on the left side about 30 feet from the hole. I didn’t readenough break and my putter left it down hill of the hole about 7 feet. The next putt was uphilland I left it short about 1 foot from the hole. The next putt was in for a bogey 4.Hole 5 is 121 yard par 3 headed north with the wind. It is the 7th hardest hole on the course. Iused my pitching wedge and landed the green short of the hole about 20 feet. 2 putts later and I had a par. My short irons are going fairly straight and about the right distance!
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