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Published by Frank Gallagher
Reality is a game now stacked for the 90% human populace under SITI Law www.kccm1.com
Reality is a game now stacked for the 90% human populace under SITI Law www.kccm1.com

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Published by: Frank Gallagher on Nov 20, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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documented passed suspect, guilty certain I regret, being virtually impossible toprove anything to the nefarious bent irrefutably proven where ever they went.Decidedly from the day of 1982 when the Constitution was enacted every individualwas presumed to be innocent in compliance with the law and to maintain the statusof the presumption required to cooperate with the officers of the law who arefinanced by the people to enforce it … individuals, human like you and I and aresubject to the provisions for non compliance equally as you and I where there mustbe a clear demonstration of due diligence applied to a modus operandi adept tokeeping every individual responsible that includes the government personnel andthey of the legal system whereas the Law Society of Upper Canada has beenprovided the authority by the Ontario government but by the actions of the Ministerof Justice and Attorney General of Canada and the Ontario Attorney General whoadministers the Law Society Act, a bencher as is the Minister of Justice, is notaccountable to the Act, a convenient entry conducive to an irresponsible AttorneyGeneral who is the “guardian of the public interest” who does not give a damnabout every individual’s guaranteed Charter rights with all likelihood due is no fearof reprimand where the evidence on thewww.uRus.cairrefutably proves he advisesall government departments, agencies and police and invariably advises themconsistent with his irresponsible attitude in defiance of the law that seemingly doesnot exist irrefutable evidence the legal system modus operandi is deliberately fixedand much more important the system need an extensive overhaul with the initiativeto fix it as demanded consistent with the Constitution in exemplary support of every individual’s guaranteed Charter rights as the existence of the Law Society of Upper Canada is not justified evidenced in their own documented history. “There were no dates in this history, but scrawled this way and that were the wordsBENEVOLENCE, RIGHTEOUSNESS and MORALITY…finally I began to make out whatwas written between the lines; the whole volume was filled with a single phrase: “EAT PEOPLE”. “Learning without thought is labor lost; thought without learning is perilous” Learn and be prepared for BLACK BOOK V (Oinkings of the Pigs: You do not have tounderstand them to understand them.)
 157We want Canadians to be safe.And we want our profession to maintain the highest levels of ethical conduct and integrity so Canadianshave confidence both in lawyers and the system in which they work.
Part 1, Canadian Charter of Rights and FreedomsWhereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize
the supremacy of God
the rule of law
esponsible irreproachable personnel to administer and enforce it consistently withfortitude and conviction consistent with the Constitution conducive to everyindividual’s guaranteed Charter rights they proliferate the environment with wordsof gung hoism that in themselves prove they are persistent
 “agin the windfarters” 
rendering them oblivious to their admissions that perpetually stink, beingthemselves their own worst enemies as well as ours, with seemingly nothing thatthey or we can do about it.The persistent problems of society can only be theirs, they who have been providedthe wherewithal to resolve them but by their every word documented or speechifiedthey are either the ultimate of insanity or just plain nincompoops beingdemonstrably unjustified in a society endeavoring to be moral derived of sanethought and reason.For three and a half years now as an individual I have addressed the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada and the Ontario Attorney General as baldtwo faced Liars, which they most certainly have unequivocally proven with theirevery word being habitual, traditionally charlatans of deception, prevarication,manipulation and orchestration.With their every word publicly spoken they would have us believe they are just thetoken and “The Letter of the Law” words they have wroten ceding to the supremacyof God and not to be in His spirit verboten.For all they profess purporting to be sane … the Golden Rule clearly the plane mostreceptive to all persons presumably innocent of sane moral thought and reasonnever to blame but reality appears to attest in comparison they have to behumongously insane.Things are not always as they appear at first sight as in this case I can competentlyvouch, they are as far from insane as they are near to inane, although clearly
 The National Anti-Drug Strategy is an example of the importance we place on partnerships – in this case,with other levels of government, support agencies and policing authorities.Let me emphasize that partnerships – collaborations for a common purpose – are no less important in thearena of justice as they are in other fields of endeavour.As Minister of Justice, I need to hear from all those who have a stake in the justice system.Next month I will be meeting with my counterparts at the annual Federal/Provincial/Territorial meeting of Ministers Reponsible for Justice here in Québec, and I look forward to the review of the business case forcriminal legal aid.Our Government has provided stable, long-term funding to the provinces and territories for criminal legalaid in Budget 2007.In addition, these jurisdictions are able to allocate resources from the Canada Social Transfer to areas thatinclude civil legal aid, according to their priorities.We recognize that legal aid is just one of the many challenges that must be overcome in sustaining accessto justice.I am committed to working with my provincial and territorial colleagues to ensure effective legal aidwithin a strong justice system.We need to hear from ordinary Canadians and listen to their concerns. Their views play an important rolein our agenda.They have told us they are concerned with violent youth crime and the serious repercussions of drugabuse in their communities.And of course, the CBA is an important stakeholder.We have a long history of dialogue and exchanging ideas. We have built relationships through consultingon legislation and soliciting input through Parliamentary committees, most recently on Bill C-31.
 Our justice system will continue to face serious challenges in the near future in many areas, including thepursuit of improved efficiency and accessibility.Although our Government can do its part to address the needs of the system, we cannot pretend to knowall the answers or even all of the questions.I am confident that all parties involved in the justice system – governments, legal professionals, non-profit and for-profit organizations, and Canadians from all walks of life – will continue to make theirrespective contributions.I’d like to stress that there are many areas where we can find common ground.We want our justice system to be more efficient.

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