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Not Ting Ham SPEECH Updated

Not Ting Ham SPEECH Updated

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Published by JillPrivate

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Published by: JillPrivate on Nov 20, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Nottingham  Speech  Final DraftGood morning ladies and gentleman, boys and girls and welcome to this special event, and I hopeyou all have a wonderful day.This event is incorporating the official launch of the BCRT, and I have been asked to give a small talkregarding the Trust and hopefully this will help to answer some of the questions and resolve some -if not all of the speculations, and somewhat bizarre rumours that seem to have gone aroundrecently.Firstly, I would like to announce officially that the BCRT is
now a fully registered UK charity,
and thiswas confirmed to us very recently by the Charity Commission. The charity number for anyone whomay be interested is
1 1 3 8 9 8 0
 Some have wondered why it has taken so long to get to this stage, but what people need to beaware of, is the Charity Commission are very thorough, and have guidelines and certain criteria forapplying for charitable status, and we wanted to ensure that everything was set up in the correctand legal manner, as this charity is
here to stay
- so wording was of particular importance when theconstitution was discussed and put forward. The Charity Commission advised us of a few minoramendments and each time that was done, the Trustees had to agree it, and sign documentation forthe Charity Commission, and return it before the application could continue, so this is
a fewweeks operation, despite some beliefs that it was.The Trustees were chosen because of their expertise in either being involved in charities, or othergoverning bodies and committees. Some Trustees have responsible and professional occupations,and are therefore a valuable asset for the Trust in many various ways.The Trust consists of 3 Trustees  A Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer, and are supported with 7Executive Group Members, therefore in total 10 people are on the Board. The Trustees hold their post for a minimum of 2yrs as per the accepted constitution by the CharityCommission, and the Commission are completely happy with the choice of Trustees, and everyonewho is on the Trust has had all necessary checks done to satisfy the Charity Commission.I will be reading out our main Aims & Objectives , together with part of the Constitution, but as I amlimited on time, I wont be reading the whole constitution at this stage, but there will be somecopies available for you to read later. This will also be available to see on the upcoming BCRT website, when it is up and running.
I do want to explain for those that may not be aware, that a UK Charity cannot fund an individual  person, and the charity must be open to help all big cats as this is the long term aim of the Trust.But our MAIN AIM is currently of course the cats at Zion, that is our FIRST priority, and until thosecats are reunited with their owner and have a safe financial future, that is the Trusts mainobjective, to do all we can, in any way we can, to help Craig reach that goal.Going forward, the Trust intends to help in whatever way we can to protect, preserve, and conserve Big Cats. Of course our relationship with Craig will always remain strong and 
supportive in his Conservation work, but we hope to be able to help other Conservationists in their  particular field of work, at some point in the future.
I also want to put everyones minds at rest with regard to the attempted fraud that was attempted afew months ago, and can reassure everyone that NO money was lost either by the Trust or the Bank.It was a few small amounts set up online as Direct Debits, and they were set up purely to disrupt theTrust and not to steal money. This was spotted immediately, and security measures are in place toavoid this happening again. The police are investigating it, we have nothing further at this time toreport, but the investigation is on-going.People have asked where their money is right now, well it is exactly where they have put it  In theUK Trust bank account, no monies have been used from the account in the UK. Trust members whohave had expenditure have been paying it out their own pocket, although obviously as per the rulesof the Charity Commission the charity is entitled to reclaim reasonable expenditure.Nottingham has paid for itself through ticket sales, and hopefully we can raise funds in addition of that to boost the Trust funds even more, so please look at the merchandise available and try to givegenerously, as its for a good cause.
If people want to take a visit to the BCRT table outside, to sign up for a monthly donation they can  this can be as little as £1 or £2 a month. We are also taking names and e-mail addresses to go onto adata base so we can e-mail people for future fund raising events or merchandise availability. You cancollect a free Lionman pen and you get entered into a draw to win a 22 flat screen monitor and other goodies.
Any questions regarding the Trust in NZ needs to be referred to Jill, as this is a separate identity, andis handled in NZ independently from the UK charity.Our main aims and objectives are - As per the Constitution:-
1) To protect, preserve and conserve ³Big Cats´ that are now considered to be endangered species and to promote the preservation of all ³Big Cats worldwide, in particular but not exclusively by:
making grants and providing support to enable big cats to retain or gain use of land in safe and  protected areas
helping to educate and raise public awareness about big cats and subjects related to their  preservation and conservationc)
raising awareness of people in rural areas, communities and villages that live amongst or alongside areas that are or will be inhabited by big cats
ther such means as the trustees determine including providing equipment and resources.
 ) To advance the education of the public in big cats, their habitats and environments.In this clause, ³big cats´ shall mean the four members of the genus Panthera: the tiger, lion, jaguar, and leopard, but may include other species of cat that are endangered as the trusteesdetermine.´ 

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