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Nee Soon East CC Toastmasters Club Newsletter - July Edition

Nee Soon East CC Toastmasters Club Newsletter - July Edition



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Published by Kenneth Goh SZ
What an exciting month July has been for us and you can only turn to the July Issue of our newsletter for evidence. So what's hot and fresh in the July edition? :-

1) EXCLUSIVE! Interview with Saddiq, our new president for 2008/2009 – he shares his Toastmasters' experience

2) Installation Night – Read all about how our club passed the baton of leadership

3) Court Officer' Training 2008 – 1 – A "mega" event for our club with a superb turn-out and the room was long enough to have an actual aisle where you can walk all the way down ( lots of photos included too)

What an exciting month July has been for us and you can only turn to the July Issue of our newsletter for evidence. So what's hot and fresh in the July edition? :-

1) EXCLUSIVE! Interview with Saddiq, our new president for 2008/2009 – he shares his Toastmasters' experience

2) Installation Night – Read all about how our club passed the baton of leadership

3) Court Officer' Training 2008 – 1 – A "mega" event for our club with a superb turn-out and the room was long enough to have an actual aisle where you can walk all the way down ( lots of photos included too)

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Published by: Kenneth Goh SZ on Jul 31, 2008
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How do you feel,as incoming presi-dent of NSE TMClub?SADDIQ:
To put itfrankly, it feelsrather odd. After all,NSE TMC was no-where on my radarscreen just a yearback. At that time, Iwas scouting for aclub to visit and thisclub happened to havea meeting on a daythat I was free.One thing led to another and very soon, I wasinducted into the club as a new member! Beingelected as the next President allows me theopportunity to exercise my leadership skills andbring Nee Soon East TMC to greater heights. Ihave many projects for the club in mind; but of course, these can only be achieved through theactive support and dedication of the EXCO andclub members.
Share with us lessons you have learnt dur-ing your past years in Toastmasters
First, you have to be positive-minded. It takes alot for a shy person to become a better commu-nicator. Second, be an active participant in thechapter meetings. If you really want to succeedand become not only a better speaker, but alsoa better leader, you need to take your roles in ameeting seriously; be it as a speaker, evaluatoror even the sergeant-at-arms.Lastly, everyone deserves a chance to shine asall of us have our strengths and weaknesses.Only then will we have a positive club environment
Tell us what inspired you to join Toastmastersand serve as President
I was a shy person and rarely found it relishing to en-gage in small talk with others. When I enrolled in Te-masek Polytechnic as a student, I realised the crucialneed to sharpen my communication skills. As luck would have it, I passed by the Toastmasters booth dur-ing a recruitment drive and promptly signed up for it.
Under your baton, what do you hope to achieve?
My main task will be expanding the club membership,injecting more variety in the club programmes andbuilding a strong, dedicated and resilient committee.Also, I intend to establish friendly relations with otherToastmasters clubs and learn the best practices fromthem.The EXCO will undeniably play a pivotal and active rolein getting our club to a higher level. Personally, it is mywish to see that each member is given the opportunityto become better communicators and leaders.
A New Beginning
 JULY 2008ISSUE 4/2008
Nee Soon East Toastmasters
CONTACT NO: 9732 9443( SADDIQ)
Nee Soon East CCToastmasters Club aimsto be a club that inspiresall her members tothink, speak and lead with confidence and aimsto train up their publiccommunication skills. We meet second Thurs-days of every month at #04-05, Nee Soon EastCommunity Club.COMMITTEESTRUCTURE2008/2009PresidentMohamadSaddiq , CCVice President Education(VPE)Goh Shang Zhe,Kenneth, CCAssistant VPEsRajeevi,Tan Yeow KhoonVice President Member-ship (VPM)Melvin LauBoon YangVice President PublicRelations (VPPR) Mohamad SaddiqiSecretaryRajeeviTreasurer Tan YeowKhoonImmediate Past President Tommy Teo, AC-S, CLMentor Wekie Tay, DTMEditor Goh Shang Zhe,Kenneth, CC
new term begins for Nee Soon East CC Toastmasters Club and all ready to take the clubinto the next lab is the freshly-minted President ( 2008/2009) , Mohamad Saddiq. Find outmore about him in this exclusive interview.
By: Kenneth
Our new President( 2008/2009) ,Mohamad Saddiq , CC
Holding the gavel firmly, Saddiq is sworn in asPresident
An Interest Group of the Youth Executive Committee, Nee Soon East Community Club
brand new chapter un-folded as Nee Soon EastCC Toastmasters Clubwitnessed the installation of the8
batch of the EXCO to bringthe club to greater heights intothe next lap in 2008/2009.Paramount in importance is thatour club has a successive con-tinuation plan, to lay the bricksof foundation for a long journeyahead. The night of camaraderiestarted with ourout-going President’s openingaddress. A considerably relief-looking Tommy was only toohappy to hand over the leader-ship baton and proceeded togive a member-by-member sum-mary in his swansong add
Under Damon’s genial introduc-tion as Toastmaster-of-the-evening ( TME) , it was time forthe burst of oratorical display ,our 3 project speeches , to takecentre stage.Our newest addition to the fam-ily, Sankar wowed us with hismaiden step in the toastmaster journey. He broke the ice in hisproject one speech by giving asmooth delivery on his not-so-smooth career track, sprawlingfrom India to The United Statesand to Sunny Singapore.Our curiosity was piqued byProject 2 speaker, MohamedAffendi as he dis-sected the variousstages of inter-personal communi-cation. As peopleget to know some-one better, weshed layers of su-perficiality – fromcomments to opin-ions to feelings.Intriguing andthought-provoking!Our faith in joiningToastmasters wasre-affirmed by Lawrence , who con-vinced us why it can aid our climb upthe career ladder, with much vigourand charm. And, a sea of noddingheads greeted the Best Speaker of The Night.After feasting our eyes, it was timeto feast on Refreshments, which in-cluded an achingly pretty sea of bite-size luscious cakes.( courtesy of ourguest from Fu Chun Toastmasters,Sadinah).It followed by wisdom-drippingevaluations from Tommy, Saddiq andDamon. After that, the spotlight wasthrown to the all-important Installa-tion Ceremony 2008. An solemnaura filled the room as our newmembers, Sankar, Margaret and Af-fendi were inducted and the incom-ing EXCO were officially sworn in.Presided by Area S5 governor,
I  l  l  i   o  .i   g 0 
The Nee Soon East Family at Installation Night 08
The New EXCO prepares to be sworn
Kumaran, each EXCO member heldthe gravel in all seriousness, beforesaying “ I will” – with commitmentand fervour. Damon pointed outthat our club might just have theyoungest ever president elected inthe Area S5 Divison – with 20 yearold Saddiq.Shelving serious matters aside, itwas time to loosen the ties and letour hair down. The fun was rolledout in boisterous fashion by ourmistress of fun, Rajeevi.Each member was given a slip witha word. With that, we had to findother members who had wordsrelated to it. With high spirits, wescrambled to shout and find ourother “ links” n the adrenaline-pumping “ stock market” game.The memorable night capped off with a cozy family photo-taking ses-sion. This marks the dawn of a new
Next Meeting:7th AUG 2008
of the CC. Well done to them!The session started off with the Toastmaster-of-the-Day (TMD) Kumaran Rajangam greeting andwelcoming speakers and guests; and also remind-ing them to switch off their mobile phones.Once that was done, the meeting proper beganwith the first speaker Richard Sng, DTM touchingon the "Secret to R&R of Membership" whichdetailed exactly how to tackle the membershipissue. The second speaker - Aziz Mustajab, DTM -spokeon "Building a Toastmasters Club" while the lastspeaker, Patricia Lum, DTM, entertained us with apresentation on "How to Be a DistinguishedClub?"Then came the time for refreshments. It was as if a Three Gorges Dam (China) had burst and
began filtering in (yes, filtering in as if 
hey were some sort of sea crea-tures...) at around 12:00 p.m. surprisingall of us. After a few minutes of warmintroductions and invitations to snack on a few chocolates, the guests slippedout for lunch; probably feeling sheepishthey came an extra 1 hourearly.We opened our gates and warm hospi-tality at 1:00 p.m. to guests who beganto flood the venue in droves.Guests were led to the registrationbooth to sign against their names. Itwas heartening to see many of themexclaiming and full of praises seeing thewell set up registration desk completewith ornate guestbooks, delicatechocolates, flower arrangement and of course a whole collection of manuals,bookmarks and beautifully-designedcertificates.Initially overcome by the tsunami of positive attendance rates, we quicklyscurried around to ensure enoughchairs for the guests. To alleviate thedire no-more-chairs-left situation, MrTeo, Melvin and Yihao gatheredenough motivation to cart off morethan 40 chairs from all the four corners
A SUCCESS: Toastmasters turning up in fullforce for COT @ our clubFULL HOUSE : Members were all ears to thethree key speeches during the COT
he Club Officers' Training(COT 1) started off earlyin the morning of 19 July 2008with the President and VicePresident for Public Relations -
Saddiq and Saddiqi
respec-tively slowly making their wayto Nee Soon East CC to de-posit logistics items.
Together with the Super-Team consisting of Mr Teo,Yeow Khoon, Yihao, TungKeong, Rajeevi, Tommy,Qi Xiang, Melvin, Saddiq,Saddiqi and Affendi, we setforth to arrange the meet-ing venue.
Affendi came especially earlierto arrange the chairs. YeowKhoon and Tung Keong helpedto set up the Registrationcounter while Saddiq and Sad-diqi made themselves busy withpasting posters on the CC wallsand pinning up Club Newslet-ters. Melvin - the IT Pro - col-laborated with Mr Teo to en-sure that the sound systemsand projectors were workingsmoothly. The first guests
COT Co-Organizer andArea S5 Gover-nor ,KumaranRajangam, ATMB,CL, sharing a firmhandshake withDivision Governor,- Winson Lim,ACS, CL.

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