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Saint Pixies PUA Guide

Saint Pixies PUA Guide

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Published by tracylockett
PUA Guide
PUA Guide

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Published by: tracylockett on Nov 20, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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My name is Lucas, and I amonly 15 years old, and I'vebeen doing 'game' since I wasabout 9 years old.I know what you are thinking,“NINE?!” Yes, nine. Now that'snot to say that I am anauthority on this subject,because, by all means, I amnot. What I am though, issomeone who
, really
what is going throughyour head when you read allthe 'game' literature outthere.What that is, is “HOW DOESTHIS APPLY TO ME? I'M ATEENAGER!Correct? Ithought so.Before I answer that question,and the rest of the questionssurrounding teen game, I feelthat it is necessary for you toknow some about me, and myevolution as a pickup artist.This story goes all the wayback to my earliest memory– following the girl I likedwhen I was three years old.Yup, that's right, I wentwere no other toddler hadgone; I liked girls at 3.I was always a sensitiveguy; probably spouting frommy extensive soap operawatching with my mom as ababy, and I distinctlyremember crying about agirl when I was four yearsold. Her name was Emily,and I liked her, a lot. Wewere best friends and dideverything together. Mymost recent memory of heris when she called me over,I complied, and she kissedme. Best. Day. Ever.I, at the age of 5, moved toWashington state, and gotevery girl in the entire classto like me; not an east featat age 5. Though, I was stillnot satisfied, I needed amethod, a guidebook forgetting girls to like me.
At age 7, I began writing abook. I titled it Girls, itcomprised of a few shortparagraphs and one, veryextensive, flow chart, withpercent chances of differentoutcomes based on differentconditions. I was miles aheadof my classmates.But in a second I went back toZero.At 9 I moved to England.Everything was completelydifferent. It was no longer fartjokes, and rugrats. It wasLet's make fun of theAmerican!”... me.The grade was 5, the feelingwas shit. I had 3 friends, andhad been rejected by 3 girls.This is when my dad, in hiswisdom, turned me on to aman, you may have heardof him; David Di Angelo. Iconsumed his emails as fastas I consumed chocolate(which is a lot.) I learnedcocky + funny and cameback to school in 6
gradewith a new heir about me.The first half of sixth gradewas my golden time; Isystematically got every girlin my class to “fancy” me. Iturned down two, at thetime, very attractive, girls.I just wanted to prove tomyself that I could do it:get the hottest, mostpopular girl in the entireschool. None of my friendsthought I could do it. Iassured them that I knewwhat I was doing.

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