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2010 Kaufman-Brand Elite

2010 Kaufman-Brand Elite

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Published by The Guillotine

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Published by: The Guillotine on Nov 20, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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T. Sprenkle D;8-3T. Young D;7-4T. CoxA. Pickrel F;1:03T. Sprenkle D;9-4T. YoungUN-J. Morrison M;12-3T. Sprenkle D;7-1UN-J. Morrison F;2:01UN-J. MorrisonA. ZwirleinJ. Smith D;14-7J. Smith D;12-5T. CoxUN-T. DorrellA. Pickrel D;7-3A. PickrelB. Reisenauer F;2:52T. Sprenkle M;18-6T. SprenkleTrent Sprenkle (NDSU)BYEJarrod Wiens (HC)Brain Reisenauer (Mank)Aaron Pickrel (SDSU)BYEBYEUN-Tyler Dorrell (OSU)Tyler Cox (WYO)BYEPaul Johnson (UVU)Josh Smith (UNK)BYEAndrew Zwirlein (AFA)BYEUN-Jon Morrison (OSU)UN-J. Morrison M;9-0B. Kjar D;3-2B. Kjar D;3-1T. Young D;6-5A. ForstnerUN-D. Steeley D;6-3UN-D. Steeley F;4:31P. HansenT. Young F;4:52T. YoungUN-A. GortonUN-E. Lyle M;9-1UN-E. LyleB. Kjar M;13-3V. Rene D;10-4B. KjarBen Kjar (UVU)BYEVenel Rene (Wal)UN-Brody Mayberry (UNK)BYEUN-Evans Lyle (CSU-P)BYEUN-Alex Gorton (OSU)Terrance Young (UNI)BYEBYEPaul Hansen (MVC)UN-Derek Steeley (NCCC)Jesse Barber (PCC)BYEAndy Forstner (Mank)
 1 2 3 4 8384868588879089245246248247365366425
Fifth Place
Third Place
 Kaufman/Brand 2010 Elite
Kreider PC Tournaments, LLC - InTournament Official Bracketing System of the NWCA
19 November 2010 
UN-J. Morrison D;7-3
T. CoxT. Young D;7-4Venel Rene (Wal)A. Pickrel F;2:40A. Pickrel F;1:03Terrance Young (UNI)Andrew Zwirlein (AFA)Aaron Pickrel (SDSU)A. ForstnerP. Johnson F;1:33P. Johnson F;1:15Josh Smith (UNK)UN-A. GortonV. Rene D;3-1V. Rene M;11-2BYEJ. WiensJarrod Wiens (HC)UN-Alex Gorton (OSU)BYEBYEBYEPaul Hansen (MVC)BYEP. JohnsonPaul Johnson (UVU)Andy Forstner (Mank)BYEBYEBYEBYEBYEBYEBYEBYEBYEBYEBYEBYEBYEBYEBYEBYEBYEBYEBYE
T. Sprenkle D;8-3UN-D. Steeley M;14-6T. Cox M;12-4T. Sprenkle D;9-4Trent Sprenkle (NDSU)T. Cox D;6-2A. Zwirlein M;11-3T. Cox D;6-2T. CoxUN-Evans Lyle (CSU-P)UN-T. DorrellUN-T. Dorrell D;7-2B. Reisenauer D;6-5UN-Derek Steeley (NCCC)BYEJ. BarberJesse Barber (PCC)Tyler Cox (WYO)BYEBYEBYEUN-Tyler Dorrell (OSU)BYEBYEBYEBrain Reisenauer (Mank)UN-Brody Mayberry (UNK)UN-B. MayberryBYEBYEBYEBYEBYEBYEBYEBYEBYEBYEBYEBYEBYEBYEBYEBYEBYE
Third PlaceFifth Place
A. Pickrel D;13-8J. Smith D;8-1
 178 177 176 175249250252251325326327328367368405406426427
 Kaufman/Brand 2010 Elite
Kreider PC Tournaments, LLC - InTournament Official Bracketing System of the NWCA
19 November 2010 
T. Young
N. Moore M;12-4 B. ReiterT. Antczak D;7-6;TB1N. Moore D;12-5J. GunnelsF. Ray D;11-5B. Reiter D;6-2F. Ray F;2:08UN-N. Hansen F;6:21F. Ray F;4:45T. KuhnT. Kuhn D;6-3M. Caleb D;10-7T. GrahamT. Graham D;11-9M. Rein D;9-2B. Reiter D;8-3B. Reiter F;6:38N. MooreNate Moore (IA)BYECody Gillenwater (UCM)Bart Reiter (Minn)Matt Rein (UNO)Sam Vice (Mid)BYETrison Graham (UCO)Derek Gillespie (AFA)Myers Caleb (KC)BYETravis Kuhn (FHSU)Flint Ray (UVU)Dustin Reed (OU)Hieu Pham (Mank)UN-Nate Hansen (SDSU)F. Ray F;M FORL. Rupp D;13-8J. Gunnels F;M FORL. Rupp D;4-2UN-J. ColonUN-J. Colon D;5-3T. Antczak D;8-7;SV2S. BribiesecaL. Rupp D;6-0L. Rupp M;10-2UN-J. SolbergJ. Gunnels D;7-3J. Gunnels M;14-1T. Clark D;8-3B. Cash D;6-3T. ClarkTyler Clark (IA)BYEBen Cash (ISU)Evan Forde (Moor)Julian Gunnels (Ind)Jeff Ohnemus (Wal)BYEUN-Justin Solberg (NDSU)Laddie Rupp (OSU)Tyler Untrauer (AFA)BYESim Bribieseca (UNO)Kasey Garnhart (WYO)Thane Antczak (Minn)BYEUN-Joe Colon (ICCC)
 56 8 711 109 1312 9192949396959897253254256255369370428
Fifth Place
Third Place
 Kaufman/Brand 2010 Elite
Kreider PC Tournaments, LLC - InTournament Official Bracketing System of the NWCA
19 November 2010 
F. Ray D;10-3

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