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Communist Barry Davis Obama

Communist Barry Davis Obama

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Published by J. Leon

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Published by: J. Leon on Nov 20, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Communist Barry Davis Obama: “Who’s Your Daddy?”
Posted byadminon Jan 30th, 2010 and filed under  News.You can follow any responses to this entry through theRSS 2.0. Responses are currently closed, but you can trackback from your own site.
Barack Hussien Obama’s
real name is in fact
Barry Davis
. He was conceived when his atheistWhite mother was only 17 years old while having an adulterous affair with hatefully-racist,Black Communist activist
Frank Marshall Davis
of Chicago. His life was all about concealinghis natural father’s true identity while never removing the masquerade mask of 
“Barack Hussein Obama,”
the purported natural son of a wicked Kenyan national, yet another anti-White, Black hateful racist and socialist-communist. The “Man Behind the Mask” is a CIA-created Manchurian Candidate purposed to impose full-blown socialist communism—takingfrom the Whites and giving to the Blacks—thereby driving all Whites
in general 
into the arms of 
Jesuit Fascists
overseen by t
he Black Pope’s Freemasonic International White PowerStructure
. All is in place:
The Manhattan Declaration
has united apostate Protestants andRoman Catholics behind a common religious quest pursuant to the Second Vatican Council(1962-1965); and the semi-secret
Council for National Policy
has united both groups behind acommon
“New Right”
 political quest. All that is needed to complete the conspiracy (for this isno coincidence) is the enthronement of a Republican Fascist Military Dictator. Thatenthronement is to be facilitated by none other than a Democratic president,
Barry DavisObama
, advised by Roman Catholic Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor, the real president and former U.S. Senator from Delaware,
Vice President Joe Biden
A Davis-Obama Chronology
 RenewAmerica staff edited by EJP 
The following is a year-by-year chronology that tracks the relationship between
 Barack HusseinObama, Jr.
; his purported Black father,
 Barack Hussein Obama, Sr.
; his White mother,
 Stanley Ann Dunham
; his mother’s White parents,
 Stanley and Madelyn Dunham
; his mother’s second husband, the Asian Indonesian
 Lolo Soetoro
; his family friend and natural father, the Black 
Frank Marshall Davis
– a notorious socialist-communist Civil Rights provocateur; Barack’s Black wife,
 Michelle Obama
; Barack’s longtime associate and Weather Underground founder,the White
William Ayers
; and others connected with the above individuals.The chronology was gathered from a variety of sources. Every effort has been made to verifyaccuracy. Additional information will be posted as it can be verified from multiple sources, public and private.
1905, Dec. 31 – 
Frank Marshall Davis
was born in Arkansas City, Kansas.1907 – Davis’ parents divorced when Frank was a year old.1911 – When he was five years old, a group of White children a few years older who had heardabout the lynching of Blacks tried to lynch Davis and nearly hanged him. This apparently wasthe incident that made Davis an anti-White hateful racist. His life was then dedicated anddevoted to “getting over on” and “hating Whitey.”1918, Mar. 23 – 
Stanley Armour Dunham
was born in Kansas.1922, Oct. 26 – 
Madelyn Lee Payne (Dunham)
was born in Peru, Kansas, to Rolla Charles andLeona (McCurry) Payne. Her mother was part Cherokee.1923 – 
Frank Marshall Davis
was educated at Friends University—founded by
with a history of opposing
Rome’s African Slave Trade
and its subsequent iniquity, North American Black African slavery—in Wichita, Kansas. In spite of this fact, Davis wouldstill grow to hate all White men in general.1924-27, 29 – 
Frank Marshall Davis
was further educated at Kansas State Agricultural College(Kansas State University), where he studied journalism and began writing poetry.
White men
taught him fine arts unique to high White Protestant culture, yet he would use these very skillsagainst all Whites in general via his oratory and literary prose.1926 – Stanley Dunham’s mother committed suicide. His father abandoned his children after her death. Stanley and his brother Ralph lived with their maternal grandparents in El Dorado,Kansas.1927 – 
Frank Marshall Davis
moved to Chicago, where he worked for the
Chicago Evening  Bulletin
, the
Chicago Whip,
and the
Gary American
, all Black American newspapers. There hewould begin to employ his journalistic skills acquired from Whites for the benefit of Blacks.1931 – 
Frank Marshall Davis
moved to Atlanta—now the new Black Mecca—and becameeditor of a semiweekly paper, the
 Atlanta World,
which he eventually turned into a dailynewspaper within two years of taking the job as the paper’s managing editor in 1931. Under Davis, the
 Atlanta Daily World 
became America’s first successful Black daily.As editor, Davis emphasized an agenda of social realism, racial and legal justice, and Black activism. He warned against Depression-era remedies advocated by communists.1935, summer – Davis published his first book,
 Black Man’s Verse.
1935 – 
Frank Marshall Davis
returned to Chicago to take the position of managing editor of the
 Associated Negro Press
, and served as executive editor of the ANP until 1947. Clearly, Daviswas an eloquent, organized and brilliant man.1936 – 
Barack Hussein Obama, Sr.,
was born near Lake Victoria in Nyang’oma Kogelo,Alego, Siaya, Kenya, to Hussein Onyango Obama (1895-1979), and Akumu Habiba. His family belonged to the Luo tribe. Obama, Sr., was raised a
, but later became an atheist. Hegrew up in Nyang’oma Kogelo, Kenya.1936 – 
Lolo Soetoro
was born in Indonesia. He was also raised as a Muslim by whom youngBarry was indoctrinated into Islam.1937 – 
Frank Marshall Davis
received a Julius Rosenwald Fellowship, participated in thefederal Works Progress Administration Writers’ Project, started a photography club, and worked

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