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Classroom Management Tips

Classroom Management Tips

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Published by Linda Cordes
RED Hot tips for getting students to cooperate.
RED Hot tips for getting students to cooperate.

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Published by: Linda Cordes on Nov 21, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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RED HotTeaching Tips
Reflect, Empower, & Do it! Teach on Purpose!
November 21, 2010
Linda the Math Coach
Author, Consultant, Speaker & Coach
Classroom Management Classroom Management
The other day I overheard the following speech coming from a teacher in anearby classroom.“Sit down.”3 seconds passed.The voice repeated, “Sit down.”3 more seconds passed.The voice repeated louder, “Sit down.”2 seconds passed.The voice repeated even louder, “Sit Down!”2 more seconds passed.The voice sounding frustrated and angry now and even louder, repeated,“SIT DOWN!!”I guess they sat down. Next I heard, “What part of sit down is messing with your heads?” I couldn’t help it. I blurted out, “Maybe it’s the WAY you are saying it.”I’m sure the students heard the teacher the first time she told them to sit down. Iheard her from the hallway!Did she need to repeat it? Did she need to raise her voice? Did she need to letit upset her?After laughing at my reaction, I began to think like a RED Hot teacher. I tried tofigure out what I would do to avoid this kind of situation in my own classroom.
Ask yourself these questions:What do I want the students to do? Sit down quickly so I can dismiss them in anorderly way.Why do I want them to do this? I like to have their full attention just before thebell rings so I can wish them all a goodnight, remind them of the homework, andsend them off on a pleasant note.Why don’t they get seated quickly? Maybe they don’t want to hear the homeworkassignment because they think they won’t have to do it if they don’t hear me
remind them about it. Maybe they want to chat with their friends as long as theycan. They know I will keep repeating it until I get angry and shout at them; that’swhen they know they have to sit down.”Do I believe my students can be seated quickly when I tell them to? Well, theyhaven’t been doing that.What am I doing that is allowing them to remain out of their seats? I repeatmyself and just wait for them to sit down. When they don’t, I get louder andangrier until I blow up and yell at them.How does this make me feel? I feel out of control, frustrated and angry with thestudents. I feel ashamed and embarrassed that I can’t control them.What do I want the students to do? I want my students to listen to me andrespond quickly when I tell them to be seated.
Restate what you want as an affirmation in the now.My students listen to me and respond quickly when I tell them to be seated.Write it down a few times and repeat it ten times out loud until you start to say itwith meaning and you hear strength in your voice. (It’s okay to repeataffirmations over and over!) You may even make yourself laugh. This is okay.Laugh.Imagine yourself telling your class to sit down and they all go immediately to their seats. See each student sitting in their desk. I mean really each one, especiallythose most rambunctious ones! Imagine one of your students raising their handand asking, “Was that quickly enough?” And you are smiling and responding,“Just perfect!” Then imagine you are reminding them of the homeworkassignment and telling them all to have a great evening. As you finish, the bellrings and you walk to the door and begin dismissing the students one group at atime.” They all, each and every one, tell you goodbye as they pass through thedoor.Now, you may surprise yourself here. By this time, after writing, repeating andimagining about what your want, you will begin to feel a positive uplift. This shiftin how you are feeling will cause a shift in your thinking. Trust me. This works!Now you will begin to think about the whole situation differently. You may eveninclude a plan for what you can do differently to get your students seated quietly.

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