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Twitter Guide for All Users

Twitter Guide for All Users

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Published by Sahar Nuraddin
دليل للمبتدئين باستخدام تويتر
دليل للمبتدئين باستخدام تويتر

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Published by: Sahar Nuraddin on Nov 21, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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101 Twitter
House of Light Foundation2010
ِٞٍرغَىا ونى رٝ٘ذ وٞى
(٨ٺٺٞز٥ٳ خْع٪٦٥ خؾٞٮ٩ ٺٕ خ٭)
ِٞٍرغَىا ونى رٝ٘ذ وٞى
(٨ٺٺٞز٥ٳ خْع٪٦٥ خؾٞٮ٩ ٺٕ خ٭)
س٘ْىا دٞت حغعؤٍ:
حٞٍ٘ن ٞ حغعؤٍ...َرَىا ٜ ٜتٝإ ٜػَرإ ٞٞذ زاإٗ ٞشرىا ٚىإ فٖذ حيرغٍحيػ خاٞق ٝإ ه ِٍ. ت خاسىا ءْتٗٍ ةما٘رٝ َٖذثيرٍ ٗ حٞَْرىا.ءىا ،خٍ٘يؼَىا ِٍ ٝضَيىٗ ْت هذا ٚىإ جسثَىا.
©،ٴٮ٥ ذٺث خإ٪٥ خٍٴٚؾ٩ ٮ٥ ٛٴٞؽ2010.بٲ٥ خٍٴٚؾ٩ ٛٴٞؾ٥ ِٺ٪ع.٭ ٺْر ٫ خٺؾث٥ ٺٕ دب٪ٮ٪٦٥ ٴغٹ  ه ،ٴ٪٥ ٯٱ ٭ ٳأ١ر ٫"ٴٮ٥ ذٺث خإ٩"بٲ٥ ًق٩.ػب٪٥ ٤ج ٬ّ دب٩ٴ٦ْ٩ ٶ٦ّ ٣ٴقؾ٦٥ خإ٪٥بث ٤قرئ  خٹبغر كٕٽ ٴ٪٥ خّٴ٪غ٩ ٣ب٪ْزاث. ٹج٥ جّ بٮث ٣بقرٿ ٸٙ زر ڂٙ ،٤ٺ٥٥ ٱ ٹٴير ٸٙ ّبر ٳ ٷضر بٲ٥ ٬٢٪ٹ ٣إ ٳ ٜٺ٦ْر ٷأ ٣باث تؽ٭ ٸ٭ٳز٢٥ٿ
http://twitter.com/HouseofLightfdnTwitter:Facebook: House of Light Foundation - Yemen
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