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Marx Articles From the German French Yearbooks

Marx Articles From the German French Yearbooks

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Published by Communist Party

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Published by: Communist Party on Aug 01, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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articles from the
History and Information on the Deutsch-Franz\u00f6sische Jahrb\u00fccher
Deutsch-Franz\u00f6sische Jahrb\u00fccher
NOTE:(M) and(E) denote the author
-- that is, Marx and/or Engels.
Deutsch-Franz\u00f6sische Jahrb\u00fccher
http://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1840/df-jahr/index.htm (1 of 2) [23/08/2000 18:51:34]
Preparatory letters, etc.
Draft programme of the DFJ(M)
Letter: Oct 3 1843 To Ludwig Feuerbach(M)
Letter: Nov 21 1843 To Julius Fr\u00f6bel(M)
First (and only) Issue -- February 1844
Letters to Ruge(M)
On The Jewish Question(M)
Contribution to Critique of Hegel's Philosophy of Right. Introduction.(M)
Outlines of a Critique of Political Economy(E)
Review of Thomas Carlyle's book Past and Present(E)
Letter: 1844 Apr 14 Letter to the editor of the Allegemeine Zeitung (Augsburg)(M)
The Marx / Engels
The Marxist writers'
Deutsch-Franz\u00f6sische Jahrb\u00fccher
http://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1840/df-jahr/index.htm (2 of 2) [23/08/2000 18:51:34]
Encyclopedia of Marxism
Glossary of Periodicals
De Tribune

A newspaper founded in 1907 by the Left wing of the Social-Democratic Labour Party of Holland. In 1909, after the expulsion of the Leftists, who formed the Social-Democratic Party of Holland, the paper became the official organ of this party; in 1918 it became the organ of the Dutch Communist Party, and appeared under this name until 1940.

Demokatisches Wochenblatt
(Democratic Weekly)
German workers' newspaper published in Leipzig from January 1868 to September 1869; it was edited by
Wilhelm Liebkencht. The paper palyed an important part in creating the German Social-Democratic Workers'
Party. In 1869, at the Eisenach Congress, it was made the central organ of the party and became known as
Volksstaat. Marx and Engels were among its contributors.
Deutsch-Franz\u00f6sische Jahrb\u00fccher
(German-French Yearbook)
The Deutsch-Franz\u00f6sische Jahrb\u00fccher was created in response to the censorship and destruction of the
Rheinische Zeitung, which had caused a serious split in the Young Hegelians. Most drifted further away in
detached theorizing, devoid of immediate political action or aims. Marx and Arnold Ruge refused to take that
path and teamed up to create the Deutsch-Franz\u00f6sische Jahrb\u00fccher.
The paper was first planned to be based in Strasbourg, but ultimately was published in Paris, in August 1843.
Paris was the centre of socialist thought and political thought, the home of the revolutions of 1789 and 1830.

The newspaper printed only one issue, in February, 1844. Publication was ended as a result of the difficulty of secretly distributing the paper (due to censorship) into Germany from France, and as a result of a disagreement between Marx and Ruge.

Index of the Letter D
Glossary of Periodicals| Encyclopedia of Marxism
Glossary of Periodicals: De
http://www.marxists.org/glossary/periodicals/d/e.htm [23/08/2000 18:51:36]

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