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The Innocent Story of Two Lovers Chapter 8

The Innocent Story of Two Lovers Chapter 8



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Published by lilian
Mm...what does Tanya have up her sleeve?
Mm...what does Tanya have up her sleeve?

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Published by: lilian on Nov 22, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 8: She's Into You
 You know when people tell you you’re making a HUGEmistake and you don't listen and end up getting hurtand people say “I told you so.”?Well, I wish someone could tell me that! I feel insidemy heart that Tanya was using me to get somethingand none of my besties were telling me anything!I felt so cozy. Perhaps too cozy. I think that in anothertime or place thing would have been different. Mysituation was as lucky as a rat trying to get that hugepiece of cheese on the mouse trap. Don't get thiswrong, but there aren't any mice like Jerry. His toclever for his own species, plus his a cartooncharacter.Anyways, here I am, sitting on the floor of my Scienceclass, because Tanya told me she put some dumb assstick note and That I should totally read it, because itwas a note that had a conversation. Not just anyconversation, I was a huge part of that note! The bell will ring in like 3 minutes, plus I need to readit and it was almost impossible!Not because the two people who wrote on it weremessy writers, but because there was a chunk of gumon it.“Bella?” Edward's voice scared me that I yanked thesticky note and crumbled it in my palm.“Yeah?” I said trying not to sound embarrassed.“What are you doing down there?” He said whileoffering his hand, Yet again here I was being Dazzled by his simplygorgeous smile and wonderful evergreen eyes.
“Um... I accidentally caught my pencil here last time,so I wanted to take of the huge piece of gum, so itwouldn't happen again.” I said.“Wow, is there anything else down there?” He askedblushing.“Wow, Edward your blushing! And I thought it onlyhappened to me!” I said amused.“No I'm not. Well did you?” He said.“Um.. no just gum.” I said.“Oh, I left a note under one of the desks.” He said.“Really? Why? Was it important?” I asked.“No! I mean, not really.” he said.“M'kay.” I said sitting down on the stool.“Imma get a drink.” He said.As he left I open the note and started to read.
-Dude! Bella is SMOKING hot!-Shut up! U got Ur Women!-Bella is totally into you!-No man. She was into James, plus she kissed him likethere was no more tomorrow and in front of me and everyone!-Listen. Make her fall for you man! Flirt!-But Tanya is back and they are bff or whatever. Shewill totally ruin Bella!-Well, good luck.-Shit teacher coming.
Wow! I had a guy after me that Tanya wanted. Oh no!I grabbed the note and threw into the trash can.“Hey.” Edward said as the Bell Rang.I noticed that most of the class was already here.Wow. Times flies fast.Science was all fun. Edward couldn't stop staring at
me and it made me nervous. The bell rang and I dashed out to meet up with Tanya.“So... what did you think?” She said as she grabbedmy arm and hooked it around hers.“Well, it's charming.” I said as we made our way to theCafeteria.“I promise not to ruin you. Even if I love him!” Tanyasaid with humor in her eyes.“Okay.” I said.“I have to got to the ladies room.” She said and leftme.As I crossed the Cafeteria I was crushed againstsomeone and then on the floor.One moment I was dry and walking on the ground andthe next I was on the floor and wet, plus a body wason me.“Wow Bella!” Someone said.“Can't...breath!” I said. And looked into the eyes of anevergreen.“Edward?” I asked.“Yeah?” He said dazed.“I need...to breath...in...order...to...live!”I said.He was on his feet and hold out his hand.“Sorry, I didn't see you.” I said.But Edward didn't say anything. All he did was stare.Was there a bogie on my nose? Or a smudge of something on my shirt or face?“Edward?” I said snapping my fingers in front of myface. The I looked down.My pink Abercrombie was soaked and you could seemy Pink and Yellow Push Up bra!

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twilightgirl21 liked this
Qerstin Marie added this note
errr its not so innocent anymore but anyways really good writing but that certain scene at the end was really disturbing but otherwise good and i think that you should stick to edward and bella being in love because you know theyre the original but you should definitly continue <3
Ajanae Clark added this note
MTPM added this note
Mary added this note
yeah not gonna pretend that. that wasnt wierd. jst stick to e nd b.
LoveVamps added this note
I also think that Tanya have a BIg crush on Bella, i didnt like too much this chapter. I think you should put more edward and bella. I know that you were trying something new, but i didnt like it. Sorry
Sofie Rey added this note
Uh... Ok i think tanya's got a crush on bella....and it was kinda weird to see she actually had a BOX OF Whatever....-,_,-

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