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Developmental Milestones

Developmental Milestones

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Published by schxzerrydawn
developmental milestones tabulated- reviewer for NLE
developmental milestones tabulated- reviewer for NLE

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Categories:Types, Reviews
Published by: schxzerrydawn on Nov 22, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Neonate Head lagLargely reflexEarly crawlingmovementsReflex grasp Cry Prefers human face Enjoys watching faceof primary care giver(mother), listening tosoothing soundsRoot, suck, swallowOne month Dance reflexdisappearsStrong extrusionreflexTwo months Closure of posteriorfontanels; diminishtonic neck and mororeflexHolds head up whenprone; Able to turnfrom side to sideFollow movingobjectsDifferential crying,coosSocial smile; smile in
mother’s presence
 Follows and enjoysbright coloredmobilesThree months Grasp reflexdisappearsAbsent tonic neck Appearance of thumpapposition;Hands held openFollows object pastmidlineBinocular visionDifferential cryingCoos and gurglesLaugh audiblyRecognizes themotherSpends time lookingat hands or uses themas toy (hand regard)Plays with rattleExtrusion reflexfades, droolsFour months Lift head and chest onprone positionBrings hand together Laughs aloud Very talkative Needs space to turn Attempts to bring lipsto cupFive months Moro Reflex gone Rolls over 2 hand grasp Vocalizes displeasure Handles rattles well Anticipates food,begins solidGive iron fortifiedcereal mixed withbreast milk, orange juice or formulaSix months Doubles birth weight,dentitionSits with support,Hitches, can turnfrom back to stomachHold bottle with 2hands (palmar grasp)May say vowelsounds (oh-oh)Extends arms to lovedperson; early abilityto distinguishstrangersEnjoys bathtub toys,rubber ring forteethingbegins finger food,self feedingWt gain 4oz/wk Seven months Bounces feet inmouthSits for short periodsTransfer objects handto handm-m-m- when crying Cough to getattention, begins fearto strangersTransfer object fromhand to hand.Likes objects that aregood size fortransferringChews, bites, beginsto have goodpreferenceGive vegetablesEight months Sits without support Height of strangeranxietyEnjoys manipulation,rattles, toys of different texturesFruits
Nine months Crawls then creeps;pulls self to standingposition with supportPreference for onehandPincer grasp- usesthumb and fingers toholdCombines syllablesmama, dadaCries when scolded Uses thumb and fingersto hold smaller toysNeed space for creepingTen months Moves from prone tositting, pulls self tostanding position;crawls wellPoints to objects;Brings hand together
Understands “NO”
 Responds to ownname; vocalize one ortwo words
 boo”, “pat acake” picks up small
objectsDrinks from cup,uses spoon butmay spill(Egg yolk)Eleven months Cruises, almost readyto walk Puts objects in acontainerTwelve months Triples birth weightBabinski disappearsWalks with support;sits from standingposition withoutassistanceAttempts 2 towerBlocks.Holds cups and spoonwell; helps to dress(pushes arms intosleeves)Says two words plusmama and papaFollows directions Enjoys several toys,enjoys dropping objectsto see where they willgo; Likes toys that fitinside each other (pots,pans); nursery rhymes;pull-toys as soon aswalkingEats with fingers15 months Plateau Stage Walks alone well; canseat self in chair; cancreep upstairsPut small bottles.Scribbles voluntarilywith a pencil orcrayon. Holds cupsand spoon to bring tomouthName familiar objects4-6 wordsVocalizes wants Can stack 2 blocks;enjoys being read to;drops toys for adult torecover (exploring asense of permanence)Grasp the spoon18 months Anterior fontanelclosesSits self on a chair;Can run and jump inplace, can walk upand down stairsholding onto a
 person’s hand and
railing. Typicallyplaces both feet onone step beforeadvancingAttempts 3 towerblock No longer rotates aspoon to bring it tomouthUses phrases7-20 words; uses jargoning names bodypartsSmears stool, startedon bowel trainingHas a favorite toyImitates householdchores; dusting etc.Begins parallel play(playing beside not withanother child)
2 Years Terrible twos Jumps crudely, goesup and down withboth feet on samestepsCan open doors byturning door knobs,unscrew lidsAttempts 5 towerblock, writes verticallinesWalks up stairs alonestill using both feet onsame step at sametimeUses short sentences50 words, 2 wordssentences (noun-pronoun and verb)e.g. Daddy goHelps undresshimself, bladdertrained at daytimeParallel play, takesfavorite toy to bed2 ½Years 20 temporary teeth Tiptoes, stands on onefootCan jump down fromchairsPiles 7-8 blocksMakes simple lines orstrokes for crosseswith a pencilVerbal languageincreasing steadily.Knows full name; canname 1 color andholds up fingers toshow ageRides tricycle, throwsballSpends time playinghouse, imitating
 parents’ actions
 3 Years Trusting three Walks backwardRuns; alternates feeton stairs; ridestricycle; stands onone foot; undresswithout helpUses scissors, copiescircles, unbuttonbuttonsUndress well, stackstower of blocks;draws crossSpeak fluently usinglonger sentencesVocabulary of 900wordsKnows family name,sings simple songs,knows own sex; with
“imaginary” friends
 Pedal wellAble to take turns;Very imaginativeFeeds self well4 Years Furious Four Jumps and climbswallConstantly in motion;Copies squares, lacesshoesCan do simplebuttonsExaggerates andboast; names colors;vocabulary of 1500wordsKnows how old he is,gender specificbehaviorPretending is majoractivity5 Years Frustrating Five
I can and you can’t
stageRuns skillfullyThrows overhand;Skips alternate feet; jumps ropeCopies triangles,prints letters, drawspicture of a 6 partman; ties shoes; dresswithout helpTalk constantlyVocabulary 2, 100wordsKnows relatives,aunts, uncles cousins;tolerates increasingperiods of separationfrom parentsLikes games withnumbers or letters;beginning of cooperative play6 Years Years of expansion of physical andpsychologicalchanges; beginslosing temporaryteeth; first appearanceof first permanentteethClumsy movementbecause of fatigueJumps, tumbles, skipand hopRecognizes and drawsall shapesFixed speech, mayuse slang, may swearFull sentence; defineobjects by their useBeginning interest inGod; self-centered;show-off, rude;sensitive to criticism

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