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Alternative Med- s.s.

Alternative Med- s.s.

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Published by Robert Wayne Jr

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Published by: Robert Wayne Jr on Nov 22, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Wayne 1
Robert Wayne, Jr.RizviStudy Skills 1A-3BNovember 17, 2007Worth a Shot?Michael Johnston woke up one morning in a hospital bed,unaware of why. As he surveyed the room, the memories of what ledhim to this moment slowly came back. He remembered the car hittinghim head on, and that he had broken his leg. The memory of going to adoctor after the break had heeled but his leg still hurt. He thought backto the alternative practioner that he had visited and the assortment of herbal “medicine” that he was able purchased by selling his weddingband. The doctor later came in and explained that the herb pills thathe took caused him to have a cardiac arrest, and nearly killed him. Thus, the costliness, lack of acceptance by the medical community,and the possibility of negative side effects outweigh the positivepotential of alternative medicine.Beginning with the possibility for negative side effects, Mr. Johnston’s case is one that reveals the disasters when alternativemedicine “backfires.” In one study that the Wikipedia reported on wasdone by the Norwegian Multicenter Group. 515 patients who had
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cancer were broken up into three groups, ones that took justconvention medicine, the next took just alternative medicine, and thelast group took both alternative medicine and conventional medicine. These patients were studied for eight years, and scientists found thatpatients that had alternative medicine, or conventional medicine andalternative medicine had a 30% higher death rate. (Wikipedia 5) Onescientist reported “…the use of [alternative medicine] seems to predicta shorter survival…” (Wikipedia 5) The Department of Obstetrics andGynaecology in Austria, reports of a patients that almost died fromalternative medicine. The patient had failed to report that she hadbeen taking natural herbal potions, and nearly bled to death on theoperation table.(Omeno 64) These negative side effects add warningeven to the most trust worthy alternative selections.Along with the side effects, these medicine practices are notaccepted by the Food and Drug Administration, FDA. In a letter sentout by the FDA to the American Broadcasting Company, ABC,“Alternative medicine has no proper regulations placed upon them, nordo they have acceptable medical testing… We highly advise thatconsumers not purchase the unregulated forms of “medicine.”(Scientific America 3) Many doctors, when upon theirpatients confronting them, ask that the patients seek conventionalmedicine before even looking into alternative medicine. (Omeno 45).Some doctors do allow their patients to seek alternative medicine, but
Wayne 3
ask that their patients report to them any alternative that they plan totake so that they can check into it. (Omeno 48)Lastly, the cost of alternative can put a financial burden on somepeople. Many alternative medicines are more costly than theirconventional medicine counter parts. For example Hypnosis is acommon used practice to try and break ones habit of doing a certaintask from eating too much junk food to migraines. These Hypnoticsessions range in price from around $100, the way up to $300. Thesehigh numbers are not the typical $20 hypnosis shops seen at the endof a block. These are the ones that are highly regarded for working. The conventional medicine opposition varies. For someone with a junkfood addiction, there is a $30 injection that when given to someonewhile they are enjoying junk food, blocks the brains from releasingendorphins, which is what gives the patient pleasure. There are certainmedicines now that allow the reduction of number of migraines andthat lessen the severity of them. (BBC 2) Along with the price thatconsumers might pay, alternative medicine is not covered by insurancecausing consumers to have to pay the full price.Some critics may argue that alternative can aid conventionalmedicine, but in that is usually more dangerous than the originalproblem that alternative medicine is being taken for. Also critics saythat conventional medicine undervalues the possibility, but if alternative medicine where to under go recognized tests and studies to

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