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Published by Cynthia Watson

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Cynthia Watson on Nov 22, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Cynthia Watson
CI 401
Urbana High School
I tutored at Urbana High School for my community hours. Urbana High School is a high
school located in Urbana, Illinois. Urbana High School services many high school students who
live in the Urbana district. Urbana High School offers many different programs for the students
who attend their school such as the Learning Center for students with IEP¶s, MEP (Minority
Enrichment Program) for minority students, Advanced Placement classes, and the IB
(International Baccalaureate) program. These programs help to enrich the learning process of the
students and give them the chance to go on to higher education institutions. These programs, the
Learning Center and the Minority Enrichment Program, in particular, promotes diversity and
shows that Urbana High School services minority students, including those with disabilities as
Since Urbana High School¶s inception 120 years ago, it has gone through three buildings,
five renovations, several fires, and many students. Urbana high School has been ranked in the top
2% of American high schools by Newsweek Magazine. Urbana High School offers Advanced
Placement courses in 18 subjects. Urbana High School also offers students the opportunity to
participate in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. The IB program consists of
rigorous, pre-university courses of study that meet the needs of motivated high school students in
eleventh and twelfth grade. The IB program teaches students to relate the experiences in the
classroom to the outside world, and helps students in becoming criticalthinkers, lifelong learners,
and informed participants in their communities and in the world. The program also encourages
students to learn the history and character of different cultures.
While tutoring at Urbana High School I learned a lot of things about the school. Urbana
High School has some diversity, but there are more African-Americans than any other race.
There were also special education students at Urbana High School and there is a special
education program for them called IEP. In this program the special education students are able to
go to the computer lab which is also called the Learning Center and they are able to get help with
their homework. They also are able to take their tests in the Learning Center. I tutored in the
learning center and the students really loved the attention that they got from the tutors and the
teachers. A teacher was helping a student read in the Learning Center and he was really enjoying
the one on one interaction with the teacher. This shows that students may learn better when they
receive attention because this shows them that someone actually cares about them.
Another class that I tutored in was an Algebra 2 class. This class is composed of all
different grade levels, but there is only one freshman in the class. The students in this class seem
to really have behavioral issues. Some students are always sleeping and some students are
always speaking out of turn. There is one student that always speaks out of turn and interrupts
the class. He also is very disrespectful to the teacher. The teacher had to send him out of the class
each time that I was in the class. I didn¶t agree with that because I feel as if that is taking away
from the student¶s learning. I think that schools should come up with other ways to discipline
students that would not take away from their learning.
The MEP (Minority Enrichment Program) is a program in which minority students can
go and get help with homework and class work. Students can also get help with college

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