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Psilocybin Divine Mushroom of Immortality

Psilocybin Divine Mushroom of Immortality

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Published by Ixulescu Haralambie

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Published by: Ixulescu Haralambie on Nov 22, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Reprinted without permission from the "Canadian Whole Earth Almanac" Vol #3 no. 11972.Divine Mushroom of Immortality(Fly Agaric Kamachadal)by Georg Heinrich von Langsdorf Frankfurt 1809The plant kingdom is of immeasurable influence and usefulness for mankind, since it supplies most of our clothing, food, drink, and shelter. The medical science of primitive people consists entirely in theirknowledge of the more or less efficacious plants, and everyday experiance confirms the fact that even anumber of plants native ot our own regions are known to many uneducated nations almost morethouroighly than they are to us.To demonstrate this assertion, I should like to say at this point something about the fly-agaric, which weregard as extremely poisionous but which is used by various inhabitants of northeastern Asia as anintoxicant just as wine, brandy, arrack, opium, kava, and the like are used by other nations....The Kamchacals gather them usually during the hottest months of July and August; they maintain thatthose that dry themselfs in the earth, on the stalk, and that are somewhat furry and velvety to the touchon the underside of the cap have a far stronger narcotic effect than those picked fresh and strung up todry in the air......The smaller mushrooms, which are bright red and covered with many white warty protuberances, aresaid to be far stronger in narcotic power than the larger ones, which are pale red and have few whitespots....The usual way to consume fly-agarics is to dry them and then to swallow them at one gulp, rolled upinto a ball, without chewing them; chewing fly-agarics is considered harmful, since it is said to cause
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