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Stratford Parking Services Annual Report 2008 - 2009

Stratford Parking Services Annual Report 2008 - 2009

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Published by parkingeconomics

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Published by: parkingeconomics on Nov 22, 2010
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Parking Services Annual Report 2008/9
The provision and management of Parking within Stratford District is a veryimportant function undertaken by the Council. Parking can be the subject of intense public interest including attracting both local and national media. TheCouncil’s primary aims related to parking management are to support theeconomic activity and viability of all the towns within the district and to reducecongestion in the interests of all highway users.Up to the 30
March 2008 Stratford District Council operated parkingenforcement under the Decriminalised Parking Enforcement (DPE) legislation inaccordance with The Road Traffic Act 1991. From the 31
March 2008 theCouncil has operated parking under the Civil Parking Enforcement legislation inaccordance with the Traffic Management Act 2004.The Traffic Management Act 2004 states that Enforcement Authorities shouldproduce an annual report about their enforcement activities. The report shouldbe published and as a minimum it should cover the financial, statistical andother data. This report describes these parking and other related activitiesundertaken by the Council. The Councils off street parking strategy
wasintroduced in October 2008 in which the
intention is to create a coherent carparking strategy for the district in order to: Reduce congestion andenvironmental damage while supporting the local economy and at leastmaintaining the Council’s financial position.
Parking facilities and the way theyare used contribute to achieving these priorities, and it is important thereforethat they are appropriately managed and controlled.The rationale behind this report is that it helps to make it clear that the councilis operating the scheme satisfactorily and more openness enables the public tosee that this is the case, which in turn helps to increase the public’sunderstanding of civil parking enforcement at a local level.
On 31
March 2008 in accordance with government legislation, the relevantprovisions of the RTA 1991 were repealed and part 6 of the TrafficManagement Act 2004 (TMA) and the associated regulations introduced CivilParking Enforcement (CPE). The provisions for CPE largely replicated andupdated the arrangements for DPE.
Parking Services 1 15/10/2009
CPE introduced some changes in terminology and differential parking penalties(higher and lower charges) are now applied depending on the seriousness of the contravention. For example, parking in a place where it is alwaysprohibited, such as on double yellow lines, is considered to be more seriousthan overstaying where parking is permitted, such as in a parking place.The police remain responsible for endorsable offences such as dangerousparking, obstruction, failure to comply with police “no parking” signs placed inemergencies, and any vehicle where security or other traffic policing issues areinvolved, including the need to close roads or set up diversions.
Staffing Structure:
It is important to note that no incentive, bonus or prizes are issued to anymember staff. Performance is monitored through reports, meetings andappraisals
Parking Services 2 15/10/2009
 Civil Enforcement Officers (CEO) play a key role in the enforcement of both onand off-street parking within Warwickshire. They represent the public image of the Council, and for many motorists will be the first and only point of contactwith the Parking Service. Their role comprises a number of duties such asissues directly related to enforcement, but also to be receptive to members of the public with queries relating to parking. Functioning at the “sharp end” of the enforcement process they are ideally placed to check and report anydeficiencies in the infrastructure.Their duties may be summarized as follows:
Ensure on and off-street parking regulations are observed and enforcedin a fair, accurate and consistent manner. Issue PCN’s where vehicles areparked in contravention of the relevant restrictions as detailed in section3.1On-street regulations enforcement includes: waiting restrictions (doubleand single yellow lines), loading bays, disabled parking bays, on-streetpay and display bays, residents parking bays, motorcycle bays andtemporary parking restrictions.Off-street regulations enforcement includes: parking only in markedbays, disabled parking bays, off-street pay and display bays, motorcyclebays and temporary parking restrictions
Assisting the public and acting as the first point of contact on minorparking enquiries and enforcement matters
Inspecting Pay and Display and Pay on Foot machines to ensure they arefully functional. Where the fault is minor, the CEO may be able to rectifyit, otherwise an “out of order” notice to be put on the machine and thefault reported.
Checking and reporting defective traffic signs and road markings. Thisincludes damaged and worn out signs, and broken or faded roadmarkings. The CEO should ensure that signs are clearly visible so thatthe motorist is aware as to what restrictions are in force and if chargesapply to that parking place.
Checking and reporting defective signs and ground markings within theoff-street car parks.
Reporting suspected abandoned vehicles.
Reporting vehicles with no valid tax disc.
Informing the police of suspicious activity.
Putting in place and removing notices regarding the suspension of parking places.
Providing witness statements for consideration by a parking adjudicatorwhen deciding on a written appeal by a motorist. Such statementsshould only be needed in exceptional circumstances.
Issuing notices to vulnerable vehicles e.g. Vehicle window open, laptopvisible.
Parking Services 3 15/10/2009

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