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Published by Amy Wells Walker

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Published by: Amy Wells Walker on Nov 22, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Amy Walker Collection Development AssignmentFRIT 7134—Spring 2010February 21, 2010
 Description of Site and Learners
According to the Department of Education, Dodge County Middle School servesa total of 803 students in grades 6-8. There is quiet a bit of diversity among the students.Out of 803 students, over half of the students are white (469 students). The schoolconsists of approximately 291 African American students, 18 Hispanic students, and 18Multi-Racial students. A large proportion of the students at DCMS are economicallydisadvantaged (494 students). There are also a large number of students identified ashaving a disability (104 students). As a teacher at DCMS, I found the numbers to be a bitsurprising. The school appears to consist of about the same amount of African-Americanstudents as White students. However, it is more obvious that many students are identifiedas economically disadvantaged.Fifty-two faculty members are employed at DCMS and contribute to the school’ssuccess as a Title I School of Distinction. Dodge County Middle School continuouslystrives to provide technological advancements for the betterment of educationalexperiences for all students. The library consists of one full time Media Specialist andone full time Media Clerk.The media center is located on 7
grade hall and without a small sign above thedoor one could easily get the media center confused with a classroom. Our middle schoolmoved into the old high school 2 years ago and very little work went into renovations for the media center. With only one entrance and no windows at all, the media specialist ischallenged in providing optimal lighting for students. With a collection of about 27,000
 books, the media center provides an average of about 30 books per student; however,some of the collection is very old and out-dated. The library houses about 10 books for ESL students but provides reading levels for preK- 12 students due to the diversityamong the population. There are about 700 titles that can be found in the audiovisualcollection. Of the 700 titles, about 100 are more current DVDs.The media center provides 8 VCR’s and 3 DVD/VCR players available for teachers to check out. The number of circulations for overhead projectors has decreasedover 75% since the school installed Smart boards in all classrooms. Most teachers prefer using the smart boards; therefore, the circulation for laptop computers has increasedamong teachers. Also in the media center is 8 computer workstations available for research, AR, and looking up research on Destiny, a SmartBoard, and VCRs for showingmovies on the closed-circuit channels. Our school does not subscribe to literary criticismdatabases.There are twelve 8
grade teachers at Dodge County Middle School this year.There are three special education collaboration rooms, all of which teach a maximum of 7students. One team of 4 teachers teach gifted students and one team of 5 teachers teachinclusion. Some of the students are cross-teamed, but all teachers that teach inclusion co-teach with one special education teacher. All classes on the 5-teacher team teach about30 students in each class and the teachers on the 4-member team (gifted) teach around 21students per class.Eighth grade students make up a very diverse population of students. The readinglevels among students vary from k-12+. There are 2 ESOL students, both of whom arefluent English speakers, yet struggle with reading comprehension. These students need
lower level books and class accommodations for assignments. There are approximately36 eighth grade students identified with special needs.
Curriculum Review 
For this project, I have chosen to focus on Georgia authors. I would primarilylike to focus on books written by Georgia authors. This subject is taught in the 8
grade.The following standard is addressed within this unit:
ELA8R4—The student acquires knowledge of Georgia authors and significant textcreated by them. The student
:a.Identifies a variety of Georgia authors both male and female. b.Identifies authors’ connections to Georgia through a variety of materials includingelectronic media.c.Identifies award winning Georgia authors.d.Examines texts from different genres (e.g. picture books, poetry, short stories, novels,essays, informational writing, and dramatic literature) created by Georgia authors.e.Relates literary works created by Georgia authors to historical settings and or events.f.Explains how Georgia is reflected in a literary work through setting, characterization,historical context, or current events.g.Evaluates recurring or similar themes across a variety of selections written by Georgiaauthors, distinguishing theme from topic.
 StandardConceptTasks/Activities/ProductsResources ELA8R4 
Identify a variety of Georgiaauthors using the followingcriteria: authors who were bornin Georgia or have lived inGeorgia for at least 5 years.Organize the information bywriting the name, type of genrewritten by the author, andauthor’s birth place.
Identify authors’ connections toGeorgia using a computer withaccess to a WebQuest and searchengines.
Identify award winning Georgia1. Computer labfor research2.
The Birthday Book: Birthdates, Birthplaces, and  Biographical Sources for  American Authors and  Illustrators of Children's Books
 by Mary H.

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