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C-16 Understanding Life in the Spirit

C-16 Understanding Life in the Spirit

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Published by Andre Niemand
Hope is dreaming of perfection and fulfillment and faith is walking in the time of imperfection and lack as if it is the time of perfection and fulfillment.
Hope is dreaming of perfection and fulfillment and faith is walking in the time of imperfection and lack as if it is the time of perfection and fulfillment.

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Published by: Andre Niemand on Nov 22, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Understanding Life in the Spirit
For those who live according to the flesh
set their minds on the things of the flesh,
but those wholive according to the Spirit,
the things of theSpirit 
(Romans 8:13, emphasis added).When Jesus was on earth He lived His life inheaven.
No one has ascended to heaven but Hewho
came down from heaven
,that is, the Son of Man
whoisin heaven
(John 3:13, emphasisadded). To understand life in the Spirit you mustunderstand your triune nature. If you have a deepunderstanding of how your triune nature isoperating in the dispensation of imperfection youcan live your life in the realm of heaven (spirit).Spiritual revelation and discernment joined withfaith creates skillfulness in all dimensions of godliness. Mental knowledge puffs up.Let me explain it through an example. Many yearsago I was a highly qualified university lecturer andHead of Department at a prominent university inmy city. There was an older person among my staff with only a masters-degree but he had years of practical experience as a practitioner. Someoutstanding universities and professional institutesin the country considered me an expert on certainaspects of my subject. Suffering from academicarrogance I thought nobody could teach meanything. In my heart I was looking down on thisold man because I considered him less skillful thanme. Then I had a dream that I must redo all myacademic qualifications, which I have obtained fromacademic universities, at a university of technologyand this old man would be my tutor. In this dreamthe Holy Spirit told me that to know something on amental level is not the same as to acquire the skill.
 Theory only becomes useful when you cansuccessfully apply it in organizational systems.It is erroneous to assume that when you acquiredcertain knowledge that you are also skillful in thatfield. For example, to study books on intercessiondoes not make you an intercessor. It just gives youan overview of how some authors practice andexperience intercession and prayer. To become anintercessor and prayer warrior you need to exerciseintercession and prayer until you are skillful in it. The skill must be developed with the Holy Spirit asyour tutor until you walk competent and faithfully init. Prayer and intercession is an inseparable part of an intimate relationship with the Lord. Prayer willbecome a major activity in the evil days ahead of the Church. When you exercise prayer andintercession long enough and you have becomefaithful in it you have gained firsthand experienceof how to intercede and pray effectively andpurposefully. As an intercessor you will experience
a certain level
of fulfillment. I am emphasizing “acertain level” because though you may be skillful inintercession and prayer you will always grow in itproviding you remain faithful in practicing it. Afteryou have obtained the skill and then neglect it youwill not lose the skill but you will become clumsy inits application just like any other skill you haveneglected.
But reject profane and old wives’ fables,and 
yourself toward godliness. For bodily exercise profits a little, but godliness is profitablefor all things, having promise of the life that now isand of that which is to come
(1 Timothy 4:7-8,emphasis added).  Jesus was the greatest teacher ever. His greatestteachings were demonstrations of how He lived Hislife in oneness with the Father as an example forothers to follow. To teach man he had to becomelike man that man could become like Him. He hadto empty Himself of His divine glory and He took onthe form of a bondservant and came to the earth in
the form of fallen man.
God is Spirit,
so, Jesus hadto put on a body of flesh to house His Spirit andhave a soul in His blood to become like man. So,Christ became like man, having a spirit, soul and abody. Though He came in the form of fallen man Hewas sinless, the Lamb of God without blemish.Adam in his innocence was perfect. His spirit, souland body was alive to God, meaning that he couldobserve God with his spirit, soul and body. He livedin the Garden of Eden where heaven and earth wasone realm. God is one and His kingdom is onebecause there is no division in Him. When the New Jerusalem will come down from heaven to theearth, the earth (natural) will be married to heaven(spirit) in oneness again. Because Adam wascreated a living soul he related to God, Eve and therest of creation mainly from impulses from his soul.It was not improper because his soul was filled withthe light of God’s perfection.When Adam sinned he divided the universe into thespirit realm and the physical and psychic spheres of the natural realm. Because Adam became enmityagainst God, God divorced Himself from Adam andchoose His abode to be in heaven, which is therealm of Spirit. Just like the Father forsook Christ onaccount of our sin he has forsaken Adam onaccount of his own transgression.
Two is thenumber of division, 
which denotes there is asecond. The Lord would not share his gloriousdwelling with fallen man, which is dead to Him andseparated from His person. God condemned Adamand creation under his domain to live in the lowerrealms of the natural, namely, the physical andpsychic realms. Adam had also division in himself;therefore, he occupied the physical realm with hisbody and lived in the psychic (soulish) realm withHis soul. Adam was no longer aware of God’spresence because He lived in a different realm(kingdom) as God. With time, because of 
as a result of sin, the earth was divided into the

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