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MB0035 Legal Aspects of Business Fall 10

MB0035 Legal Aspects of Business Fall 10

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Published by Ranjay Kumar Singh

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Published by: Ranjay Kumar Singh on Nov 23, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Fall 2010
Master of Business Administration
MBA Semester 3
Legal Aspects of Business - 3 Credits(Book ID: B0764)Assignment Set- 160 MarksNote: Each question carries 10 Marks. Answer all the questions.
Q.1 What do you mean by free consent? Under what circumstances consent is consideredas free? Explain. [10 marks]Q.2 Define negotiable instrument. What are its features and characteristics? Which are thedifferent types of negotiable instruments? If Mr. A is the holder of a negotiableinstrument, under what situationsi. Will he be the Holder in due course?ii. He has the right to discharge?iii. He can make indorsements? [10 marks]Q.3. a. Distinguish between guarantee and indemnity. [5 marks]b. Give a short note on Rights of Surety. [5 marks]Q.4. a. Mention the remedies for breach of contract. How will the injured party claim it? [8marks]b. What is the difference between anticipatory and actual breach? [2 marks]Q. 5 a. Explain the term Privity of contract. [3 marks]b. Define a company? What are the features of Joint Stock Company? [7 marks]Q. 6. Om is enrolled in a managerial course. He has to write an assignment on companymanagement and various types of meetings that a company holds. You are asked tohelp him in preparing the assignment. [10 marks]

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