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101 Exercises for the Soul

101 Exercises for the Soul

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Published by Bebe Stefanescu

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Published by: Bebe Stefanescu on Nov 23, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Most of us know how important it is to exercise ourbodies, but how often do we exercise our souls?It is easy to get lost in our daily routines and losetouch with the things that are meaningful to us. Webecome human doings instead of what we are supposedto be — human beings. If this continues, eventually ourtrue self will begin to die. By exercising our souls, how-ever, we enhance our ability to live and love with enthu-siasm and vigor, and increase our ability to overcomeany difficulties or obstacles we encounter along the way.Every performer and athlete knows that if you wantto get to Carnegie Hall or the Olympics you must prac-tice, practice, practice. If you don’t work out regularly,you will never achieve what you are capable of. Thisis true of the soul as well. And one thing that can helpyou achieve a gold medal in soul growth is to have acompetent coach. It’s hard to practice alone. For overthirty years I’ve counseled people with life-threatening
illnesses, and my patients have been my most importantteachers and coaches. In this book, let me be your coach.At least, give me a try. I will do my best to encourageyou to reach your goals and to help guide you in yoursoul’s journey.I have written this book in a simple format so thatyou can sit down anywhere, anytime and find the meansto add value to your life. Each chapter focuses on a par-ticular area for soul growth, from improving your atti-tude to finding inner motivation. Chapters begin with acoaching tip, which introduces the underlying conceptsand purpose of the five exercises that follow (exercise101 is a “final exam”). The exercises are where yourworkout really begins.You may find some of the exercises more challeng-ing than others. Feel free to begin anywhere in the book.Consider starting with a chapter that applies to your liferight now, one that seems to offer immediate assistance.Beginwiththerstexerciseyouaredrawnto.Nowarm-up is needed; you can dive right in. However, since Ican’t personally be there to remind you to practice everyday, try to keep the book in a place where you will see itoften and rememberto respond to the needs of your soul.Before you know it you will begin to notice howyour life has taken on more meaning and how muchbetter you feel. The change may be small at first, but aswe improve ourselves, we make an increasing differencein both our individual lives and the world. The greaterour desire and intention, and the more we practice, thegreater the results. We can make a positive difference inthe world by what we choose to do.
Exercises for the Soul

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