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New Friends, New Home, New Enemies

New Friends, New Home, New Enemies

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Published by kaveenarr

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Published by: kaveenarr on Nov 23, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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My Well Wisher
There I was nearly half way up the tree, I looked back and saw Michaelaencouraging me, making me go higher. It was a cold winter evening, I was stiff andshivering, the tree trunk that I was clutching on to was warm and rough against my bare palms. Everything was suddenly a great big rush, all jumbled up together. I heardMichaela’s voice from a distance, my conscience telling me not to and the strongsmell of bark coming from the tree. I would never have been in this situation if I’venever met her, but then again this neighbourhood wouldn’t be fun without her. Iremember the first time I met her…Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock I lay in bed staring at the ceiling listening to the chiming of my annoying clock, I didn’t want to move but to just stay in the comforts of my warm bed and lock myself from reality. But I knew this wasn’t going to last very long, soonenough my mum would storm in and say “Get up you’ve been sleeping forever!” or “Open your curtains will you! It’s nice and sunny outside go for a walk or something!” After a while which felt like hours of trying to go back to sleep I gave upand crawled out of bed, I slowly tried to find my way around the new house.The house was empty no one here I thought, “Mum!” I called out to her as my voice bounced off the walls echoing through out the house. No reply, I searched around thehouse, but not a single person in sight. I decided to make use of this time, I had aquick shower and looked for some breakfast. The fridge was empty except for a notethat said, Gone to the shops your brother and sister are with me. Dry the clothes andyou’ve got the whole day to yourself. P.s sorry no breakfast I’ll be back soon, I alsosaw a park nearby. The word park made me jump with excitement, I've always loved parks, just sitting down on the grass and overlooking the view or even make newfriends. I could feel the burst of excitement building up inside me...I got dressed as quickly as I could and raced up to the front door, I ignored the factthat I was supposed to dry the clothes and stood outside the door. I glanced up to thesky, it was a mixture of baby blue and pink, it all looked so fake, like a painting with big clouds that looked like cotton candy and spiral shaped ones too. I stood therestaring in awe, when a girl came into sight, emerging from the dark alley behind her.She was wearing a jumper with pink skulls, with a black and red plaited skirt. Shewas riding a rip-stick, like the ones I've seen on TV adds. With her eyes glued to the board I watched her, she was graceful looking on the board, the way she twisted andturned so swiftly. Back, forth, back, forth, back...CRASH! The board flew metres away but unbelievably she landed on her feet withnothing but a scratch on her arm. I scurried up to the board, picked it up and walked back to her. “Umm... I think you dropped this... Are you alright?” I asked her as I held
it in front of me. She took it away from me and placed it on the floor and said“Thanks... Yeah I’m fine; it’s just a little scrape. I’m Michaela Bartlett and I’mguessing your new here?” “Yeah I just moved here last night and I’m Sureka” Ireplied to her. “Would you like me to show you around? I've lived here for a longtime.” she asked me as a smile curved up in the corner of her mouth. “I would, but Ihaven’t had breakfast yet and…” I said but she interrupted me halfway “You can havelunch at our house… its 1:30 way past breakfast!” said Michaela giggling. “Okay I’ll be back.” I said as I ran back to the house locked it and ran back, with the keys in myhand.She got back on her rip-stick and we wandered back through the alley way. Wewalked and skated side by side, it was like a mini forest with dead trees and bighealthy bushes, it was kind of scary. The dried leaves rustled upon our feet as westepped on them. Dark shadows formed around us, I heard something move behindthe bush, I wasn’t sure if she saw it too, I glanced at her and saw her staring in horror.Something ran across the phone line above us and disappeared behind the trees.I sat on the lumpy couch with a hot plate of instant noodles sitting on my lap. Igawked at the noodles wide eyed as the hotness seeped through the plate, and burntmy lap. I picked it up by the sides trying not to burn myself and laid it down just intime before the hotness got to my fingers. Michaela came up to me and handed me aglass of water, it was nice and cold in my hands but I then had a sudden urge to eatthe noodles and so I did.“By the way I’m sorry about that…I have a phobia towards squirrels, with their big bushy tails and huge front teeth, they just freaked me out!” said Michaela as sheawaited my reply. “No. it’s just I didn’t think you would go berserk and that too over a squirrel.” I sarcastically replied. “Okay! Just let it go. Now come on the first stop of our tour begins with meeting my friend!” she cried as she did a little dance in theliving room.The neighbourhood smelt like a dump, cars parked in the middle of the road, rubbishlying around and lots of stray animals lurking around everywhere. I placed my finger on a fence and walked, dragging my finger behind me. When I took a glance at myfinger it looked like it was covered in coal, all black and dusty. I rubbed it on a leaf  but it wouldn’t come off.To make matters worse this was when I met Legend, the annoying, short, little kidwho was somehow a friend of Michaela's. He had curly hair which sat on hisshoulders, he was wearing extremely dirty clothes and a ridiculous grin on his face.He looked quite similar to Michaela they both had the same shade of hair colour, they both had lots of freckles and they both had the same grin on their faces.“Hey Mick! Who’s that?” he asked her, as his eyes moved from me to Michaela back and forth. “What? Oh never mind! This is Sureka, she just moved here and I wasshowing her around, did you want to come?” she asked him. He had an im-listening- but-im-not-interested look on his face. He looked at Michaela who now had a sternlook on her face and said “Oh...yeah sure you can come over. If that’s what you were
saying?” he said as he had a dumb founded look on his face. “Oh forget it!” she saidand linked arms with me.She led me through windy neighbourhoods and after a while we saw a park... it was big and colourful, with little kids running about and it was big. “Here we are!” shesaid as she laid her board down on the picnic table and walked up to the monkey bars.I ran up to the slide and sat on the edge of it, over looking the endless green fieldsahead of me. Michaela came over and sat on the swing next to me, she swinged higher and faster each time then she slowly slowed down and came to a stop. “Green...everywhere, well until you reach the main road then the pong of gas and oil just hitsyou in the face.” she said with a big grin on her face which eventually turned back toa normal smile. “I wish I could live in the country, big wide open area with nothing but green fields.” I said, I blurted out my life’s dream to live in the country and how Iwould decorate every inch of it.“Ok come on its time for the last part of the tour!” she said as the same big grinappeared on her face, which was now starting to scare me. She linked arms with meand we walked into neighbourhoods and through alley ways. “Where are we going?” Iasked. Michaela smiled her usual big smirky smile but said nothing.She led me to the same dark alley that we came through, we were halfway there butwe stopped “This is it! My tree house, its one of the best trees to climb around her.”said Michaela smiling with pleasure. She started hauling her self onto branches pulling her up, going higher each step. She didn't stop until she finally got too tired toclimb, and the branches were too far apart. She was high up, so high that I could justfaint if I were in her position. “Your turn!” she screamed at me.I hauled myself up onto the first branch and got higher, as I went along I washalfway up, as I leaned forward to grab a branch then someone screamed “Fall!” and just at that moment, I did.I fell backwards, I tried to grab something anything I could find but there wasnothing in reach. My back hit the ground, then someone came up to me but I couldn'treally make out who it was.Michaela was looking at me; she was basically jumping from branch to branchtrying to get down, as fast as she could. “Oh my god! Are you okay!” she screamedwhen she finally reached me. “Yeah...I’m fine. My back hurts. Really bad and I don’tthink I can move!” I wanted to say but all I said was “Ow...” I got up and saw Legendstanding behind the tree. “You weren’t really meant to fall when I said so..” he saidstepping away from the tree. “Legend! What was that for!” she screamed at him. SheRan up to him and started whispering to him but all I could hear was “Be nice toher!” She led me away and that’s how my day ended.It was now nine forty-five in the morning and I was still aching from yesterdays fall.Ten, ten I kept repeating to myself, wasn't I supposed to do something at ten.Michaela! I remembered she was supposed to meet me here, I ran to the bathroom. I

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