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Toolroom Accessories

Toolroom Accessories

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: Huron Industrial Supply on Nov 23, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Toolroom Accessories
  -  -   C  o  n  v  e  r   t  e   d   f  r  o  m   W  o  r   d   t  o   P   D   F   f  o  r   f  r  e  e   b  y   F  a  s   t   P   D   F  -  -  w  w  w .   f  a  s   t  p   d   f .  c  o  m  -  -
toolroom accessories
Part No.OurDescription1-961-Net Price
-05528-06528-06728-06828-06928Toolbox Edition (5" x 7")Large Print Edition (7" x 10")CD-ROM VersionThumb Index & CD ComboLarge Print & CD Combo
MathematicsMechanics and Strength of MaterialsProperties, Treatment,and Testing of MaterialsDimensioning, Gaging,and MeasuringTooling and ToolmakingMachining OperationsManufacturing ProcessesFastenersThreads and ThreadingGears, Splines, and CamsMachine ElementsMeasuring UnitsIndexIndex of StandardsIndex of Interactive EquationsIndex of Materials.Celebrating nearly 100 years as "The Bible of theMechanical Industries", the 28th edition brings togethervolumes of knowledge, information and data gathered,revised and improved upon from experts throughout themechanical industries.
Machinery's Handbook 
providesmechanical and manufacturing engineers, designers,draftsmen, toolmakers, and machinists with a broad range ofmaterial, from the very basic to the more advanced. It hasalways, and continues to provide industry fundamentals andstandards while it moves into the 21st century with materialreflecting technological advances and offering vast editorialimprovements, making the
28th Edition 
the best tool…ever!
Machinery's Handbook
28th Edition 
An extremely concise yet completely authoritativeready-reference which draws its content largely fromMachinery’s Handbook. This book is designed foranyone in the machine trades for whom convenientaccess to just the most basic data is at a premium.The Pocket Companion will not replace the Handbookbut instead will serve as a handy complement to thelatter’s vastly larger compilation of data, standards,and text. 352 pp.
486 PC or compatible,Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP,10 MB RAM for Windows 95/98,16 MB RAM for Windows NT,10 MB available hard drive space,CD-ROM drive, VGA,Windows compatible printer, and an internet connection.
New sections on…CNC Numerical Controls, ManufacturingData Analysis, Fluid Mechanics, Distinguishing Bolts from Screws,Helical Coil Screw Thread Inserts, Calculating Thread Dimensions,Lubrication, Ball and Acme Leadscrews, and Shaft Alignment.
Revised material on… Properties, Treatment, and Testing ofMaterials; Dimensioning; Gaging, and Measuring; Tool andToolmaking; Manufacturing Processes.
Broad math coverage…from the basic to the advanced, you'll findfractions, positive and negative numbers, derivatives and integrals,analytical geometry, circular segments, matrices and engineeringeconomics.Offering interactive math, the new
28th Edition CD 
continues to combine the complete contents of the
with the power, versatility, and convenienceof Adobe PDF. These compact files can be viewed,navigated, and printed exactly as they appear byanyone with Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is includedfree on this disk. Now more than ever the CD combinedwith print edition is the most powerful tool you'll needto easily and effectively perform your job!
Machinery's Handbook Guide
28th Edition 
This Guide will enable users to maximize the enormous practical valueavailable from Machinery's Handbook. Illustrates through hundreds ofexamples, solutions, and questions how to take full advantage of theHandbook to solve the types of problems typically encountered in draftingrooms, machine shops and on the factory floor. Allows you to quicklybecome more thoroughly familiar with the vast range of contents found inthe Handbook. 280 pp.
Part No.1-961-01028Our Net Price
Part No.1-961-31028Our Net Price
In commeration of our 125th Anniversary,we are proud to present the Collector’sEdition Replica of the original firstedition of the Machinery’s Handbook,published in January, 1914. Forvirtually its entire life in print,Machinery’s Handbook hasbeen a world-renownedreference and “the Bible”of the metalworking andmechanical industries.
Machinery's HandbookCollector’s Edition
Part No.1-961-001Our Net Price
1914 First Edition Replica 
Starrett #1700
Part No.1-855-53218Our Net Price
This familiar handbook for machineshop beginners is written in clear,simple language, contains 160pages including 200 diagrams,illustrations, reference tables, and isfully indexed. Printed on coatedpaper with soil-resistant binding fordurable machine shop use.
The Bookfor Student Machinists
Machine Shop/Tools/Metalworking Books 
Handbook For TheMetalworking IndustriesMachine ShopEssentials
Part No. 1-961-320Our Net Price
This all new handbook supplies unequaled coverageof machining techniques, exotic materials includingsuperalloys and composites, adhesives, threadingoperations, CNC canned programs, balanced tooling,super finishing, and precision machining with lasers.Traditional topics, includingmathematics, measurement,speeds and feeds, and machinecomponents, are also covered,making this reference tool thebest value available. ThumbIndexed. 2,368 pp.
Part No.1-961-640Our Net Price
Machine Shop/Tools/Metalworking Books 
2nd Edition 
A comprehensive and detailedpresentation of manual machine toolsand methods, machine shop know-howand practical shop tips. More than halfthe book is devoted to small and medium-sized lathes and milling machines, suchas Levin jewelers’ lathes, Sherline miniaturelathes and mills, Clausing lathes, andBridgeport-style vertical milling machines.It examines how these machines areconstructed, their cutting tools andaccessories and how to use them. Thisback-to-basics book contains all theinformation needed for a fundamentalunderstanding of machine tools.
Over 500 detailed drawings.
Step-by-step instructions for manycommon machine shop operations.
Introduction to metal lathes, milling machining,drill presses, and their cutting tools an accessories.
A review of the most helpful metal shop hand tools.
Useful shortcuts, specialized tools,and tips from expert machinists.
Valuable safety precautions and equipment.
A comprehensive machine shop glossary.
toolroom accessories
A comprehensive and easy-to-use hands-on source,Basic Machining Reference Handbook is intended toserve as a memory jog for the experienced, as well asa reference for programmers and others who will not dothe machining but do need to know exactly what’s involvedin performing a given machining step, a series of steps, or acomplete job. The second edition features expanded chapters onnumerical control and computerized operations, additional speeds andfeeds tables, general troubleshooting concepts, and a basic review of relevantcomputer terms and applications. Logically organized, this time-tested referencestarts with those machining steps that most often begin the machining processand moves through the basic machining operations. It is a must-have resourcefor experienced machinists; programmers tooling, design and production engineers;and students. 299 pp.
Part No.1-961-345Our Net Price
2nd Edition 
As the only modern glossary of terms relatedto the fabrication and use of metals andmetallurgy, Glossary of Metalworking Termscovers more than 4,000 essential general andfunctional terms used in all areas related tometalworking and manufacturing technology.Coverage includes CNC and some information onplastics. Entries are cross-referenced to makerelated topics instantly accessible. 384 pp.
Part No. 1-961-370Our Net Price
An excellent overview of all standardsfor users and producers of fastenersand equipment designers who must specify fasteners.Provides encyclopedic coverage of the different types ofthreads standardized throughout the world. Includes Unifiedand American thread series; American translational andAmerican pipe threads; British threads of Whitworthand non-Whitworth forms; ISO metric threads; Frenchautomobile and German and Swiss metric. 318 pp.
Guide to WorldScrew Threads
Part No.1-961-110Our Net Price
Hazardous ChemicalsSafety and ComplianceHandbook for theMetalworkingIndustries
Containing detailed information on nearly 450chemical hazards, providing identifiers (foreignand domestic); trade names and chemicalsynonyms; physical properties; short- andlong-term health effects; guidelines forexposure; respirators; warnings;incompatibilities; fire data; and OSHA,EPA, California, and Canadian safetyrecommendations and regulations. 530 pp.
Part No. 1-961-460Our Net Price
MachineShop TradeSecrets
A Guide to Manufacturing Machine Shop Practices 
Written by an experienced machinist and plastic injection mold maker, thisgroundbreaking manual will have users thinking and producing like experiencedmachinists. Machine Shop Trade Secrets provides practical “how-to” informationthat can immediately be put to use to improve one’s machining skills,craftsmanship, and productivity. It is sure to be used andreferred to time and again. 320 pp.
You will discover ways to: 
Surface grind blocks,pins and shapes.
Work faster.
Cut thread, knurl partsand eliminate warp.
Choose realisticfeeds, speedsand depths of cut.
Select, make,and grind cutters.
Part No.1-961-375Our Net Price
Improve surface finishesand hold tighter tolerances.
Remove broken taps, drill bits, and other hardware.
Apply proven CNC techniques to maximize output.
Improve surface finishes and old tighter tolerances
Assist engineers with design and manufacturing issues.
Cutting Datafor Turningof Steel
Machining is one of the most important manufacturingprocesses, which remove unwanted material in theform of chips from a workpiece. Material removaloperations are among the most expensive; in the U.S.alone, more than $100 billion were spent on machiningin 1999. These high costs put tremendous economicpressures on production managers and engineersas they struggle to find ways to increase productivity.Machining recommendations provided in this bookcover turning since it allows removing more materialper unit of time and consuming more power at therouging operations than end milling, boring or drilling. Machining recommendationsrelate to cutting speeds, feed rates, and depth of cuts. Such recommendationsdepend on the workpiece material properties and the cutting tool material.Workpiece materials described in this book are the most commonly used gradesof carbon, alloy, stainless, tool, and maraging steels. Cutting tool materials arecemented carbides, cermets, and ceramics. 250 pp.
Part No. 1-961-625Our Net Price
Machine ShopTraining Course
Packed with facts and rules that students can put to usein the shop and toolroom, they include everything fromunderlying principles, to standards, to calculations forevery specific task in shop training. Together, they providean outstanding treatise on machine shop practice thatincludes: fundamental principles; methods of adjustingand using different types of machine tools - with typicalexamples of work-measuring instruments and gauges;cutting screw threads by different processes; threadgrinding; gear cutting; precision toolmaking methods;typical shop problems with solutions; and miscellaneousfacts relating to the art of machine construction andmuch, much more. No classroom or workshop whereapprentices are being trained can afford to be withoutthese valuable combination text and reference guides.
5th Edition 
Hydraulic And PneumaticPower For Production
Part No. 1-961-075Our Net Price
This widely used and acclaimedreference demonstrates how airand oil equipment can be applied tothe manual and automatic operationof all types of production machinery.
Glossary of Metalworking Terms
Heat Treatment, Selection and Application of ToolSteels 2ndEdition is completely revised. In a few shortyears this book has become the established referencefor tool makers, heat treaters, and engineers seekingstep-by-step "recipes" for properly heating a wide rangeof steel tools. In addition, it provides practical informationabout machinability, shock resistance, and wear. The book contains an entirely newchapter on the popular powered tool steel CPM 10V
; an in depth new section oncarburizing thoroughly describes the process and its benefits; the section oncryogenic treatment has been completely rewritten to describe the theory andprocess; and a comprehensive glossary of related terms has been added. As in thefirst edition, valuable tables of properties, attributes, qualities, and shortcomings ofpopular tool steels are also included.
HeatTreatment,Selection andApplicationTool Steels
2nd Edition 
Part No.1-961-385Our Net Price
Volume I - 570 pp.Volume II - 566 pp.
Part No. 1-961-140Our Net Price

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