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Published by Kiran Kumar

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Published by: Kiran Kumar on Nov 23, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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QTP Interview Questions-IQTP Basic Features
1) What are the advantages in Test Automation?
a) Fast: Test Tool runs tests significantly faster than human users.b) Reliable: Automation tool can perform the same operation eachtime, if we repeated multiple times, so that we can eliminate humanerrors.c) Repeatable: We can check how application or website reacts afterrepeated the same operation with multiple times.d) Reusable: Automation scripts are reusable on different version of the application of websites even if the user interfaces changes.e) Comprehensive: In automation testing we can build a suit of teststhat covers every feature in the application or website.f) Programmable: We can program sophisticated Tests that bring outhidden information from the application
2) What are the drawbacks in Test Automation?
a) It is expensiveb) We cannot automate all areas.c) Lack of Skilld) It has some limitations (It cannot test every thing)
3) What type of test tools available in the industry?
We can segregate Test tools in 2 categoriesa)
Business Classification
1) Vendor Tools2) Open Source Tools3) In-house Toolsb)
Technical Classification
1) Functional and Regression Test Tools
2) Load/Stress/Performance Test Tools3) Security Test Tools5) Test Management Tools6) Unit Test Tools7) Requirement Management Tools Etc...
4) What are the important factors in test tool selection?
a. Technical factors:
i. Nature of the AUT (Application Under Test)ii. Tool Features (Facilities available)iii. Availability of Skilled professionalsiv. Organizations experiencev. Technical support from vendor 
b. Business factors:
i. Budgetii. Vendor’s Reputationiii. Client’s Interest
5) What test cases can be automated?
Test cases that we want to execute on number of versions of thesoftwareEx: Regression test casesTest cases that we want to execute with multiple sets of dataEx: Data driven test casesTest cases having complex functionality
6) What test cases cannot be automated?
o Dynamically changing functionalityo Test cases that require more Human interactiono CUI (command user interface) based test cases 
7) Explain about the Testing process in QTP?
 Planning:o Analyzing the Applicationo Automation Framework Implementationo Selecting/Generating Test cases for Automationo Collecting Test Datao Configuring Tool Settings
Generating the basic testsUsing Object Repository method or using Descriptive Programming, wecan generate TestsEnhancing TestsWith respect to our project requirements, we have to enhance ourtests. For enhancing tests QTP is providing various features like:o Inserting Transaction pointso Synchronizationo Parameterizationo Inserting VB script Flow Control statementso Adding commentso Calling Functions/ calling Actionso Using Environment variableso Entering Regular Expressionso Inserting Checkpointso Inserting Output valuesEtc..Note: For any Test all enhancement methods not required.Debugging Tests (if required)It is optional; basically scripting languages are Light weight languages,no need to compile them separately. During execution Scripts can becompiled and Run.If we have any doubts about some scripts, then we can execute themstep by step with the support of VBScript Debug commands and BreakpointsRunning testsGenerally, many companies are using Framework feature for RunningTests.QTP Supports Individual Test execution, Batch execution, Testsexecution through AOM Scripting, and Scheduled execution with thesupport of Windows Operating system.Analyzing ResultsIt is not the Responsibility of QTP; Test engineer has to do thismanually.QTP is providing Result window in XML format.QTP is providing Result deletion tool also.QTP is providing Test results exporting facility. It supports HTML, Worddocument and PDF (portable document format) formats.Reporting defectsReporting defects also not a QTP responsibility that we have to do

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