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Cocoa Basics Tutorial

Cocoa Basics Tutorial

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Published by: pablo_marx on Nov 23, 2010
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Tutorial for Cocoa:
Cocoa Basics Tutorial
Welcome to the Cocoa Basics Tutorial. We'll create a simple world you can play, enhance, and evenshare with your friends on the Web!You need to havedownloaded and installedCocoa before taking this tutorial.
Table of Contents
IntroductionCreate a PieceWrite a "Move Right" Rule
Write "Jump" Rules
Example world
Puzzle to try
Go to the Beyond the Basics section
Get help with the tutorial setup
Download all the movies in the tutorial(430K--You can open them with MoviePlayer)
(Note that the hyperlinks indicated on these pages do not work,but they would work on the online version of this Tutorial)
Copyright © 1997Apple Computer, Inc.
Apple, the Apple logo, and Cocoa are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. registered in the United States and othercountries.Maintained by theApple Cocoa DR Team. Last updated Fri, June 20 1997.
E-mailcocoa@apple.comwith problems or questions.
basicforPDF.htmlPage 1Mon, Jun 23, 199712:10 PM
Welcome to the Basics Tutorial for Cocoa!
The Basics section will help new users learn the basics to building worlds in Cocoa.Please open your copy of Cocoa and follow along with the steps described in the tutorial.Some words on these pages are linked to theTutorial Word List: click on a word if you'd like to see adefinition of it. Click on the BACK button in your browser to return to the Tutorial.
In Cocoa, only
on the board can act in a world. You show your pieces how to act by writing
of behavior. All pieces which have rules and are on the board get a chance to try their rules onevery
clock tick
There are 2 steps to getting started:
1. Create a
and its
.2. Write a
that makes the piece do something.This tutorial will show you how to build an obstacle course for a piece to move around.You'll make a piece and give it a rule that moves it to the right. You'll then give it rules for jumpingon and off of obstacles that get in its way.And, if you want to see what else your piece can do, you can build a world with more obstacles in itand give your piece more ways to get through it.You can
download the "Starter World"
to your computer. It's about 8K and will take less than aminute to download.When you open Cocoa, click the "Open Saved World" button.

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