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Published by eurolex

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Published by: eurolex on Nov 23, 2010
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Official Journal of the European Communities C 285/514.9.98
COMMON POSITION (EC) No 47/98adopted by the Council on 24 July 1998with a view to the adoption of Decision No . . ./98/EC of the European Parliament and of theCouncil of . . . establishing a Community action for the ‘European Capital of Culture’ event forthe years 2005 to 2019
(98/C 285/02)
Having regard to the Treaty establishing the EuropeanCommunity, and in particular Article 128 thereof,Having regard to the proposal from the Commission(
),Having regard to the opinion of the Committee of theRegions(
),Acting in accordance with the procedure laid down inArticle 189b of the Treaty(
),(1) Whereas, throughout its history, Europe has beenthe site of exceptionally prolific and varied artisticactivity; whereas urban life has played a major rolein the growth and influence of the Europeancultures;(2) Whereas Article 128 of the Treaty grants powers tothe Community in the cultural field; whereas allCommunity activity designed to promote culturalactivities should therefore be undertaken on thislegal basis, in accordance with the objectives andmeans assigned to the Community by the Treaty;(3) Whereas, on 13 June 1985, the Ministersresponsible for Cultural Affairs meeting within theCouncil, adopted a resolution concerning theannual event ‘European City of Culture’(
), themain aim of which was to open up to the Europeanpublic particular aspects of the culture of the city,region or country concerned, an event for whichthe Community has provided financial support;
) OJ C 362, 28.11.1997, p. 12.(
) OJ C 180, 11.6.1998, p. 70.(
) Opinion of the European Parliament of 30 April 1998 (OJC 152, 18.5.1998, p. 58), Council Common Position of 24 July 1998 and Decision of the European Parliament of . . .(not yet published in the Official Journal).(
) OJ C 153, 22.6.1985, p. 2.
(4) Whereas a study which has been carried out intothe results achieved by European Cities of Cultureshows that the event has a positive impact in termsof media resonance, the development of culture andtourism and the recognition by inhabitants of theimportance of their city having been chosen;(5) Whereas the positive impact has nonetheless notalways produced results lasting beyond theduration of the project itself and whereas, whilerecognising their competence to decide about thecontent of their project, the attention of publicdecision-makers in the cities chosen should bedrawn to the need to integrate the cultural projectinto a dynamic medium-term process;(6) Whereas this initiative is important both forstrengthening local and regional identity and forfostering European integration;(7) Whereas, in the discussions leading up to itsopinion of 7 April 1995(
) on the Kaleidoscopeprogramme established by Decision No719/96/EC(
), the European Parliament asked theCommission to present a specific programme onthe European City of Culture after the year 2000on the basis of Article 128 of the Treaty;(8) Whereas the importance and impact of the ‘City of Culture’ event calls for the creation of a rotationalsystem of designation which will ensure that eachMember State will have one of its cities chosen atregular intervals; whereas a predictable, consistentand transparent rotational system is best achievedthrough a single decision whereby the order inwhich Member States will hold the event isdecided;(9) Whereas it is appropriate for the Council todesignate the Capitals of Culture in view of the
) OJ C 109, 1.5.1995, p. 281.(
) Decision No 719/96/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 29 March 1996 establishing a programme tosupport artistic and cultural activities having a Europeandimension (Kaleidoscope) (OJ L 99, 20.4.1996, p. 20).
Official Journal of the European CommunitiesC 285/6 14.9.98great symbolic importance in the Member States of such a designation;(10) Whereas any Community initiative to promote the‘European City of Culture’ must satisfy predefinedobjectives and use the resources provided for by theTreaty;(11) Whereas the Community has in the past made acontribution to the ‘European City of Culture’ andthe ‘European Cultural Month’ events under theKaleidoscope Programme, which is due to expire in1998;(12) Whereas on 22 September 1997 the Counciladopted a Decision regarding to the future of European cultural action(
) in which it called onthe Commission, in accordance with Article 152 of the Treaty, to table proposals for a singleprogramme for culture by May 1998, into whichan Action ‘European Capital of Culture’ will beincorporated, including funding arrangements;(13) Whereas the Commission has submitted to theEuropean Parliament and the Council aCommunication on the first European Communityframework programme in support of culture,including a proposal for a decision establishing asingle financing and programming instrument forcultural cooperation,
Article 1
A Community action entitled ‘European Capital of Culture’ shall be established. Its objective shall be tohighlight the richness and diversity of European culturesand the features they share, as well as to promote greatermutual acquaintance between European citizens.
Article 2
Each Member State may nominate a city as EuropeanCapital of Culture, in turn, as set out in Annex I. Anysuch nomination shall be notified to the EuropeanParliament, the Council, the Commission and theCommittee of the Regions no later than four years beforethe event in question is due to begin.Without prejudice to possible alteration, by mutualagreement between the Member States concerned, of the
) OJ C 305, 7.10.1997, p. 1.
chronological order set out in Annex I, the Council,acting on a recommendation from the Commission, shallofficially designate each city as a European Capital of Culture for the year for which it has been nominated.
Article 3
European third countries may participate in this action.Any such country may nominate one city as a EuropeanCapital of Culture and should notify its nomination tothe European Parliament, the Council, the Commissionand the Committee of the Regions. The Council,acting unanimously on a recommendation from theCommission, shall officially designate one of thesenominated cities as a European Capital of Culture foreach year, bearing in mind the desirability of four years’preparation time.
Article 4
Each designated city should organise a programme of cultural events highlighting the city’s own culture andcultural heritage as well as its place in the commoncultural heritage, and involving people concerned withcultural activities from other European countries with aview to establishing lasting cooperation. In principle thisprogramme should last one year but as an exceptiondesignated cities may opt for a shorter period of time.Cities may choose to involve their surrounding region intheir programme. A linkage between the programmes of the designated cities of the same year should be made.
Article 5
In order to maintain the cultural value of the action:— the list indicating planning and evaluation criteria setout in Annex II should be taken into account to thegreatest possible extent by cities in planning theirprogramme,— designated cities should outline their programme, atleast six months before the event is due to begin,to the European Parliament, the Council and theCommittee of the Regions,— the criteria referred to in the first indent should alsobe taken into account by the Commission in itsevaluation of each city’s programme.The Commission shall set up a Guidance Panel consistingof personalities well known in cultural circles. Two of themembers of this panel shall be appointed by theEuropean Parliament, two by the Council, two by theCommission and one by the Committee of the Regions.The Guidance Panel shall give advice to the Commission
Official Journal of the European Communities C 285/714.9.98on the implementation of this decision. If so requested bythe Member States or third countries concerned, theGuidance Panel may offer them advice on their choice of city to nominate.
Article 6
Each year the Commission shall produce a reportevaluating the results of the previous year’s event,including an analysis by the organisers of the latter. Thisreport shall be presented to the European Parliament, theCouncil and the Committee of the Regions. TheCommission may also make any proposals for revision of this Decision which it judges necessary for the smoothoperation of this action.Done at . . .
For the European Parliament The President For the Council The President 
2005 Ireland2006 Netherlands2007 Luxembourg2008 United Kingdom2009 Austria2010 Germany2011 Finland2012 Portugal2013 France2014 Sweden2015 Belgium2016 Spain2017 Denmark2018 Greece2019 Italy

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