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Table Of Contents

Ice Archon’s Armor Artifcer Attack 15
Spellmaster’s Pawn Artifcer Attack 15
Dimensional Mooring Artifcer Utility 16
Addling Pattern Artifcer Attack 17
Arsenal Transference Artifcer Attack 17
Planestorm Anchor Artifcer Attack 19
Radiant Forcefeld Artifcer Attack 19
Mental Beacon Artifcer Attack 23
Rejuvenating Intercession Artifcer Attack 23
Armor of Storms Artifcer Attack 25
Brittle Frost Artifcer Attack 25
Retribution Magnet Artifcer Attack 27
Vitality Siphon Artifcer Attack 27
Automorphic Armor Artifcer Attack 29
Tactical Detonation Artifcer Attack 29
Assassin’s Shroud Assassin Feature
Shade Form Assassin Feature
Shadow Step Assassin Feature
Executioner’s Noose Assassin Attack 1
Inescapable Blade Assassin Attack 1
Leaping Shade Assassin Attack 1
Shadow Storm Assassin Attack 1
Gloom Tief Assassin Attack 1
Nightmare Shades Assassin Attack 1
Shadow Darts Assassin Attack 1
Smothering Shadow Assassin Attack 1
Grave Spike Assassin Attack 1
Strangling Shadow Assassin Attack 1
Targeted for Death Assassin Attack 1
Terrifying Visage Assassin Attack 1
Cat’s Trickery Assassin Utility 2
Cloak of Shades Assassin Utility 2
Lurking Shadow Assassin Utility 2
Shadowed Legion Assassin Utility 2
Army of the Night Assassin Attack 3
Cloaking Mist Assassin Attack 3
Inescapable Shadow Assassin Attack 3
Nightshade’s Kiss Assassin Attack 3
Heart of Dust Assassin Attack 5
Shadow Soul Assassin Attack 5
Treacherous Shades Assassin Attack 5
Twilight Assassin Assassin Attack 5
Darting Shadow Assassin Utility 6
Sheltering Dark Assassin Utility 6
Slayer’s Escape Assassin Utility 6
Slithering Shadow Assassin Utility 6
Captured Shadow Assassin Attack 7
Echoing Treat Assassin Attack 7
Shadow Link Assassin Attack 7
Shadow Jack Assassin Attack 7
Black Garrote Assassin Attack 9
Bound by Shadow Assassin Attack 9
Obscuring Shadow Assassin Attack 9
Wall of Shadows Assassin Attack 9
Mist Walk Assassin Utility 10
Promise of Retribution Assassin Utility 10
Seeker of Shadow Assassin Utility 10
Slayer’s Endurance Assassin Utility 10
Dark Step Ambush Assassin Attack 13
Flurry of Talons Assassin Attack 13
Slayer in the Dark Assassin Attack 13
Well of Shades Assassin Attack 13
Bleak Gallows Assassin Attack 15
Death’s Doorstep Assassin Attack 15
Shade Venom Assassin Attack 15
Sundered Shadow Assassin Attack 15
Assassin’s Defense Assassin Utility 16
Liquid Shadow Assassin Utility 16
Shadow Meld Assassin Utility 16
Tief of Names Assassin Utility 16
Mob of Shadows Assassin Attack 17
Shadow Fire Assassin Attack 17
Shadowed Deception Assassin Attack 17
Traitorous Shadow Assassin Attack 17
Consign to Shadow Assassin Attack 19
Executioner’s Blade Assassin Attack 19
Guild of Shadows Assassin Attack 19
Phantom Assault Assassin Attack 19
Assassin’s Eye Assassin Utility 22
Claim the Dead Assassin Utility 22
Fortress of Shadow Assassin Utility 22
Soul of Death Assassin Utility 22
Cruel Shadows Assassin Attack 23
Obsidian Spiders Assassin Attack 23
Shadow Swap Assassin Attack 23
Wraith’s Assault Assassin Attack 23
Assassin’s Scalpel Assassin Attack 25
Folded Shadow Assassin Attack 25
Reaper’s Touch Assassin Attack 25
Wall of Death Assassin Attack 25
Ambush From Tin Air Assassin Attack 27
Last Word Assassin Attack 27
Reaper in Black Assassin Attack 27
Shadows of Doom Assassin Attack 27
Doom Foretold Assassin Attack 29
Intent to Murder Assassin Attack 29
Shadow Puppet Assassin Attack 29
Tree Shadow Venoms Assassin Attack 29
Living Death Strike Avenger Attack 5
Soul Seeker Avenger Utility 6
Light and Darkness Avenger Attack 7
Fated Doom Avenger Attack 9
Focused Fury Avenger Attack 1
Rictus Grin Avenger Attack 1
Rotting Wound Avenger Attack 5
Decaying Presence Avenger Utility 10
Chains of Letherna Avenger Attack 17
Leprous Wound Avenger Attack 19
Raven Wings Avenger Utility 22
Foe to Foe Barbarian Attack 1
Laugh it Of Barbarian Utility 6
Clawfoot Berserker Rage Barbarian Attack 5
Always Falling Rage Barbarian Attack 1
Bloodseeker’s Rage Barbarian Attack 1
Ambusher’s Rage Barbarian Attack 5
Carver’s Raging Glory Barbarian Attack 9
Frenzied Beast Rage Barbarian Attack 9
Stoneroot Rage Barbarian Attack 9
Whisper Blades Rage Barbarian Attack 15
Fortune’s Ravagers Rage Barbarian Attack 19
Funeral Dirge Bard Attack 15
Funeral Dirge Bard Utility 16
All Souls’ Ball Bard Attack 19
Song of the Deadly Dancer Bard Attack 29
Cutting Words Bard Attack 1
Burdening Dirge Bard Attack 1
Gaze of Defance Cleric Attack 1
Invigorating Assault Cleric Attack 1
Vengeful Flare Cleric Attack 1
Angelic Witnesses Cleric Utility 2
Destined Duel Cleric Attack 3
Divine Juggernaut Cleric Attack 5
Gift of Good Fortune Cleric Utility 6
Curse of Misfortune Cleric Attack 1
Summon Black Reaper Cleric Attack 15
Walk Among the Wounded Cleric Utility 6
Forgemaster’s Flame Cleric Attack 7
Reverent Mettle Cleric Utility 10
Chains of Blazing Light Cleric Attack 13
Sacred Armistice Cleric Attack 15
Seized Destiny Cleric Utility 6
Union of Tree Fates Cleric Attack 13
Life-Stealing Light Cleric Attack 17
Necrotic Transference Cleric Attack 19
Sealing Death’s Door Cleric Utility 22
Tree of Creation Cleric Attack 15
Healing Circle Cleric Utility 16
Prayer Made Real Cleric Utility 22
Breath of the Raven Queen Cleric Attack 19
Death for Death Cleric Utility 22
Soulshock Field Cleric Attack 25
Grasping Tide Druid Attack 1
Leaf Wall Druid Utility 6
Knockdown Assault Fighter Attack 1
Close the Gap Fighter Utility 2
Ruinous Attack Fighter Attack 1
Wicked Strike Fighter Attack 1
Punishing Charge Fighter Attack 1
Savage Advance Fighter Attack 1
Who’s Next? Fighter Utility 2
Daring Shout Fighter Utility 6
Dancing Defense Fighter Attack 5
Spinning Razor Strike Fighter Attack 5
Restoring Strike Fighter Attack 3
Brutal Advance Fighter Attack 5
Line in the Sand Fighter Utility 6
Inertia Strike Fighter Attack 7
Brazen Assault Fighter Attack 5
Bloodspike Sweep Fighter Attack 9
Salamander Lash Fighter Attack 13
Phalanx Leader Fighter Utility 10
Punishing Storm Fighter Attack 9
Murderous Assault Fighter Attack 9
Mighty Surge Fighter Utility 10
Leaping Assault Fighter Attack 13
Masterful Parry Fighter Attack 15
Adaptable Maneuver Fighter Attack 19
Hurricane Strike Fighter Attack 15
Bitter Harvest Fighter Attack 17
Warding Steel Fighter Utility 16
Toppling Finish Fighter Attack 19
Battle Furor Fighter Utility 22
Revel in Pain Fighter Attack 17
Storm’s Fury Strike Fighter Attack 25
Enemy Undone Fighter Attack 29
Slash and Kick Fighter Attack 23
Time to Die Fighter Attack 25
Wild Ofensive Fighter Attack 27
Image of Death Fighter Attack 29
Goad of Blood Fighter Attack 25
Astral Wind Invoker Attack 1
Death’s Denial Invoker Utility 2
Death’s Dread Whisper Invoker Attack 7
Vile Plague Invoker Attack 15
Vengeful Dead Invoker Utility 16
Age’s Infrmity Invoker Attack 23
Symbol of Vengeance Invoker Utility 6
Eye of Dawn Invoker Attack 15
Guidance of Heavenly Hands Invoker Utility 16
Harm Invoker Attack 29
Penance of Amoth Invoker Attack 25
Challenging Strike Paladin Attack 1
Flare of Divine Vengeance Paladin Utility 6
Forbidding Strike Paladin Attack 1
Fortune-Spurned Smite Paladin Attack 3
Stolen Life Paladin Attack 1
Frost of Letherna Paladin Attack 1
Winter’s Edge Paladin Attack 3
Shadow’s Apathy Paladin Attack 5
Winter’s Fated Stance Paladin Utility 6
Ravenfrost Strike Paladin Attack 7
Wayfnder’s Strike Paladin Attack 15
Vengeful Vigilance Paladin Utility 10
Reaper’s Harvest Paladin Attack 9
Winter’s Arrival Paladin Utility 10
Deathguide’s Stance Paladin Utility 10
Letherna’s Hounds Paladin Attack 13
Darkness Unleashed Paladin Attack 15
Frozen Shackles Paladin Attack 17
Visage of Sorrow Paladin Attack 19
Grave Smite Paladin Attack 23
World in Winter Paladin Attack 25
Icy Clutches Paladin Attack 17
Deathguide’s Sanction Paladin Attack 19
Fateful Cleansing Paladin Utility 22
Freezing Censure Paladin Attack 23
Charge of the Dead Paladin Attack 27
Sorrowsworn Smite Paladin Attack 29
Hunter’s Teamwork Ranger Attack 1
Dire Bear Maul Ranger Attack 9
Shield of Blades Ranger Attack 1
Plant to the Hilt Ranger Attack 1
Bending Branch Ranger Utility 2
Confusion of Blades Ranger Attack 3
Death Treat Ranger Utility 6
Lashing Leaves Ranger Attack 7
Predatory Charge Ranger Attack 5
Darting Strike Rogue Attack 3
Slice Free Rogue Attack 7
Sneaky Roll Rogue Utility 10
Swift Parry Rogue Utility 6
Lashing Blade Rogue Attack 7
Vaulting Charge Rogue Attack 13
Path of the Blade Rogue Attack 17
Tumbling Strike Rogue Attack 17
Shimmering Blade Rogue Attack 23
First and Final Strike Rogue Attack 27
Reaching Blade Rogue Attack 25
Sacrifcial Spirit Shaman Utility 10
Faces of the Fallen Shaman Utility 16
Life and Death Struggle Shaman Utility 22
Arcing Fire Sorcerer Attack 1
Grounding Rebuke Sorcerer Attack 1
Energy Strobe Sorcerer Attack 1
Teleport Bash Wizard Attack 3
One Blow, One Echo Sorcerer Attack 7
Tunder and Strike Sorcerer Attack 13
Rippling Strike Sorcerer Attack 17
Shufing Tunder Sorcerer Attack 23
Sonorous Echo Sorcerer Attack 27
Frigid Blade Swordmage Attack 1
Dimensional Tunder Swordmage Attack 1
Elemental Aegis Swordmage Utility 2
Incendiary Sword Swordmage Attack 3
Shielding Fire Swordmage Attack 5
Sleet Strike Swordmage Attack 7
Warding Flourish Swordmage Attack 1
Frostwind Blade Swordmage Attack 1
Leaping Flames Swordmage Attack 9
Icy Sweep Swordmage Attack 9
Lightning Strider Swordmage Attack 9
Reaper’s Challenge Swordmage Attack 15
Necromantic Disruption Swordmage Attack 15
Death’s Resurgence Swordmage Attack 19
Death Grip Swordmage Attack 25
Warden’s Lunge Warden Attack 1
Storm Trow Warden Attack 3
Limbs of the Tree Spider Warden Attack 7
Entangling Shield Warden Utility 10
Stalactite Hook Warden Attack 13
Vine Poultice Warden Utility 16
Reckless Ram Assault Warden Attack 17
Land Shark Charge Warden Attack 19
Primal Cascade Warden Utility 22
Eldritch Strike Warlock Attack 1
Well of Death Warlock Attack 5
Consuming Ray Warlock Attack 9
Accursed Souls Warlock Utility 10
Ethereal Sidestep Warlock Utility 10
Star Shackles Warlock Attack 1
Ooze Incarnate Warlock Attack 9
Lash of the Long Night Warlock Attack 7
Hellfre Soul Warlock Attack 15
Dread Briars Warlock Attack 19
Rousing Assault Warlord Attack 1
Diabolic Stratagem Warlord Attack 1
Inevitable Wave Warlord Attack 1
Coordinated Ofensive Warlord Attack 1
Provocative Order Warlord Attack 1
Lamb to the Slaughter Warlord Attack 1
Devastating Ofensive Warlord Attack 3
Road to Victory Warlord Attack 3
Polearm Vault Warlord Utility 6
Wild Runner Strike Warlord Attack 7
Dragon’s Tenacity Warlord Utility 6
Bait the Hook Warlord Attack 5
Rousing Call Warlord Attack 5
Leader’s Intercession Warlord Utility 6
Stand Fast Warlord Utility 6
Treatening Presence Warlord Attack 7
Caging Glaive Warlord Attack 9
Withering Courage Warlord Attack 7
Awakened Wrath Warlord Attack 9
Teachable Moment Warlord Attack 9
Draw Teir Eyes Warlord Utility 10
Warlord’s Denial Warlord Utility 10
Invitational Assault Warlord Attack 13
Fearsome Trust Warlord Attack 13
Malebranche’s Pull Warlord Attack 13
Kyton’s Battledance Warlord Utility 16
Glasya’s Stride Warlord Attack 19
Pit Fiend’s Fury Warlord Attack 23
Asmodeus’s Gambit Warlord Attack 29
Harrying Warhound Warlord Utility 22
Jarring Assault Warlord Attack 13
Lingering Fear Warlord Attack 25
Chilling Cloud Wizard Attack 1
Wizard’s Fury Wizard Attack 1
Nightmare Eruption Wizard Attack 1
Radiant Pillar Wizard Attack 3
Winged Horde Wizard Attack 1
Charm of Misplaced Wrath Wizard Attack 7
Glib Tongue Wizard Utility 2
Memory to Mist Wizard Utility 2
Spectral Image Wizard Utility 2
Arcane Bolt Wizard Attack 3
Grasp of the Grave Wizard Attack 5
Tunder Cage Wizard Attack 7
Refocus Wizard Utility 6
Tunderstaf Wizard Attack 5
Able Companion Wizard Utility 6
Glowering Wrath Wizard Utility 6
Charm of the Defender Wizard Attack 7
Repelling Shield Wizard Utility 10
Animate Dead Wizard Attack 9
Soul Puppets Wizard Attack 15
Spatial Lock Wizard Utility 16
Tome of Transposition Wizard Attack 9
Dimension Switch Wizard Utility 16
Words of Deceit Wizard Utility 10
Arcane Arrows Wizard Attack 13
Entombing Earth Wizard Attack 19
Wand Coupling Wizard Attack 17
Summon Angel Wretch Wizard Attack 19
Dimensional Journey Wizard Utility 22
Orb of Doom Wizard Attack 27
Words of Truth Wizard Utility 16
Charm of False Glory Wizard Attack 17
Arcane Volley Wizard Attack 23
Charm of Puppet Strings Wizard Attack 27
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Dragon - Powers (Nov 2009)

Dragon - Powers (Nov 2009)

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Published by: Germán Sil on Nov 23, 2010
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