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Table Of Contents

The Noumenon in the Tathàgata Store
ânanda’s Weakness — The Reason for this Sermon
Meditative Study of All as Void (øamatha)
Eight Consciousnesses to Expose the Unreality of Ego
Revealing the Bright Samàdhi
Origin of Inversion
Actual Inversion
The Inverted Mind
Probe into the false mind
Thinking is unreal
The sixth consciousness is empty
The seventh consciousness is unreal
Refuting all inversion
The Inverted Perception
A bright Light to reveal the One Reality
Returning perception to Mind16
Inverted Men
The worlding's inverted views
The Hinayanist’s inverted views
The heretics’ inverted view of annihilation
The inverted behaviour
Delusion and Enlightenment are of the same source
Wiping Out the Unreal
The Non-existence of Discriminative Perception
ânanda’s wrong view
Unreality of illusory causes
Falseness of both sense organs and consciousness
All phenomena returnable to causes are unreal
Borrowing The Essence Of Perception To Pick Out Causal Externals
Setting up the essence of perception
Picking out causal externals
The nature of perception
The capacity of perception
Picking out causal objects
The essence of perception
The Essence of Perception Mistaken for Externals
Refuting this misconception
True perception
The capacity of seeing
Breaking up the capacity of seeing
Revealing the Real
Being and NOT BEING Perception
Misconception of objects BEING perception
Misconception of objects NOT BEING perception
Ma¤ju÷rã’s Helpful Interposition
Individual Karma
Collective Karma
to Expose the Unfettered Absoluteness (Bhåtatathatà)
to Reveal the Bhåtatathatà
Direct Pointing to the One Mind
Fusing the Five Aggregates
The First Aggregate Råpa
The Second Aggregate Vedanà
The Third Aggregate Sa¤j¤a
The Fourth Aggregate Saüskàra
The Fifth Aggregate Vi¤àna
Fusing the Six Entrances
Entrance through the Eyes
Entrance through the Ears
Entrance through the Nose
Entrance through the Tongue
Entrance through the Body
Entrance through the Intellect
Fusing the Twelve âyatana (Six Sense Organs & Six Sense Data)
Eyes & Form
Ears & Sound
Nose & Smell
Tongue & Taste
Body & Touch
Intellect & Dharma
Fusing the Eighteen Fields or Realms of the Senses
The Field of Sight-Perception
The Field of Sound-Perception
The Field of Smell-Perception
The Field of Taste-Perception
The Field of Touch-Perception
The Field of the Sixth Consciousness
Exposing Faulty Differentiation
Pointing to the One Source
The element of space
The element of perception
The element of consciousness
ânanda’s Understanding Expressed in his Gàthà
The Phenomenon in the Tathàgata Store
The Meditative Study of All as Unreal (Samàpatti)
The One Mind Being the Source of Both Delusion & Enlightenment
Noumenon & Phenomenon to Reveal the Rise of Illusions
The Real Missed by Cognizance of the False
(Basic Ignorance: Subject & Object)
The Six Coarser Conditions of Unenlightenment
The Law of Continuity
Continuity of the (physical) universe
Continuity of living beings
Continuity of karmic retribution
The Uncreated & Unending
The Unhindered Intermingling of Noumenon & Phenomenon
Phenomenon & Noumenon
Meditative Study of the Mean (Dhyàna)
Elimination of ‘is’ to reveal the True Mind
Elimination of ‘is not’ to reveal the True Mind
The One Mind, Sudden Awakening & Realization
Objects Contemplated in Meditative Studies
The subjective mind in the meditation
The objective phenomena in the meditation
The point of departure
Expedient Instruction on the One Mind
Main Instruction on the Three Meditative Studies of the One Mind
How to Untie the Six Knots
Meditation on the six sense data
Meditation on the five sense organs
Meditation on the six consciousnesses
Meditation on the seven elements150
Meditation on the organ of hearing
The Enlightenment of Others
Prohibition against carnality
Prohibition against killing
Prohibition against stealing
Prohibition against lying
Bodhisattva Development into Buddhahood
The Origin of Living Beings & the World
The Inverted Cause of the Existence of Living Beings
The Inverted Cause of the Existence of the World
The Twelve Types of Transformation
The Twelve Groups of Living Beings
Transmutation of Saüsàra into Nirvàõa
The Three Gradual Steps to Wipe Out Saüsàra
Progressive Advance in Bodhisattva Development
The Stage of Dry Wisdom
The Ten Stages of Bodhisattva Faith
The Ten Practical Stages of Bodhisattva Wisdom
The Ten Lines of Bodhisattva Action
The Ten Acts of Dedication (Pariõàmanà)192
The Four Additional Harnessing Stages (Prayoga)
The Universal Enlightenment
The Absolute (or Wonderful) Enlightenment
The Titles of this Såtra
The Six States of Living Beings in Saüsàra
The realm of devas
The realm of seers (çùi) and spirits
The realm of human beings
The realm of animals
The realm of hungry ghosts
The realm of hells
The Ten Causes & Six Effects in the Realm of Hells
The Ten Karmic Causes of the Realm of Hells
The habit of sexual desire
The habit of craving
The habit of arrogance
The habit of anger
The habit of deceitfulness
The habit of lying
The habit of resentment
The habit of wrong views
The habit of unfairness
The habit of disputation
The Six Retributive Effects in the Realm of Hells
Retributive effects of wrong seeing
Retributive effects of wrong hearing
Retributive effects of wrong smelling
Retributive effects of wrong tasting
Retributive effects of wrong touching
Retributive effects of wrong thinking
Degrees of Perversity in Relation to Suffering in the Hells
The Ten Categories in the Realm of Hungry Ghosts
The Ten Categories of Animals (Birds, etc.)
The Ten Categories in the Realm of Human Beings
The Ten Categories in the Realm of Seers (èùis)
The Realm of the Gods (Devaloka)
The Six Heavens of the Realm of Desire (Kàmadhàtu)
The first region of the three dhyàna heavens
The second region of the three dhyàna heavens
The third region of the three dhyàna heavens
The fourth region of the four dhyàna heavens
The five heavens from which there is no return
The state of the Great Arhat
The four heavens beyond form
The Anàgàmin stage
The Four Classes in the Realm of Titans (Asura-gati)
States of Màra Caused by the Five Aggregates
The Ten States Affected by the First Aggregate of Form (Råpa)
of Receptiveness (Vedanà)
The Ten States Affected by the Third Aggregate of Conception
Discrimination (Saüskàra)
The Falsehood of the Five Aggregates
Falseness of the first aggregate of form (råpa)
Falseness of the second aggregate of receptiveness (vedanà)
Falseness of the third aggregate of conception (sa¤j¤a)
Falseness of the fourth aggregate of discrimination (saüskàra)
Falseness of the fifth aggregate of consciousness (vij¤àna)
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