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Published by tonymaclin

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Published by: tonymaclin on Nov 24, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Part 1- Why you Need this Book?
Who this E-book is for?
This ebook is written for the novice to intermediate guy whose looking toget good with girls. If you are completely new, this book will properly instillthe mindsets and fundamental skills necessary for you to succeed.If you have been going out in the field for a while, you will find some goldennuggets that will give you give you more consistent results. The key tosuccess is FOLLOWING THE PRINCIPLES outlined in this book. The topguys in the community are successful due to their ability to FOLLOWTHESE PRINCIPLES consistently.I’ve written this book to be content packed with no fluff. The information inthis book has been gathered and carefully distilled from personalexperiences in the field as well as direct advice from the top coaches in thispick up industry.
Why you need this book?
In caveman days, if you sucked with girls, that was your destiny. You wereto be beta your whole life and watch from the sidelines as the alphacaveman fucked all the woman. Why? Because if you ever acted superior to your social rank, the alpha caveman would get pissed and kill you or kickyou out of the tribe. Either way, you die.Luckily today, our society has evolved. So you can act pretty muchhowever you like in a public social setting and there are practically noconsequences as long as you’re not a threat to anyone’s safety. This is whywe go out to practice “pick up” in clubs.Sometimes, we’re not even going out to bring back a girl, but rather topractice ACTING IN A DIFFERENT WAY than we’re used to in anenvironment where people don’t give a shit about what you do. By usingthe club/ bar as a “training dojo”, you’ll eventually figure out how tothink/behave in a manner that’s attractive to girls.Let’s face it. If you suck with woman now, you’re NEVER going to get better if you don’t TAKE ACTION. Some people consider reading an ebook,
watching a DVD, or posting on forums “taking action”. While it is the firststep, it’s NOT NEARLY enough. As any pick up instructor will tell you, youneed to get your ass in the field.But what do you do when you’re actually in the field? To the instructor, andadvanced guy, it’s obvious. But when you’re new and overwhelmed by theentire atmosphere, it can be difficult to know- that’s where this book comesin.Say that you want to build muscle and get that Greek-god-like physique.What are you going to do? Let’s look at some options-A. Watch the most advanced workout DVD from start to finish, but never actually going to the gym.B. Go to the gym 3 times a week, doing whatever exercises you feel likeC. Go to the gym 3 times a week, following a workout routine but lifting withbad formD. Go to the gym 3 times a week, following a workout routine with goodlifting formObviously, the person following D will progress the fastest, then C, B, thenA. You can probably figure out the parallels to the process of getting resultswith woman. This guide help you develop the correct “lifting form” akafundamentals aka doing EXACTLY what you need to do to get good withgirls. It doesn’t focus on the “workout routine” aka technique or method youuse (natural, indirect, etc.) because there are probably TONS of better resources for that, some of which I’ll mention at the end.Before we jump into the meat of this book, here are the reasons why youneed to learn the fundamentals, particularly how to open:1. Opening is the most basic and fundamental skill in pick up thateverything else build on. You need to learn how to approach and opencorrectly before you can do any of the more advanced stuff you have read

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