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Published by eurolex

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Published by: eurolex on Nov 24, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Official Journal of the European Communities C 388/714.12.98
COMMON POSITION (EC) No 64/98adopted by the Council on 13 October 1998with a view to adopting Council Regulation (EC) No /98 of . . . amending Regulation (EC)No 1734/94 on financial and technical cooperation with the Occupied Territories
(98/C 388/03)
Having regard to the Treaty establishing the EuropeanCommunity, and in particular Article 130w thereof,Having regard to the proposal from the Commission(
),Acting in accordance with the procedure referred to inArticle 189c of the Treaty(
),Whereas Council Regulation (EC) No 1734/94 of 11 July1994 on financial and technical cooperation with theOccupied Territories(
) lays down detailed arrangementsand rules for administering the Community programmefor aid and assistance to the Palestinian population in theWest Bank and Gaza Strip;Whereas, according to that Regulation, the Community isto implement financial and technical cooperation with theWest Bank and Gaza Strip under a five-year programme;whereas this programme expires at the end of 1998;Whereas the persistent deadlock in the peace process thatprevails is the worst crisis since the Middle East peaceprocess was launched in 1991; whereas internationaleconomic assistance has nevertheless succeeded inmaintaining the peace process alive and providingsupport for the Palestinian Authority;Whereas the objective is to prevent any furtherdeterioration of the Palestinian economy by minimisingand cancelling out the effects of closures and otherobstacles to development as well as to contribute to asound management and fiscal balance of the PalestinianAuthority and to consolidate it by means of institutionalreinforcement;
) OJ C 253, 12.8.1998, p. 15.(
) Opinion of the European Parliament of 16 September 1998(OJ C 313, 12.10.1998, p. 66), Council Common Position of 13 October 1998, and Decision of the European Parliamentof . . . (not yet published in the Official Journal).(
) OJ L 182, 16.7.1994, p. 4.
Whereas the ultimate aim is the achievement of sustainable economic and social development and tofoster democracy, human rights and the development of civil society;Whereas, given the present situation, the Communityshould pursue its aid effort; whereas to this end afive-year period of assistance (1999 to 2003) should belaunched and Regulation (EC) No 1734/94 amendedaccordingly; whereas this Regulation should be reviewedby the Council within two years and not later than31 December 2000 in order to take into account recentdevelopment and bring it into line with the reviewedCouncil Regulation (EC) No 1488/96 of 23 July 1996 onfinancial and technical measures to accompany (MEDA)the reform of economic and social structures in theframework of the Euro-Mediterranean partnership(
);Whereas the words ‘the Occupied Territories’ should bereplaced by ‘the West Bank and the Gaza Strip’throughout the text of Regulation (EC) No 1734/94;Whereas Article 4 of Regulation (EC) No 1734/94provides that all financing decisions on projects andoperations are to be adopted in accordance with theprocedure laid down in Article 5 thereof; whereas, inorder to allow for rapid and flexible reactions and toincrease expediency, only financing decisions exceedingECU 2 000 000 other than those relating to interest-ratesubsidies on Bank loans should be adopted in accordancewith that procedure;Whereas Council Decision No 97/256/EC of 14 April1997 granting a Community guarantee to the EuropeanInvestment Bank against losses under loans for projectsoutside the Community (Central and East Europeancountries, Mediterranean countries, Latin America andAsian countries and South Africa)(
) covers guaranteesalso in this region for the period to the year 2000,
) OJ L 189, 30.7.1996, p. 1. Regulation as amended byRegulation (EC) No 780/98 (OJ L 113, 15.4.1998, p. 3).(
) OJ L 102, 19.4.1997, p. 33. Decision as amended byDecision No 98/348/EC (OJ L 155, 29.5.1998, p. 53).
Official Journal of the European CommunitiesC 388/8 14.12.98
Article 1
Regulation (EC) No 1734/94 is amended as follows:1. The title shall be replaced by the following: ‘CouncilRegulation (EC) No 1734/94 of 11 July 1994 onfinancial and technical cooperation with the WestBank and the Gaza Strip’.2. Article 1 shall be replaced by the following:
‘Article 1
1. The Community shall implement financial andtechnical cooperation with the West Bank and theGaza Strip under a five-year period (1999 to 2003)with the aim of aiding their achievement of sustainable economic, political and socialdevelopment. Should new financial perspectives beadopted for the period after 2000, the amount of thiscooperation shall be determined in accordance withthe financial perspectives and conditional on thebudgetary authority deciding the amount in theannual budgetary procedure.2. Within two years and not later than31 December 2000, the Council shall review thisRegulation on the basis of an independent evaluationof the programmes as envisaged in Article 6. Thisreview shall also take into account recentdevelopments in the area and might also considerbringing the Regulation into line with CouncilRegulation (EC) No 1488/96 of 23 July 1996 onfinancial and technical measures to accompany(MEDA) the reform of economic and social structuresin the framework of the Euro-Mediterraneanpartnership(*).(*) OJ L 189, 30.7.1996, p. 1. Regulation asamended by Regulation (EC) No 780/98 (OJL 113, 15.4.1998, p. 3)’.3. Article 2 shall be amended as follows:(a) the words ‘and the development of civil society’shall be added after ‘human rights’ at the end of paragraph 1;(b) the following subparagraph shall be added toparagraph 3:‘The said projects and operations shall aim,
at the promotion of employment and thecreation of employment by improving the socialservices and combating poverty.’;(c) in paragraphs 5 and 6 ‘the Occupied Territories’shall be replaced by ‘the West Bank and the GazaStrip’.4. In Article 3 ‘the Occupied Territories’ shall bereplaced by ‘the West Bank and the Gaza Strip’.5. Article 4(1) to (3) shall be replaced by thefollowing:‘1. Financing decisions on projects and operationsunder this Regulation exceeding ECU 2 000 000other than those relating to interest-rate subsidies onbank loans shall be adopted in accordance with theprocedure laid down in Article 5.2. Financing decisions on overall allocations fortechnical cooperation, training and trade promotionshall be adopted in accordance with the procedurelaid down in Article 5. Within an overall allocation,the Commission shall adopt financing decisions notexceeding ECU 2 000 000.The Committee referred to in Article 5 shall beinformed systematically and promptly, and in anyevent before the next meeting, of financing decisionsfor measures not involving more thanECU 2 000 000.3. Decisions amending financing decisions adoptedin accordance with the procedure laid down inArticle 5 shall be taken by the Commission wherethey do not entail any substantial amendments oradditional commitments in excess of 20% of theoriginal commitment. The Commission shall informthe Committee referred to in Article 5 immediately of any such decisions’.6. Article 5(1) shall be replaced by the following:‘1. The Commission shall be assisted by the MEDCommittee set up pursuant to Article 11 of Regulation (EC) No 1488/96’.
Official Journal of the European Communities C 388/914.12.987. Article 6(1) shall be replaced by the following:‘1. The Commission shall examine the state of implementation of cooperation under this Regulationand shall report annually in writing to the EuropeanParliament and the Council’.
Article 2
This Regulation shall enter into force on the third dayfollowing its publication in the
Official Journal of theEuropean Communities
.This Regulation shall be binding in its entirety and directly applicable in all Member States.Done at . . .
For the Council The President 

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