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Paper 5- Eng101- The Kite Runner v1

Paper 5- Eng101- The Kite Runner v1

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Published by Joseph Eulo

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Published by: Joseph Eulo on Aug 01, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Eulo 1

Joseph Eulo
Dr. Susannah Chewning
ENG 101-010
20 November 2006

Rough Draft Paper 5

The relationship that Hassan and Amir share is a unique one; Hassan the servant and
Amir his master. But both share the reality of being motherless. Amir\u2019s mother died during his
birth, and he carries the self resenting feelings about it. Hassan\u2019s mother had contempt for having
him and resented Hassan. The author explains this when he writes, \u201cShe [Hassan\u2019s mother] had
refused to even hold Hassan, and just five days later, she was gone\u201d (Hosseini 10). That truth of
being unloved by his mother hurt him deeply.

You can see the jealousy that Amir has about his father\u2019s affection for Hassan. It seems at
times during the story that Amir\u2019s father, Baba, favors Hassan and Amir is envious and jealous of
this relationship. It gets worse when Amir overhears his father\u2019s complaining about him, \u201cIf I
hadn\u2019t seen the doctor pull him out of my wife with my own eyes, I\u2019d never believe he was my
own son\u201d (Hosseini 23). It would be devastating to any child\u2019s self-esteem if they heard their
father say this abut themselves. It definitely impacted Amir negatively.

Hassan always seems to be content and would do anything for Amir. I feel sorry for
Hassan, it is like his life is one full with deceitful and selfish people, and he made fun of
unknowingly by Amir, the one person he considers a true friend. Amir finds out Hassan isn\u2019t as
feeble as he seems, \u201cIf I was going to toy with and challenge his loyalty, then he\u2019d toy with me,

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