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Homocides in Chicago, 1965-1995

Homocides in Chicago, 1965-1995

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Published by Sam Morris

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Published by: Sam Morris on Nov 24, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Homicides in Chicago 1
Running Head: Homicides in ChicagoSamuel R. Morris
Homicides in Chicago, 1965 - 1995
SOWK 300
Tuskegee University
Tuesday, October 26, 2010
Homicides in Chicago 2
: My first hypothesis for this paper is that drug related crimes or motives caninfluence the time of the year or month that they are committed. The independent variable forthis project is drug related motives
and the dependent variable is month of occurrence of incident
or INJMONTH. Under the independent variable, the values that I usedwere no information, selling or drug business, argument over possession, use, quality, or use of drug, getting money for drugs or drugs for personal use, and other drug involvement. Under thedependent variables, the values that I used were Spring, Summer, Fall/Autumn, and Winter. Forth
is project, my control variable will first time offender’s sex – 
or OFN1SEX.Under my control variable, the values that I used were male, female and missing oroffender unknown. I used my control variable to establish my second hypothesis for this project
my multivariate hypothesis. My second hypothesis is
depending on one’s sex, drug related
crimes or motives can influence when they are committed. The control variable will affect thefirst hypothesis in a significant way because men and women operate differently. It will be veryinteresting to see how these variables respond to the recorded data.
: When looking at the history of America, drugs have always played a significant rolein our country. They have affected lives of both children and adults in numerous ways. Forsome, it has affected their jobs and livelihood, while for others it has provided a way of life.Nevertheless, when offenders are caught for using or selling drugs, it affects not only theoffender but the community as well
and this why I decided to look at both when and whypeople use and buy drugs.This project is very interesting because it is looking at the drug behavior within theChicago area. Chicago is very noted for its high markings in homicide incidents and some aredue to drug related matters. Moreover, using the variables
both independent and dependent
Homicides in Chicago 3
in my research gives me a better perspective as to what I am looking for. I do believe that drugrelated activity varies on the time of year that is and by sex as well. I believe that I will see moremale offenders than female offenders in my research. I am not sure as to how my bivariateanalysis will play out, but I am very interested in seeing the results at the end.
Bivariate Table
Table 1
 Drug Motive by Month of Occurrence of Incident of R (%)
R’s Month of Occurrence of Incident
 ______________________________________________________________________________Drug Motive Spring Summer Fall/Autumn Winter TotalNo information 99.2% 99.6% 99.3% 99.4% 99.4%Selling or Drug .0% .0% .5% .3% .2%BusinessArgument over .0% .0% .0% .3% .1%possession, etc.Getting money for .0% .2% .0% .0% .1%drugs/personal useOther drug .8% .2% .2% .0% .2%involvementTotals 100 100 100 100 100(N) (118) (493) (416) (316) (1343)______________________________________________________________________________Source: Homicides in Chicago, 1965-1995

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